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Regenera Activa Hair Restoration In Singapore

Regain Your Crowning Glory With No Downtime

Losing excessive hair at any point in our life is distressing. Although everyone will start losing hair as we age, it matters when premature and severe hair loss starts affecting our self-esteem.

Hair loss treatments can help, though you might be worried about how invasive they are. If you’re looking for a non-surgical option, a micograft injection could be something to consider. A popular form of this treatment is called Regenera Activa.

What Is Male Pattern Hair Loss

stages of hair loss

Male Pattern Hair Loss, or androgenetic alopecia, starts when hair growth process starts to slow down.

This is when the growth cycle of hair is shortened. As this happens, hair that is growing would barely emerge from the follicles before they fall off again.

In men, this hair loss pattern often presents as receding hairline, especially above the temples, and at the crown. With time, if pattern hair loss is untreated, the blading patch grows wider.

Result for any hair transplant treatment such as FUE or Regenera Activa would be better when treatment is started at an earlier stage.

What Is Female Pattern Hair Loss

female pattern hair loss scale

Source: Lifestyle Pharmacy

Female Pattern Hair Loss, is also androgenetic alopecia, is similar to male pattern hair loss, except for the balding pattern. While male pattern hair loss generally starts from the front and recede backwards, female pattern hair loss tends to start at the parting line with thinning throughout the head.

Can Pattern Hair Loss Be Treated

With present-day medical science, hair loss in men and women can be prevented or intervened with medication, scalp treatment, hair tonic and professional help for hair transplant or hair micrografting.

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The Science Of Regenera Activa Hair Restoration

Source: https://www.regeneraactiva.com

Hair stops growing because of dormant hair follicles in our scalp.

Regenera Activa Hair Transplant relies on a regenerative medicinal protocol to harness our own body’s ability to produce healthy hair follicles.

This 30-minute treatment has little to zero downtime and side effects while enhancing new hair growth in inactive scalp areas. It is a safe and effective hair restoration and growth treatment for hair loss in Singapore.


What Is The Process Of Regenera Activa

Healthy tissues are extracted painlessly from the back of your nape through micrograft biopsy to extract progenitor cells (younger cells that contain growth factors) to stimulate hair growth in the balding area.

Your doctor will extract healthy skin samples from your nape. The healthy skin samples contain essential growth factors to reactivate resting hair follicles.

The Regenera Activa device disaggregate harnessed tissues into minute micrografts so that it can be absorbed by the area on your scalp that is being treated.

Regenera Activa works to combat hair loss with the aid of injecting healthy skin cells with growth factors to activate dormant hair follicles.

This will eventually enhance new hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Minigrafts and micrografts both refer to a piece of hair-bearing tissue that has been specially prepared for a hair transplant. These grafts must be inserted directly into premade incisions, called recipient sites.

Studies show that the extraction of connective tissues from the skin around the follicle area has shown viable progenitor cells.

Hair cells at the back of the scalp are generally stronger and healthier. The occipital region (located at the lower back of the head) where hair follicles are generally stronger, is a potential source for hundreds of thousands of progenitor follicular cells and growth factors.

Sleeping hair follicles are “woken up” when micrografts are injected into treated areas of your scalp. The longer the hair follicles remained dormant, the less the blood supply in that affected area that contributes to hair loss. Regenera Activa can help slow down male pattern hair loss and increase hair density.

What Results Can I Expect With Regenera Activa?

You may notice an increase in hair density in the treated area in 30 days. Improvements can be observed in the thickness and quality of hair shafts, with the rate of hair loss reduced.

It should be noted, however, that results vary across individuals, based on their level of hair loss, health profiles and other factors. To know if Regenera Activa is suitable for you, contact us. 


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