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Laser Treatment for Veins Removal - Fotona Vein Laser

Do your veins appear more visible on your undereye than most people you know? Prominent veins are a cosmetic nuisance and can lower your aesthetic appeal. They make you look more tired and haggard although you are not. 

This is likely due to the fact that the skin around your eyes is thinner than average, causing the structures in your skin, like the blood vessels, to be easily visible. Fortunately, they can be treated specially with lasers, such as the Fotona Vein Laser. Here’s what you need to know about this laser treatment.

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What are Periorbital Veins?

Periorbital veins are small, thin, and delicate veins located around your eyes. They can appear purplish, blue, reddish or greenish and can be seen through the skin due to several factors, such as genetics, ageing and skin complexion.

These superficial veins, together with other deep veins, carry blood from parts of your face to the blood vessels in your eyes. These veins are functionally not important and removing them does not cause any harm to your health or the flow of blood in your face.  

What Causes Periorbital Veins to Become Prominent?

The skin under your eyes is extremely thin and, therefore, more sensitive than other parts of your body. Your skin can become more translucent with age, making the veins underneath appear more prominent.

There are also several factors that can contribute to this:

  • Genetics – For some people, prominent periorbital veins run in the family.
  • Sun exposure – Frequent exposure to the sun without protective sunglasses and sunscreen can cause periorbital veins to become prominent earlier in life.
  • Lifestyle – Activities like smoking can damage your skin and vascular system, causing the veins to become more apparent.
  • Skin tone – If you have a pale complexion, your veins may appear more prominent.

How does Fotona Vein Laser help with Periorbital Veins?

Fotona vein laser can help to minimise the appearance of periorbital veins using non-ablative, long-pulse Nd: YAG laser energy that penetrates to a depth of 5-6mm into the skin, allowing for highly effective treatments.

It is a unique and minimally invasive laser treatment performed by doctors to ensure safe and suitable heating control while providing the best comfort for the patient. During the treatment, the blood in the vein will absorb the energy from the laser and convert it into heat to destroy the vein walls.

However, this laser treatment requires specialist skill due to the insertion of metal internal eyeshields. Otherwise, it can result in permanent blindness or partial vision loss. So, treatment of these veins should be undertaken by someone with the appropriate expertise.

Fotona vein laser can also remove venous lake, small and squishy elevated bumps that resemble moles. Unlike moles, venous lakes are dark blue to purple in appearance and change colour when applied with pressure. Venous lakes can appear on the lips and anywhere on the face. 

What is the treatment process like?

The Fotona vein laser treatment for vein removal is a minimally invasive procedure involving gentle heating of the skin around your eyes without causing thermal or ablative damage to the skin. Compared to conventional Nd: YAG technologies, the Fotona vein laser creates instant temperature increases that are limited to the targeted structures.

Aside from the pulses that gently deliver laser light to the tissues under your eyes, the laser operates at an optimal infrared wavelength of 1064 nm to effectively reduce the appearance of periorbital veins.

Treatment for more prominent periorbital veins usually requires two sessions of laser therapy because an over-aggressive treatment can result in heat damage to the skin around your eyes and potential scarring.

Price/Cost of Treatment for Vein Removal – Fotona Vein Laser in Singapore

At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we offer the Fotona Vein Laser treatment starting from $600 to $1000 per session. Prices are subject to prevailing GST. For prices on multiple sessions, you can speak to our doctor to learn more.


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Vein laser treatment uses a focused beam of light to heat and destroy targeted vein walls, causing causes the vein to collapse and eventually fade from view.

Vein laser therapy is typically used to treat periorbital veins, spider veins and small varicose veins. It can also treat venous lakes.

Most patients report feeling minor discomfort during the procedure which can be managed with topical numbing cream.

The number of treatments required will vary depending on the size and location of the veins being treated.  Your doctor will be able to advise upon diagnosis.

Common side effects include redness, swelling, and bruising at the treatment site which should resolve within a couple of days.

Recovery time is generally minimal, with most patients able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Having said that, it is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise and hot baths for at least 3 days after the treatment.

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