Disclaimer: Results, recovery, and risks vary by the individual.

The following information is meant as a guide only.

How Does It Differ From Traditional Liposuction?

Unlike traditional liposuction, this power assisted liposuction reduces the force used and therefore can lower the trauma caused and risk of complication.

What Can It Do?

Slimmer Arms, slimmer thighs, perkier buttocks, trimmer saddle backs, trimmer upper and lower hips, more defined abdomen and love handles, back, reduction of the double chin and helps create a more defined jawline etc. As with any procedure or treatment, results can vary by individual.

Track Records of Our Doctor

Our in-house doctor has a track record with no major complications. He has also done corrective vibroliposculpture procedures.

How And Where Is It Done?

Vibroliposculpture is an outpatient procedure that's required by the Ministry of Health of Singapore to be carried out only at approved operation theatres in hospitals. General anaesthesia is introduced by a licensed anaesthetist so that you can be comfortably asleep throughout the procedure.

The procedure involves just making a small 2-4mm incision around areas where fats are to be removed and shaped. Incisions made are often hidden in areas like umbilical areas and groin areas. It is important to discuss with your doctors regarding where the incisions are made beforehand if you are concerned with scarring. A 2mm probe which vibrates with very low force but high frequency is then inserted to dissolve and aspirate the fats. Your body is carefully shaped in a 3-dimension way to ensure smoothness of your body curves rather than blindly removing fats. The whole process takes about 2-4 hours depending on the number of area(s) done.

Because of the level of technology and the ease of dissolving fats with the technology, only small 2-4mm incisions need to be made in specific areas. This can reduce the risk of infection, bleeding and lessen the risk of trauma.

The Recovery This is an outpatient procedure; you will be able to go home after the procedure. There can be a downtime of 3-5 days or more, which you should take care to rest. You should also avoid exercise for at least the first week following the procedure. As with any procedure or treatment, recovery can vary by the individual. How Many Times? You will see results in one procedure. Early results can be seen on average a week or two after the procedure, with better results seen at least 3 months later. Results can vary by the individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?

Because you will be under local anaesthesia, it is unlikely that you will feel pain during the procedure. You may, however feel soreness during the recovery period. As with any procedure or treatment, pain management differs by the individual. Speak to our doctor should you be concerned.

Is it safe?

While no major complications have been recorded to date, precautions are taken to ensure Vibroliposculpture's level of safety. The low force used in the procedure is tuned to be able to dissolve soft fat tissue and leave other parts of the body untouched.

When carried out by experts, Vibroliposculpture can be one of the safest among liposuction technologies.

Will I have obvious scars after the procedure?

Scarring is very minimal and can be 2-4mm long. Scars are usually found at hard-to-spot areas of the body. In many cases and with proper care, scarring can become almost indistinguishable from a small mark. Scarring can vary by the individual. Remember to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

What is the downtime?

The downtime can be 3 days or more. You may be able to move around the next day. You may also feel a little sore at the affected areas. Office workers may be able to go return to work in 2-3 days' time. For people with more active jobs or move about a lot, we recommend 3-5 days of rest depending on the area(s) operated. As with any procedure or treatment, recovery can vary by the individual.

Is the doctor experienced?

Our liposuction expert has over ten years of experience in this Vibroliposuction procedure. Many of our clients refer friends and family to us. Clients also return to have this procedure done on another area of the body.

How much is it?

The price depends on the size and location of the operating area; from an upwards of $5000+ for each area. For an accurate pricing, please consult with our doctor.

Do I get a lot of bruising? How long will the bruising last?

The bruising varies with the individual. As a general rule of thumb, the more fats that are taken out, the more the bruising. Bruising can last about a week or two or longer.

Can I work the next day?

If you're an office worker, you are most likely able to. You may be able to move around and carry out light house chores or walk around the house. We encourage you to move around and work if possible to speed up the recovery process.

Will I feel pain during the procedure?

Unlikely, as you will be under local anaesthesia during the procedure.

Will I feel pain after the procedure?

This procedure uses a high frequency and low force vibration which minimises post-procedure soreness. Any soreness may feel like muscle ache; which can resolve in 3-5 days' time. This can vary by the individual.

What are the precautions should I take?

Avoid alcohol immediately before and after the procedure. On the day of the procedure, do not drive. A taxi will be hired to take you home. It is imperative that you also avoid food and drinks 8-12 hours before the procedure.