Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal in Singapore

Eye bags are the puffing or swelling under your eyes. They form when the muscles that support your lower eyelids weaken, causing fat pads to move to the lower eyelids resulting in a puffy appearance.      

This weakening of muscles is often caused by;  

  • Ageing 
  • Fluid retention 
  • Sun damage 
  • Sleep deprivation 
  • Genetics

For the most part, eye bags are almost always caused by ageing. Fortunately, they can be easily resolved with aesthetic interventions. 

What Are The Non-Surgical Eye Bag And Dark Circles Removal Options?

Energy Based Treatments 

Fotona SmoothEye Laser 

Fotona SmoothEye is a novel non-ablative laser treatment for the eyes by tightening loose and ageing skin with little downtime. Other than tightening the upper and lower eyelid skin, SmoothEye can also be performed on the conjunctival side of the lower eyelid, targeting the bulging eye bag and reducing its appearance.

After a few treatments, the result is improved skin elasticity, fewer wrinkles and improved appearance of the eye bags. In addition, laser energy can stimulate blood flow and improve dark eye circles due to venous stasis.


  • Non-invasive and effective laser technology
  • Little downtime
  • No risk of bruising


  • Improvements only set in gradually over a few weeks
  • Not suitable for patients who have done cataract surgery or implantable contact lens

Fotona SmoothEye Laser starts from $1,000 per session. 

Thermage CPT Eye Firming Treatment

As the skin around the eyes loosens with age due to the loss of collagen, the fat pads under the eyes start to protrude and sag, whereas the upper eyelid starts to droop.

This is when Thermage FLX can help. An FDA-approved treatment, Thermage FLX uses monopolar radio frequencies to stimulate collagen production, which then firms up the loose skin, thereby reducing the appearance of tired eyes.


  • Safe and effective technology
  • Almost no downtime


  • Improvements are gradual and may not be as drastic compared to filler treatments, depending on individual collagen production
  • Temporary results lasting approximately 12 to 18 months, depending on individual

Thermage eye treatment starts from $2,000. 

Sylfirm X

Sylfirm X is a microneedling treatment that delivers heat and radiofrequency directly to the excess fats under the eyes. The fats then melt away and are naturally passed out through the body’s waste disposal system.

The radiofrequency also firms up the skin by stimulating collagen renewal, giving the skin around the under eye area a firmer appearance.


  • Safe and effective when done by a doctor familiar with the procedure


  • Requires a doctor familiar with injections in the eye region as it’s a delicate area
  • Bruising, swelling and scabbing lasting for a few days to a week
  • Risk of an irreversible over-burning of fat deposits, which creates a permanent concavity and shadow, which gives one the appearance of a tired look
  • Requires multiple treatments (3 to 5 sessions)

Sylfirm X starts from $1,200 per session. 


Undereye Fillers

In an under eye filler treatment or tear trough filler procedure, hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into the appropriate depth to even out skin concavities due to uneven fat deposits and loss of volume from ageing.

Safe and successful treatment will depend on the cause of the eye bags or tear trough deformities, which requires the optimal choice of filler and treatment method.

A choice filler for undereye ageing including eye bags is Redensity II, designed specifically to fill in the undereye area delicately and safely. 


  • Safe and effective when done by a doctor familiar with the procedure
  • Reversible with hyalase
  • Minimal downtime
  • Allows for follow-up revisions to fine-tune results


  • Requires a doctor familiar with injections in the eye region as it’s a delicate area
  • Risk of bruising and in extremely rare cases, blindness
  • Temporary results lasting between 9 to 12 months, depending on individual

Learn more about Under Eye Filler Treatment / Tear Trough Filler

Redensity 2 starts from $1,070. 

Which Eye Bag Removal Is Suitable For Me?

As eye bags and dark eye shadows have a variety of causes the doctor must first assess your condition in person during a consultation. Thereafter, the appropriate treatment or a combination of treatments can be applied.
In serious and complicated eye bag removal cases in Singapore that involve eyelid surgery, excess fat removal or a fat transfer/ fat graft, full scale plastic surgery should be considered instead.



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