Face Thread Lift for Asians


Battle with gravity starts in your 20s.

The most telling signs of ageing are saggy skin. You will notice that your jawline is not as well defined, droopy eyebrows, loose skin at your neck, double chin and saggy jowls.

As a result, these sagging show up as hollows, appearance of excessive fat and folds at different areas of your face.

Thread Lift is a means to reverse the look of sagging skin; a natural phenomenon of aging. Instead of going under the knife, many prefer non-surgical PDO thread facelift.

What is PDO Thread? 








PDO Face Thread Lift uses suture threads made of Polydioxanone to provide an instant face lift with minimum downtime. Suture threads are made from biological materials which are commonly used to hold together skin tissue for wounds or surgical incisions.

PDO threads are inserted into subcutaneous fat layer of skin to provide instant lifting effects to sags and fold of your skin.

How Does PDO Face Thread Lift Works?

Wrinkles and folds appear on our skin due to the slipping of fat pockets from the muscle of skin. PDO threads are inserted into subcutaneous fat pockets to lift them up. Barbs and hooks from PDO threads can create fibrosis which also help to stimulate the regeneration of collagen. This serves to create skin tightening and lifting effect.

This fuss free procedure involves the insertion of a blunt-tip cannula through a needle hole, with a dissolvable  polydioxanone threads into subcutaneous fat layer  where the fat pockets are slipping. Upon insertion, the PDO threads produce these effects in the skin:

  • Instant skin lifting through the lifting up of the fat pockets. These bio-stimulatory threads feature minute hooks and barbs that catch and lift the skin.
  • Hooks and barbs of the thread also cause fibrosis at the subcutaneous layer to enhance skin elasticity and improve skin texture. This helps to prolong face lifting result even after PDO threads have been dissolved or absorbed by your body.
  • Improve skin tautness, by mechanical pulling of the saggy fat tissue


Process of PDO Face Thread Lift?

The procedure will take approximately 30 minutes. Most patients are able to resume day-to-day activities after the face thread lift.

Your doctor at SL Aesthetic Clinic will assess the areas of concerns, discuss and plan out the procedure.The number of threads required varies for every individual and the areas you want to address. After which, you will proceed with cleansing and numbing of your face before the insertion of PDO threads to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Which Area of Saggy Skin is Face Thread Lift Effective For?

PDO face thread lift has been shown to be effective in correcting ageing issues such as heavy jowls, double chin, crepey neck skin, deep laugh lines (nasolabial fold) and marionette lines.

Deep Laughing and Marionette Lines

Ageing is caused by a combination of:

  • Stretching and relaxing of ligaments that support the soft tissue that leads to laxity
  • Slipping of fat pockets
  • Volume loss that can be corrected with complementing or alternative treatments such as HIFU and dermal fillers.

What are the Side Effects and Downtime of PDO Face Thread Lift?

PDO face thread lift is a low-risk day procedure. After the procedure, you may experience mild swelling and soreness that will be resolved within a week in most cases.

Face thread lift, if not done properly, may result in the buckling of the skin, causing face to look round and broad. Sutures may be visible if the PDO threads are incorrectly placed in the superficial layer of the skin. Dimpling of the skin can also occur when the threads are misplaced. 

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Helmed by Dr Kelvin Chua, our team of experienced professionals strive to provide the best services and thread lift treatments possible. With a proper skincare regime and regular thread lift treatments at SL Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore, that V-shaped Face can be yours in no time!

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