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Our Doctors

Dr Kelvin Chua

MBBS, Australia
Founder, Medical Director

Dr. Kelvin Chua started his surgical training in Australia, and spent time in dermatology and surgical rotations. Kelvin founded SL Aesthetic Clinic and SkinLab The Medical Spa in the 2000s, followed by TrichoLab in 2020. Together with key partners and staff, he grew the company from a single clinic at Wheelock Place to multiple locations across Singapore. 

In two decades, Dr. Kelvin has successfully performed thousands of liposuction procedures, Botox and filler treatments. He has a keen interest in non-invasive facial contouring, lifting techniques and body contouring procedures, including liposuction. He is adept at using a wide range of technologies, including Fotona, HIFU, Thermage CPT, Fractional CO2 laser, and Pico Laser. Apart from face and body enhancements, Dr. Kelvin also has a proven track record in hair loss management & treatments, including FUE hair transplant. 

With a strong passion for inspiring others through teaching, Dr. Kelvin is a guest speaker at Republic Polytechnic, an appointed trainer for aesthetic institutions and cosmeceutical companies, and is a mentor to aspiring aesthetic doctors. He also devotes much of his time to studying new techniques, technologies and latest skincare ingredients to complement treatments at SL Aesthetic Clinic, SkinLab The Medical Spa and TrichoLab.

Dr Gabriel Wong

MBBS, Singapore
Medical Director, Partner

Since graduating from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Dr. Gabriel Wong served at several hospitals in Singapore, where he worked with patients from different backgrounds and honed his medical acumen. Fate was at work when he met Dr. Kelvin Chua, founder and medical director of SL Aesthetic Clinic, which sparked his interest in aesthetic medicine.

Under the tutelage of Dr. Kelvin, Dr. Gabriel successfully mastered the fundamentals of aesthetic medicine – one of which is marrying art and science. Dr. Gabriel’s keen eye for detail and beauty is seen in the way he performs procedures such as Botox treatments, soft tissue augmentation (Dermal Fillers with the Cannula Method), skin rejuvenation with lasers, and acne and acne scar treatments (Fractional CO2 Laser, subcision). Dr. Gabriel was instrumental in the development of SL Aesthetic Clinic’s proprietary Fotona6D Pro lifting treatment procedure and is continuously seeking advancements in his treatment protocols. 

Outside of work, Dr. Gabriel is an avid traveler and a photography enthusiast – you’ll never see him without a camera in hand on his travels!

Dr Charlene Goh

MBChB, Edinburgh (UK); Dip Practical Dermatology, Cardiff (UK) 
Medical Director, Partner

Dr Charlene completed her medical training at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, followed by Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University in Wales. Fueled by her passions in aesthetics, she pursued a Certification of Competence (COC) in Singapore Medical Council (SMC)-recognised procedures, including cosmetic lasers for pigmentation and acne, skin tightening treatments, Botox injections and filler skin enhancement procedures.

Dr. Charlene firmly believes that looking good comes from within; treatments with her go beyond clinically-proven aesthetic treatments. As a well-rounded practitioner, her treatment plans include a holistic and wholesome combination of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Dr. Charlene is a well-rounded practitioner, adept in both laser and injectable treatments.

Dr. Charlene is a self-confessed beauty junkie and fashionista – her patients have become just like her dear friends, where their conversations surround everything, from life to the latest trends.

Dr Sue Ho

MB BCh BAO, Ireland
Senior Executive Doctor

Prior to starting her medical journey in various public hospitals in Singapore, Dr. Sue trained in Ireland and across the straits, where she had the chance to hone her medical and surgical skills immensely. Dr. Sue’s passion for aesthetics was sparked by a chance encounter with Dr. Kelvin Chua, founder and medical director of SL Aesthetic Clinic. Botox treatments, filler augmentation and skin rejuvenation are some of the minimally invasive procedures Dr. Sue has a special interest in. She is also an advocate for active living, often giving patients tips and insights to leading a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle. 

As a mother herself, Dr. Sue relates well to other mothers and the issues they face. Other than facial aesthetic treatments, she often performs feminine health treatments such as Fotona IntimaLase and IncontiLase.

Dr. Sue’s background in medicine has enabled her to remain a firm commitment to enhance the natural beauty of each patient – she does this through a personalised and holistic program of treatment and care.

Dr Ko Wei Xiang

MBBS (Singapore), GDFM (NUS)
Executive Doctor

Even before becoming an aesthetic doctor, Dr. Ko Wei Xiang was heavily involved in the arts. During his formative school years, he studied fine arts under the prestigious Art Elective Programme, where he developed his artistic talent and creative expression across various media, including painting, charcoal, digital media and photography.

After graduating from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in 2014, Dr. Wei Xiang pursued postgraduate surgical training in a residency programme, where he honed his surgical skills over the years. His artistic side remained strong, and he constantly yearned to express a greater aesthetic element in his work. In 2019, he left his surgical career in search of his calling.

A fateful encounter with Dr. Kelvin Chua brought Dr. Wei Xiang into the world of aesthetic medicine. It was in aesthetic medicine where Wei Xiang found his “ikigai” of sorts. Under Dr. Kelvin’s mentorship, Dr. Wei Xiang grew steadily and became adept at a wide range of aesthetic procedures including Botox, fillers, lasers, HIFU, Thermage, Ultherapy and PicoCare. His keen eye for beauty, together with his surgically-trained steady hands, allows him to perform safe, aesthetically pleasing procedures for patients.

Dr Chen Kailun

MBBS, Singapore
Executive Doctor

After graduating from the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Dr. Kailun pursued postgraduate surgical training in one of Singapore’s leading Obstetrics and Gynaecology tertiary hospitals. 

Fate brought him and Dr. Gabriel Wong together, and he was deeply inspired by Dr. Gabriel who opened his eyes to the world of aesthetic medicine. He subsequently left his surgical training programme in pursuit of a greater interest and calling.

Under the tutelage of Dr. Kelvin and Dr. Gabriel, Dr. Kailun gained proficiency in a wide range of aesthetic procedures including Botox, fillers, skin tightening and rejuvenation treatments (Fotona), skin pigmentation treatments (PicoCare), face lifting treatments (HIFU, Thermage, Ulterapy), moles and bumps removal, and acne and acne scar treatments (Fractional CO2 Laser, subcision).

In his free time, Dr. Kailun enjoys travelling and discovering good food both in town and around the world. He strongly believes in achieving a balanced and active lifestyle, where one can keep fit, look good and enjoy good food at the same time.

He is committed to empowering his patients by helping them achieve their best and most confident selves through holistic lifestyle advice and personalised aesthetic treatments.

Dr Lau Chun Lim

Doctor of Medicine (UKM Malaysia) 
Executive Doctor

Aspiring to help people be the best version of themselves, Dr Chun Lim’s medical journey started off with obtaining a Doctor of Medicine in Malaysia’s National University. He knew that the best way to give his patients the most appropriate treatment is to expose himself to various cultures and practices – so he set foot in Singapore and trained at Singapore General Hospital and subsequently Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. During his time there, he managed to hone his medical skills and gain invaluable insights in the medical industry.

On a personal level, Dr. Chun Lim has always had a keen interest in aesthetics and improving the lives of patients through beauty enhancements. Under the guidance of Dr. Kelvin Chua and Dr. Gabriel Wong, together with his exposure to the medical aesthetic world, Dr. Chun Lim is today well-equipped with a wide range of skills. He cleverly uses injections and lasers that address the pain point of his patients and at the same time allow their natural beauty to shine. 

Dr. Chun Lim’s specialisations, to name a few, are wrinkle and lines correction, volume loss and asymmetry correction, pigments, acne and pore treatments. He is most sought after by patients for Ultherapy treatment, a lifting procedure that allows his patients a youthful and vibrant look.

With his amiable and jovial personality, Dr. Chun Lim approaches his patients with a sense of passion and enthusiasm. He goes to great lengths to understand his patients’ needs, customizing treatments to best address their concerns. He advocates natural-looking results and believes that people can become better and younger versions of themselves through aesthetic treatments and maintenance.

Dr. Chun Lim enjoys jungle trekking and working out in the gym during his leisure time.

Dr Eva Teh

MB BCh BAO, Ireland
Executive Doctor

After obtaining her medical degree from Ireland, Dr. Eva spent her early years practicing medicine in various hospitals across Singapore and took up traineeship in Internal Medicine including a posting in dermatology. 

From fashion to interior design, Dr. Eva finds joy in admiring aesthetically pleasing things. However, her passion for beauty goes beyond skin deep. Dr Eva believes that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, which is why she is committed to helping people feel confident in their own skin.

Through her work as a medical doctor and aesthetic physician, she has learned that beauty is not just about appearances, but it is also about feeling good about oneself. Her interactions with her patients include listening to their concerns and discovering their unique needs – this enables her to customise their treatments accordingly.

Dr. Eva is passionate about keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in non-invasive cosmetic treatments and has certifications of competence in botulinum toxin and filler injections, as well as cosmetic lasers for skin pigmentation and skin rejuvenation treatments

In her free time, Dr. Eva enjoys indulging in good food and exploring new destinations.

Dr Akira Tan 

MBBS (Australia)
Executive Doctor 

Dr Akira graduated medical school in Melbourne and subsequently embarked on a distinguished post-graduate programme in internal medicine in Singapore, where he gained a strong foundation in medical expertise.

A fortuitous encounter with Dr Gabriel Wong fuelled a passion for aesthetic medicine and led him to pursue a new path dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and empowering patients.

Dr Akira has a strong interest in skin and hair related matters and possesses a profound understanding of the skin’s anatomy. He firmly believes in preserving the patient’s unique features and bringing out the patient’s natural allure.

Apart from injectables, he especially enjoys non-surgical face lifting techniques such as Ultherapy, Sylfirm X, Thermage, as well as hair rejuvenation therapies such as Fotona Laser Hair Growth.

Known for his compassionate and caring nature, Dr Akira goes above and beyond to ensure that each patient feels comfortable, supported and understood throughout their aesthetic journey.

His diverse palette of hobbies including gardening, gymnastics, singing and musical theatre. If you catch him humming to a song, ask him to belt out a tune for you and he might just do so!