Top 10 Myths About Snoring

snoring myths and their truths

Many of us joke about that friend who snores loudly. Most of us dismiss it as a simple annoyance, until we have to spend a night with a loud snorer. Snoring is such a common worldwide problem as up to 40% of adult males snore habitually. More than just an earful, snoring is bad for couples sleeping together […]

How to find out if you snore during sleep

what are the symptoms of snoring

Do you snore when you sleep?Some of us are aware that we do, but there are some who suspect but are not too sure. Snoring is more sinister than most people think. It can severely strain relationships between sleeping partners and can signal major health problems. Specifically, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious medical condition whereby patients stop breathing for prolonged […]

Fotona 5D vs 4D vs Thermage FLX vs Ultherapy vs HIFU: What’s the Difference?

Fotona 4d laser lift sagging skin

Notice that your face is looking saggier of late? We feel you.Saggy skin is one of the biggest bugbears we as aesthetic doctors have to deal with in our daily practice. Correspondingly, non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatments are, by my reckoning, increasingly popular as people become more savvy about looking their best as they […]

SL Aesthetic Clinic welcomes chin filler Juvéderm® VOLUX in Singapore

Allergan, the global aesthetic pharmaceutical company, has launched Juvéderm VOLUX – a welcome chin filler addition to its Juvéderm line up of dermal fillers. What is Juvéderm VOLUX Chin Filler? Juvéderm VOLUX is a hyaluronic acid-based filler designed to sculpt the chin and jawline areas, giving you facial definition. With its patented VYCROSS® technology in […]

Clear + Brilliant Laser – How To Tighten Pores in Singapore

“How to tighten pores?” I’m often asked. With consistent effort, perseverance, and the Clear + Brilliant Laser. With the number of Clear + Brilliant Lasers I do on a daily basis, one may be forgiven for thinking that it’s a new treatment enjoying a hyped up demand for its ability to shrink and minimise pores. […]

Cysteamine Whitening Cream – Your Pigment Correction Cream

What is the Cysteamine Whitening Cream? The cysteamine whitening cream uses the active ingredient cysteamine, the simplest natural aminothiol produced in human cells – a metabolite of amino acid L-cysteine. Cysteamine promotes the transport of L-cysteine into human cells. This can be further used to synthesise Glutathione, an antioxidant. Cysteamine inhibits melanin (dark pigment) synthesis […]