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Forehead Fillers Singapore – Price/Cost, Reviews, FAQs

Not to be mistaken for Fillers for Horizontal Forehead Lines. Forehead fillers help augment and improve the appearance of your forehead that has experienced volume loss due to ageing.

Why Should I Have Forehead Fillers?

People tend to ignore the importance of the forehead, yet, it is a dead giveaway when it comes to defining a person’s sex. The forehead is one of those facial features that, depending on the shape and size, can appear masculine or feminine.

Forehead fillers are commonly done by women to increase their “femininity” or feminine appeal.

Female VS Male Foreheads

There are three main differences between female and male foreheads:

  1. Shape

Women tend to sport a rounded hairline, while men usually have a straight hairline. On this, an “ideal” forehead should match your facial thirds, or be one third of your face. If your forehead is shorter than a third of your face, women can opt to get some hair removal done to raise the hairline and achieve this “ideal”.

  1. Projection

Female foreheads are fuller and more vertical, while male foreheads tend to be flatter and slope backwards. Plus, due to the ageing process, there is volume loss in the forehead when the fat pads disappear and move, and the forehead bone gets slowly absorbed by the body. This is why women who have slightly flattened foreheads can have forehead fillers to improve its fullness and volume. But those with a moderate to severe flattening of the foreheads should choose to have forehead reconstruction surgery to achieve results.

  1. Textural Appearance

Men tend to have bony ridges that run across the forehead and just above the eyes. Having these grooves and ridges on your forehead makes you look more masculine. Vice versa, the “ideal” female forehead is smooth and without grooves. If you have kinks and grooves on your forehead, this is where Forehead Fillers can help to fill up and smoothen them out for a more feminine, attractive forehead.


What Are Forehead Fillers?

Skin Booster Treatment

Forehead fillers are gel-like substances injected underneath the skin by the doctor in the forehead area. It is commonly done by women to improve forehead appearance by filling up divots and kinks, and smoothing out grooves.

What Are The Types Of Forehead Fillers?

Forehead fillers are largely categorised into Hyaluronic Acid-based (HA) Fillers, and Non-Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. The former is dissolvable should you be unhappy with the results, while the latter typically cannot be dissolved and can remain in your forehead for a long period of time.

Brands of common temporary and dissolvable HA forehead fillers used in Singapore:

  • Juvéderm® VOLUMA
  • Restylane® Lyft
  • Belotero Balance

The following are common non-hyaluronic acid semi-permanent fillers used for the forehead in Singapore:

  • Ellansé©
  • Radiesse©

What Filler Is Best For Forehead Augmentation?

While technically there isn’t a “best” filler for forehead augmentation, there are fillers that are more suitable than others.

Suitable forehead fillers have 2 main characteristics:

  1. A low-to-moderate “G Prime” – the gel hardness and how well it withstands pressure and deformation. We want the filler to be quite malleable to smoothen the forehead without forming lumps.
  2. A high cohesiveness – how well the gel sticks together or spread. We want to minimise the possibility of the filler spreading beyond the area, especially since it is close to the high-risk orbital area.

At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we prefer to treat first-time patients new to Forehead Fillers with Hyaluronic Acid-based Fillers so that they can see if they like the results or not, before deciding to either opt for a longer-lasting semi-permanent non-hyaluronic acid filler or even surgery later on.

How Much Filler Do You Need For The Forehead?

Typically 1ml (1 syringe) is sufficient for the correction of small kinks and divots on the forehead. More is required if greater volume is desired.

How Long Do Fillers Last In The Forehead?

Juvéderm VOLUMA filler can last up to 18 months in the forehead. Other brands and types of fillers will have varying longevity.

Once the filler has been absorbed by the body and disappears, you can choose to have the treatment done again. Should you stop, your forehead will not become worse than before. It will gradually return to its original state.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Forehead Filler In Singapore?

Juvéderm VOLUMA filler starts from $800 per 1ml syringe, which is typically sufficient to correct small divots and kinks on the forehead.


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After you’ve been assessed to be a suitable candidate by the doctor, your forehead will be cleansed and numbed with a topical numbing cream.

The doctor may then make markings on your forehead as a guide.

This is then followed by injections of the filler into areas of your forehead that need filling and contouring.

No. Most patients find forehead filler to be tolerable. Plus, the Juvéderm VOLUMA filler we use contains lidocaine, an anaesthetic. This improves your comfort level throughout the treatment process. 

We also use a vibrating tool that distracts patients from any sensations of pain. Where appropriate, we may also use a blunt-tipped cannula instead of a traditional needle for the injection. The cannula technique can reduce pain, bruising, and swelling as it tends to cause less trauma to the tissue compared to a sharp needle.

Side effects of forehead fillers are mild and temporary. These can include red dots appearing at the injection sites, general redness of the area, swelling, and bruising. They typically dissipate within a matter of days.

Major complications are uncommon. Some are theoretical in nature such as:

  • Tyndall’s Effect – a slight bluish tinge under the skin. This can be reversed with the fillers dissolved.
  • Migration of fillers – this is rare and can be avoided when post-procedural instructions are followed such as handling the area with care for the first 2 days. Should migration occur, the fillers can be dissolved.
  • Under or over correction – under correction can be touched up with more fillers, while over correction can be dissolved.
  • Development of lumpiness with fillers – sometimes, the lumps are felt by the patient, but are not noticeable to the naked eye. These can be temporary and the lumpiness will go away as the fillers integrate into the area. Should they persist, the fillers can be dissolved if desired.

We recommend that patients avoid alcohol for the day of treatment itself. Strenuous exercise should also be avoided for at least 7 days after treatment.

We do not recommend massaging or excessively touching the treatment area for at least 2 days after treatment.

When performed properly by a trained doctor, forehead filler results are natural-looking.

At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we believe in the “less is more” approach, and prefer to start with a lower amount of fillers and slowly work our way up. This is because as with any injection treatment, there will be some swelling in the area, which can affect how the final results look.

This is common immediately after treatment. The fillers will take time to integrate into the area and smoothen out in about 2 days or so.

Any healthy female looking to improve your forehead contour and overall facial aesthetic, all without the downtime, risks, and complications that surgery entails.

It is suitable for women who have minor divots and kinks, or require a small degree of volume added. It is also suitable for women who want to see some degree of forehead augmentation, but are not ready for surgery, or for those who want to see the results of an augmented forehead before committing to plastic surgery.

Yes! Sometimes, the divots and kinks are very minor, which can be helped with lasers. Other times, these grooves or formations appear only when there’s muscle movement. This is when Botox comes in.

The following circumstances may prove unsuitable for forehead fillers:

  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Drastic improvements similar to plastic surgery.
  • Known allergy to any component of the filler, including lidocaine.
  • Susceptibility to scarring.
  • Bleeding disorders.
  • Active inflammation on the site of treatment.
  • Pregnant or nursing.

We encounter many customers who dislike the fillers they inject at other aesthetic clinics or other countries, but very few from our clinic.

The most commonly injected type of fillers is hyaluronic acid based fillers. Should you not like the result of your filler treatment, a medication called hyalase can be injected to dissolve the hyaluronic acid fillers. The fillers will be gone within a day of hyalase injection. 

Fillers are not harmful to our health, even in the long run.

Fillers are commonly made up of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in human skin. So, it is not harmful to us. The filler only stays at the site of injection and integrates well with skin, replacing lost collagen and providing hydration and support from within.

The next time you need filler injections after your first is at least 1 year later, and we will not look worse if we choose to stop.

For best results, we recommend doing it regularly when you start to notice the effect of the fillers diminishing.

Addiction refers to our inability to resist things which are harmful to us such as alcohol and smoking. Filler treatments are not addictive because we can choose to stop treatments at any time. People look forward to regular filler treatments because it makes us look our best.

In fact, we can choose to stop filler treatments at any time. So we will not be addicted because it is not harmful for our health, but in fact, fillers can help us look our best without going for surgery.

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