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Liposonix Fat Reduction in Singapore

What Is Liposonix+?

The Liposonix+ Fat Reduction and Body Contouring system from Solta Medical USA was developed over a period of 10 years by scientists and ultrasound researchers. It works by focusing ultrasound energy below the surface of the skin in order to heat only targeted fat tissue – similar to how light from the sun can be focused with a magnifying glass to create heat.

Take note that Liposonix+ is not the same as Liposuction – it’s for those who desire a non-invasive way to cut the flab!

How Is Fat Removed And What Is The Downtime?

The treated fat tissue is removed through the body’s natural healing process, leaving the patient with a thinner, more contoured waistline. Patients typically resume normal activities immediately after the Liposonix+ procedure as the treatment is non-invasive. No special diet or exercise program is required in order to achieve results. Clinical studies conducted using the Liposonix+ system showed an average waist circumference reduction of approximately 4 to 5cm after treatment.

Liposonix+ delivers results without the risks typically associated with surgical fat reduction procedures. It is not liposuction or surgery, is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise and is not a long-term way to lose weight and keep the fat off. Instead, it is a way to help patients shed that last inch and hit your personal shape goals. Liposonix+ will benefit you if you have existing conditions, including but not limited to:

  • At least one inch of pinchable fat
  • Stubborn, hard-to-lose fats such as love handles




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Liposonix uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to target and destroy fat cells safely and effectively. By focusing the ultrasound energy at 1-2cm below the surface of the skin, Liposonix avoids any burns or trauma to the skin. The fat cells are disrupted by the HIFU, resulting in an average 2.5cm (1 inch) reduction in waist size for a single treatment.

The disrupted fat cells trigger the body’s healing responses. Free from their cellular confines, the fat is then transported through the body’s lymphatic and venous system and eventually to the liver. The liver then metabolises the fat, just as it does any fat you consume.

Studies have not shown an increase in other body measurements after Liposonix. This means there is no measurable redistribution of the fat. And the fat can’t go back to the treated area because those cells no longer exist.

Liposonix is an FDA-approved technology, with safety considerations and improvements made over a 10-year period by ultrasound professionals.

Liposonix permanently disrupts the fat cells in the treatment area. One treatment is recommended in the area, which takes about an hour depending on the size of the area. Current studies show an average decrease in waist size of 2.5 to 4.6cm after 3 months.

Although some results can be seen in 1-2 weeks, it often takes 3-6 months for the final results to be realised.

The time taken for a Liposonix treatment will depend on the size of the treatment area; the bigger the area, the longer it will take.

This is measured by the number of 4.5 X 4.5cm squares. A treatment area of 18 squares can take approximately 2 hours, including preparatory assessments.

After consultation and assessment, the doctor can proceed with the treatment immediately, subject to the doctor’s schedule. Otherwise, an appointment can be made at a later time for the procedure proper.

Liposonix permanently disrupts fat cells in a target area. With a sensible, healthy diet and lifestyle, results can be permanent. Results vary by the individual.

This is subject to individual pain thresholds. Some patients experience discomfort, while the pain was more intense for others. At SL Clinic, we help ease the pain:

  1. Sedation – at an optional fee, you may wish to be sedated for the entire procedure. This means the maximum power can be applied, and you’ll not feel the pain. You are advised to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you overnight. Alternatively, we can arrange for a taxi, but someone should be present to meet the taxi at your destination.
  2. The Doctor – our friendly doctors will do our best to keep you occupied and monitor your condition. The clinic assistants will also help distract you by tapping on other areas of the body.
  3. Water – water is used to conduct the HIFU from the device to the treatment area, and can serve as a distraction from the pain.
  4. Attire – you will also be advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing to ease the process.
  5. Keep Busy – you can also browse and play games on your phone.

Liposonix is safe for most healthy adults close to their ideal size, weight (BMI less than 30) and shape – but need realistic help where diet and exercise just won’t work. Patients with BMIs over 30 cannot have Liposonix done and should seek a nutritionist’s help instead.

Liposonix is only suitable for area(s) such as the abdomen, love handles and thighs, or other areas that meet the minimum one inch of pinchable fat – which MUST be assessed by a doctor, and in person.

As with all medical procedures, you should be sure to disclose all of your medical history and current habits such as smoking and use of blood-thinners, medications, birth control pills, or supplements.

Liposonix is unsuitable in the following circumstances:

  • Pregnant, may be pregnant, lactating, or if you are of child-bearing age with a positive pregnancy test before treatment
  • A hernia is present in the treatment area
  • Have an existing heart condition or high blood pressure

Pre-care: Ensure that you’re in a good state of health and not recovering from a bacterial or viral infection.

Post-care: Compression garments can be worn for the first 2-3 days post-treatment to help reduce any swelling, but is not required. We recommend gently massaging the treatment area(s) once or twice a day.

Liposonix is similar to Fat Freeze in that they are non-invasive body contouring treatments, and are not replacements for a healthy lifestyle and exercise, and are not meant for weight loss. Liposonix and Fat Freeze are ways to help patients slim that last inch and hit their personal shape goals. The main difference is in the technology used.

Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that sucks out fat from parts of the body. Consequently, downtime for Liposuction is also relatively longer compared to Liposonix and Fat Freeze.

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