Disclaimer: Results, recovery, and risks vary by the individual.

The following information is meant as a guide only.

Autologous Fat Transfer in Singapore

Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) refers to the manual harvesting of excess fats from one part of the body to fill and replace fat loss and/or sunken body parts or build volume of the face, body and breast. Also known as “Fat Grafting” or “Fat Injection,” AFT’s main advantage is that you are using your very own body fats to bulk/build up other body parts that you feel might be lacking or insufficient. Using your own body fats can mean potential complications are reduced. Read on for more details on Autologous Fat Transfer.

Why should I select fat transfer instead of other facial fillers?

The major benefit of autologous fat transfers over dermal fillers is that they have a lower risk of allergic reactions. Your body is able to recognise the tissue as its own, even if it is placed in a new location.

What is Local Tumescent Anesthesia?

During the procedure of autologous fat transfer, diluted local anaesthetic fluid will be injected into the fat beneath the skin. This tumescent technique is different from general anaesthesia as it removes the bleeding associated with traditional surgery. This can mean greater safety, lesser pain and involve minimal post-procedural recovery time. As with any procedure or treatment, recovery can vary by the individual.

Where is the fat injected?

Fat can be injected in gluteal areas, face and hands. This fat transfer can also fill facial creases and hollows caused by the process of aging.

Is autologous fat transfer painful?

The pain from autologous fat transfer varies by individual.

When can I see the results of autologous fat transfer?

Most patients experience swelling for a few weeks after the procedure. On average, while some may see results one month after the procedure, it may take four months or more to appreciate the final result. Results and recovery can vary by the individual.

Common areas of the body that the AFT procedure can be used to improve upon include:

  • Smoothen and repair wrinkled hands
  • Fill in wrinkles and creases found on faces
  • Create more shapely and curvaceous buttocks
  • Enlarge breasts
  • Improve leg calf muscles
  • Chin and/or cheek implants
  • Reparation of inverted/sunken nipples
  • Significant enlargement and expansion in the size and girth of the penis

Because the AFT uses a patient's own fatty tissues, it can be considered a safer alternative to other more treatments that use other forms of implants that might develop into secondary problems.