Happy Lift™ Revitalizing

Happy Lift™ Revitalizing

Thread Lift

Disclaimer: Results, recovery, and risks vary by the individual.

The following information is meant as a guide only.

What is HAPPY Lift?

Happy Lift is a safe and effective procedure that offers subtle, natural-looking lifting results. As part of the absorbable Thread Lifting family, these monofilament suspension threads are made of absorbable caprolactone.

Happy Lift, when performed by a trained doctor, can help produce a relaxed, refreshed appearance while preserving and enhancing the natural contours of your face.

Happy Lift does not replace a conventional surgical facelift; rather it offers you an innovative, minimally invasive approach to achieving facelift-like results without the associated downtime.



Happy Lift threads are very small transparent barbed surgical sutures, much like those used in hospitals, and are made of a patented reabsorbable material known as poly-lactic-caprolactone.

Happy Lift threads are inserted in precise locations using a needle via a very small incision. Once under the skin layers, the barbs open in an umbrella fashion to form a support structure that lifts and repositions the tissues into a more vertical and youthful position.

The threads are anchored to produce immediate lifting and are absorbed by the body over 12 to 18 months. During this time, the threads stimulate your body’s collagen production around the thread which maintains the hold.

Due to the unique design of the barbs, the surrounding tissues hold the threads in place without producing visible scars. Our doctor will insert the threads along marked contours of your face to create a firm hold on the underlying tissues without causing additional trauma.

The barbs help keep the threads in place, allowing the threads to gently contour into place. Once in position, your body generates new collagen bundles that surround each thread, maintaining the lifting effect.

Happy Lift can be used to:

  • Lift sagging eyebrows
  • Adjust asymmetrical eyebrows
  • Reposition sagging cheeks
  • Lift drooping soft tissue and jowls of the mid and lower face
  • Lift submental fullness, A.K.A. Double Chin
  • Lift sagging neck skin, A.K.A. Turkey Neck
  • Smoothen out and revitalise premature skin ageing

Prior to the procedure proper, you will be given a local anaesthetic in the areas to be treated. In many cases, patients say the “worst” part of the procedure is having the local anaesthesia.

During the procedure, patients say there is virtually no pain and only some sensation or slight discomfort.

Post-procedure, the pain and discomfort varies by the patient, typically depending on the number of regions you have had Happy Lift. For some, pain is very minimal while in others it can be strong.

We recommend patients to be on pain medication for at least the next few days or up to a week. This will be given to you as part of customer care protocol.

When performed by a trained doctor, the procedure is very safe. Our doctors have extensive training in Thread Lifting. The risks and complications are uncommon and usually easily correctable.

In the rare event of a complication, the sutures can be removed or repositioned as needed. Since it is performed under local anaesthesia, there are none of the risks associated with general anaesthesia.

Typically, you will only require one treatment to achieve the desired lifting effect. You may also wish to repeat the treatment if needed.

Depending on your age at the time of the procedure, the degree of sagging, and the number of threads used, results can vary between 2 to 5 years.

After the procedure, you are advised to practice sound hygiene standards and take practical care to avoid dislodging the threads from their supportive tissues. Some of these instructions include but are not limited to:

  • Avoidance of forceful facial rubbing or massage
  • Taking extra care with strong active movements (i.e., support the brows if coughing/sneezing)
  • Avoidance of sleeping on the side of your face
  • Avoidance of excessive facial movements (e.g., taking large bites of food and yawning)
  • Avoidance of heavy lifting and strenuous activities, including sports for at least a week or two

Depending on the nature of your work, workplace, and tolerance for some minor bruising, swelling, and possible dimpling, you may be able to return to work 2-3 days after; however, it could take up to 7 days in some cases.

It is important to discuss this with our doctors, who will have a better idea based on your skin type and extent of the procedure you’ll be having and how long you might take to get back to work.

Happy Lift is very safe and complications are rare. All of the following minor complications are treatable and may include swelling, bruising, skin irregularities, asymmetries, puckering, and infection. In some cases, patients may feel some tightness or tugging on the skin, or may be able to feel the threads. These will resolve over time. Since Happy Lift is entirely reversible, unwanted side effects are typically easily corrected under local anaesthetic.

The effects of the Happy Lift are immediate. It takes between 1 to 3 weeks for the full results to realise.

Happy Lift can be used in conjunction with Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxins, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and other treatments for even greater results.

Under local anaesthesia, the procedure usually takes between 30 to 90 minutes to complete, depending on the number of threads used. Patients are able to return home soon after the procedure.

In general, the best candidates include men or women in their mid thirties to sixties who want a more rejuvenated and longer-lasting effect than what fillers, Botulinum Toxin, surface lasers provide, and yet do not want to have an open surgical face-lift or brow lift.

It’s for those looking for “rejuvenation” and not “transformation”.

Happy Lift may be unsuitable for the following:

  • Patients with thin, fragile, slack or aged skin, or a very thin face
  • Patients with too heavy, thick-skinned or have too much skin laxity
  • Patients who want a dramatic transformation
  • Patients with very heavy, jowly faces
  • Pregnant women

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