Hair Loss Medications: Types, Effectiveness, and Side Effects

The past two years have been a ride that we were all taken (very unwillingly) on. COVID-19 reared its ugly head and trampled into the 21st Century, leaving behind a world that is now incredibly different. One of the unfortunate results of this is an increase in those experiencing hair loss, for maybe quite different […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Loss in Singapore

How Much Hair Loss is Normal? When we talk about hair loss and frequently asked questions about hair loss and hair loss treatments in Singapore, we should first know that it is impossible to never lose any hair in our lives. Losing hair is part and parcel of our lives, because hair is half-dead – […]

Reasons Behind Premature Baldness & How To Treat It

Are you looking for something to help you prevent hair loss or maybe even help to regrow hair? If you are, you are not alone! After all, according to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), about 25% of men who suffer from male pattern baldness or premature baldness begin the painful process before they reach […]

How to Choose an Anti-Hair fall Shampoo?

After a long day at work on a weekday, or just from going out to the shopping malls and running errands on the weekend, we often come back feeling like we need to take a long shower. The showers that get us feeling our best are usually showers where we take our own sweet time […]

Can Hormonal Imbalance Cause Hair Loss?

Have you heard the phrase, “Your hair is your crowning glory” before? Or maybe even seen some bottles of supplements on the shelves of pharmacies that are named “Crowning Glory”, aimed to provide vitamin and mineral solutions to target hormonal imbalances for hair growth and health? After all, there’s many things that women will do […]

Reasons For Hair Loss Among Teenagers

hair loss reason

We commonly know of hair loss happening in males in their 40s or 50s, or in females who are postpartum or have experienced menopause. We are familiar with the thinning of hair and receding hairline that we commonly see in an already aged face or body, and somehow can accept this as a normal part […]

How To Treat Teenage Hair Loss?

A teenager’s years are often filled with issues of finding their confidence among peers in this hyper-connected social media world, all while their body is going through so many hormonal and physical changes. It is often a time where most young men and women struggle with issues of confidence and body image too. If a […]