Thermage CPT紧肤术

Thermage CPT紧肤术



Thermage 护理可帮助柔滑、紧实和雕塑肌肤,一次疗程,无需进行手术或注射就能达到更年轻的容颜。最新的Thermage疗程采用了Comfort Pulse Technology技术,临床证明可有效地提升护理的舒适度。Thermage使用独家的射频技术,安全地加热肌肤深层,刺激胶原蛋白增生。Thermage CPT System系统则能提升热力,加强胶原蛋白的增生。它更能符合预期的效果并达到更年轻的容颜。

Thermage CPT紧肤术雕塑脸部

SL Clinic的Thermage CPT紧肤术是拉提和填充脸部的最好方案。我们透过Thermage CPT来护理疲累、下垂的脸部,出现皱纹的眼睑和眼袋。它也能紧实和柔滑您的肌肤,重点是无需修复期、无需注射,而且过程舒服。阅读更多以了解Thermage CPT的详情。



临床研究显示100%的顾客都表示,Thermage CPT护理较NXT护理来得更舒适。

“Thermage CPT System传送系统让顾客能够在过程中更舒适。这点非常的重要,因为当我为顾客进行护理时,我希望他们能够再回来进行未来的疗程。有了这个新的科技,100%的顾客都表示愿意尝试未来的疗程。——Hector Leal, MD.



    • 肌肤变得紧实,下垂问题减少了

脸部和身体的皱纹柔化了 Softening of wrinkles in the face and body


虽然Thermage CPT护理是为本地人的肌肤而打造,效果持久。但是实际的效果还是需根据顾客的肌肤状况和自然的老化过程而定。




Thermage电波拉皮,包括Thermage CPT疗程,拥有绝佳的安全效果,至今已进行超过600,000次。其可能出现的副作用包括泛红、发肿、起疱,极少数会出现肌肤表面不平滑的现象。


Thermage CPT is a non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses monopolar capacitively coupled radiofrequency (RF) energy to penetrate into the dermis and subcutaneous tissues. It is in these layers where collagen is stimulated, resulting in the tightening of the skin.

Thermage CPT is able to treat many superficial skin concerns – wrinkles, pores, texture, dimples, in just a single treatment.
Thermage CPT can used to treat wrinkles on just about any part of the body:

  • Face, including eyelids
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Thighs
  • And others

Thermage CPT is FDA approved and is an entirely safe and effective procedure.

Depending on your skin condition, most patients see tighter skin, an improved skin texture and renewed facial/body contours. Wrinkles are also smoothened; and delicate eyelid skin is strengthened for a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

Immediately after a single Thermage CPT treatment, skin will feel tighter and smoother. Additional tightening and smoothing will naturally occur over 3 to 6 months and possibly even sooner.

After assessing your needs, the doctor can perform the treatment in approximately an hour for a treatment of the face (longer for the body), subject to the doctor’s schedule. Otherwise, a later appointment can be made for the procedure itself.

Thermage CPT results can last up to two years. Results vary by the individual and lifestyle choices.

Thermage CPT, when compared to its predecessor, is a lot more comfortable. With the new Comfort Pulsed Technology (CPT) system, the radiofrequency (RF) energy is released in short rapid pulses at a very tolerable level. The new vibrating handpiece also ensures maximum comfort during treatment.

Because it is non-invasive, there is no downtime with Thermage CPT. You are free to return to daily activities immediately after treatment. Makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment session.

Minimal redness is seen in some patients after treatment, but generally disappears within several hours. Blisters and discomfort are rare after the procedure. Occasionally, mild swelling is noticed after the treatment but disappears in two or three days.

Thermage is suitable for anyone desiring a non-invasive method to improve their sagging or aging skin. The procedure is suitable for all skin types, and for both men and women. As with all medical procedures, you should be sure to disclose all of your medical history and current habits such as smoking and use of blood-thinners, medications, birth control pills, or supplements.

Thermage CPT may be unsuitable in the following circumstances:

  • Patients with unrealistic expectations, such as those who seek to reverse skin ageing and return to their younger self
  • Patients using a cardiac pacemaker or other active implants
  • People that are hypersensitive to heat
  • Overly sensitive skin conditions such as eczema
  • Recent chemical peel or dermabrasion
  • Pregnant women

Pre-care: Ensure that you’re in a good state of health and not recovering from a bacterial or viral infection. Please ensure that you’re well hydrated before the procedure.

Post-care: Avoid the consumption of alcohol, swimming, strenuous exercise and going to a sauna for a day.

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