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Why Profhilo Requires 2 Treatments For Better Effect

By SL Aesthetic Clinic
Why Profhilo Requires 2 Treatments For Better Effect

As we age, our cells do not renew themselves as quickly as before and our skin starts to lose collagen. Gradually, our skin’s natural hyaluronic acid level declines.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in our bodies that makes up 50% of our skin and is essential for extending the life of our skin cells. In addition, hyaluronic acid supports the general barrier function of our skin and improves moisture retention in our skin.

To make up for this loss of hyaluronic acid content in our skin and restore our youthful appearance, we have the choice of going for Profhilo treatment. Here’s everything you need to know about Profhilo in Singapore and why it requires two treatments for better effect.

What is Profhilo in Singapore?  

What is Profhilo in Singapore

Profhilo has one of the most concentrated form of hyaluronic acid among skin boosters.

It spreads beneath the surface of the skin and remodels skin without the need for numerous micro injection points. Profhilo encourages the development of four different forms of collagen and elastin, and stimulates adipocytes (fat) stem cells within the skin.

The result is improved skin texture, suppleness and hydration. While the Profhilo substance degrades in four weeks, its biostimulation effects will persist over subsequent weeks and lead to improvements in skin tissue.

How Does Profhilo Work in Singapore?  

Profhilo functions as a ‘hydrator’, drawing and retaining water in your body. As a result, it works wonders for those with tired, dull skin since it makes their skin firm and radiant. This effect appears as soon as 3-5 days after treatment.

The production of collagen and elastin increases weeks after treatment, tightening skin. This helps to reverse some of the effects of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Profhilo is usually done in two treatments and the full impact is usually seen two months after the second treatment.

Why Does Profhilo Require 2 Treatments?  

Profhilo smooths and moisturises the skin from the first session, but the results are more noticeable after the second treatment because Profhilo takes time to act. Having 2-3 treatment sessions enables the Profhilo to trigger a compounded effect and increased effectiveness.

The Benefits of Profhilo Treatment  

While botox and fillers add volume and lift your face, Profhilo helps to reverse general signs of ageing. Here are some benefits of Profhilo treatment.

Combats Skin Laxity  

The Profhilo Treatment in Singapore is recognized for its improved performances in addressing skin laxity for those who are experiencing the issue. This procedure works to counteract skin laxity by remodelling collagen and elastin fibres on the dermal matrix.

Targets Problematic Areas  

Targets problematic areas

Some of the commonly cited facial issues people experience include lines around the eyes and crepey cheeks. These locations can be targeted by the Profhilo procedure. Other than the face, Profhilo can also tighten and smooth skin in other areas, including the neck, decollete and hands.

Improves Your Skin  

The Profhilo treatment not only smoothens your skin by softening it, it also eliminates any undesirable dents or markings and brightens your skin tone.

It cleanses your skin by removing old oils and evens your skin tone, heightening your natural skin colour. Overall, Profhilo improves the texture, tone, and brightness of your skin.

How Long Does it Last?  

Profhilo will often last between nine months to a year. The first 2-3 injections are spaced about a month apart. Thereafter, to maintain the effects of Profhilo, you are advised to receive an injection every 6-9 months.

How much does Profhilo cost in Singapore?  

You should be informed about the price of Profhilo in Singapore before making a decision to go for treatment. PROFHILO® treatments are available at SL Aesthetic Clinic for $1000-$1200 for every 2ml syringe, depending on your condition. This is in line with the $1000–$1500 average price of Profhilo in Singapore.

Boost Your Confidence With Radiant Skin  

Radiant Skin

In the field of aesthetic medicine, Profhilo treatment is a significant advancement. It offers high levels of hydration, like Rejuran and other skin boosters, but is able to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin in the deep dermal and sub dermal layers to a greater degree for a more visible lifting effect

We hope, this article has helped you in making a treatment decision. There is no perfect product, only the one that best suits you and your needs. Always discuss your worries and goals with your aesthetic doctor in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

If you are looking to get Profhilo treatment in Singapore, book a consultation with us. Our team in SL Aesthetic Clinic has helped many patients achieve their desired results.

We are happy to share more about Profhilo and answer any of your queries. Contact us today.

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