“How to tighten pores?” I’m often asked. With consistent effort, perseverance, and the Clear + Brilliant Laser. With the number of Clear + Brilliant Lasers I do on a daily basis, one may be forgiven for thinking that it’s a new treatment enjoying a hyped up demand for its ability to shrink and minimise pores. In fact, the Clear + Brilliant Laser has been in Singapore for almost 10 years. But how? Why has it not gone the way of trendy “miraculous” treatments – popular one day, dead the next? 4 reasons the Clear + Brilliant Laser an answer to
Cysteamine Whitening Cream
What is the Cysteamine Whitening Cream? The cysteamine whitening cream uses the active ingredient cysteamine, the simplest natural aminothiol produced in human cells – a metabolite of amino acid L-cysteine. Cysteamine promotes the transport of L-cysteine into human cells. This can be further used to synthesise Glutathione, an antioxidant. Cysteamine inhibits melanin (dark pigment) synthesis in skin cells, therefore reducing pigmentation. The Cysteamine Whitening Cream – a product shown to correct pigmentation. Is the Cysteamine Whitening Cream new? Initially, oral Cysteamine was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for human use for cystinosis, a rare genetic disorder. However,
Melasma patch on the forehead. Credits: American Medical Aesthetics Do you suffer from patchy pigmentation on your cheeks or forehead? Have you tried many whitening products, lasers and even chemical peels without significant improvement? If you do, you may benefit from a treatment which has been shown to help with your pigmentation problem. Melasma is a fairly common skin condition affecting mostly ladies in their 30s and 40s. It is also prevalent among pregnant women. Melasma appears as patchy brown pigmentation on the cheeks, forehead and nose bridge. These patches of brown pigmentation add a “dirty” look to an otherwise
[6 August 2018] A blog post by Dr. Mark Lim From facials, skincare products, to medical aesthetic procedures bearing the Skin Booster name, it’s a wild wild world of skin hydration treatments. Many of such mimic the original Restylane Skinboosters™ treatment, at varying levels of success. Credits: Here, I give you a low-down on three medical aesthetic Skin Booster treatments, including Juvederm’s Volite. But first. What exactly is a Skin Booster? Not to be confused with the cosmetic product, medical grade skin boosters are meant to be injected rather than applied. Skin Boosters contain a sugar molecule called hyaluronic
The Facial Ageing Process How does one lift a droopy face? A common question I get in my practice, we first have to how our face ages. The ageing process is not a straightforward one. Ageing takes place in the slow degeneration of multiple layers of our face: 1. Your facial bones shrink and lose volume 2. Facial muscles and ligaments that hold fat compartment in place become lax; these fat compartments shift downwards with gravity 3. Your outer skin becomes thinner and wrinkly. Therefore, in order to reverse ageing with the aim of creating a youthful look, there is
[10 January 2018] A blog post by Dr. Kelvin Chua To some, ageing gracefully means carrying the “character lines” with pride and quiet dignity. Others seek the help of Botox and Fillers to maintain their natural youthfulness. The operative word being natural; many aesthetic practitioners ruefully fail to master the art of minimal injections. Choose Quality, Not Quantity. Having practised medical aesthetics for over a decade, I’ve seen and corrected my fair share of sloppy work and botched jobs. Frozen brows, misshapen cheeks and skewed noses were common sights. Such cases have decreased in numbers over the years. All, except