Dr Kelvin Chua’s advice on Glowing Skin, Slimming, Wrinkles

Glowing Skin

 I think the most important tip in maintaining good glowing skin is to prevent loss of collagen from the sun. Therefore, a good sun protection and abstinence from the sun is absolutely a big step to maintaining  healthy, glowing skin.

You will be looking to replace and stimulate more elastin fiber in the dermis. There are many treatments ranging from fractional lasers to I2PL which can stimulate more collagen production and thus create better looking skin. Thirdly, good sleep and adequate hydration is very important as our stress hormones cause our body to go into over-drive. When that happens, many body enzymes will start breaking down collagen. Hence resulting in lackluster skin texture.

Lastly, a healthy diet rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants like berries and fruits will go a long way in preventing oxidants from damaging our natural dermal collagen and also increases cell renewal process in our skin to create radiant looking skin.

How to get partied-out (hungover and tired!!) skin looking better, for example, tips like drinking more water, or if it’s not possible to turn skin around so quickly and faking it with foundation is the only solution that’s fine too!

I think its not possible to reverse tired looking skin so quickly. Adequate compensation of sleep, re-hydration and good healthy diet of fruits may help repair some of the damage done by stress hormones over-drive from partying too hard but it takes time. In addition, treatments like I2PL and lasers may help stimulate collagen production and rejuvenation faster and greater in a shorter span of time.


Its not that having a bit too much is the end all and be all of weight. Weight and the bulge is strictly a matter of calorie input and output. Therefore, after excessive intake, time must be given to gradually lower the calorie intake over a period of weight reduction. Calorie counting can be the most accurate way and proven way of weight reduction. Typically a negative of 7700 calories is needed to loss 1kg. Recommended is to loss 1kg per week and not too much. Also start with something you can maintain or you may end up rebounding yourself if you crash diet too much as hunger can overwhelm you can you end up eating back too much, not to mention health issues from crash diet. But of course, you need to know what your base metabolic rate is in the first place. There are lots of website that will help you calculate that.

Restoring glow as above. There is a whole range of lasers and treatments that can stimulate collagen production but different skin type and colour and downtime allowed will determine what type of treatment should be used. I recommend you see a medical expertise in that and not just any beauty salon or self proclaimed beauty consultant for further advise to diagnose your skin first.


There are many claims of topical application that can help lighten wrinkles. But these mainly just give superficially moisturised or harden the surface of the skin to give a less than half a day effect. Reduction of muscle power in certain specific area is still the only proven way and FDA approved way to relax and prevent muscles from cringing the skin into wrinkles. There is not other scientifically proven way to reduce wrinkles. Furthermore, the myth of wrinkles coming back worse are likely to be untrue with the use of the product by tens of million of people for almost 30 years. Botox is one of the most popular brand in Singapore used to reduce wrinkles.