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Lip Flip

Lip Flip - Lip Enhancement

The quest for perfect lips is widespread in beauty and aesthetics. Thicker, plumper lips have always been associated with youth and femininity. 

While lip fillers are a great way to add volume to lips, the lip flip is an ideal alternative for those seeking a subtle yet effective way to enhance their lips without increasing volume.

What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip is a cosmetic treatment that subtly enhances the appearance of the lips. This procedure involves injecting botox into the upper lip, primarily relaxing the orbicularis oris muscles around the lips and “flipping” the top lip out. This creates the illusion of fuller lips without actually injecting volume as with lip fillers

How Does it Work?

The lip flip entails injecting a small amount of Botox above the upper lip, relaxing the muscle surrounding the mouth and allowing the lip to “flip” upwards, rather than curl the lips in, hence creating a fuller and more defined lip shape. 

Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler: What's the Difference?

While both treatments are intended to enhance the appearance of the lips, they achieve this goal through different mechanisms. 

A lip flip focuses on altering the position and movement of the upper lip by relaxing the surrounding muscles, resulting in a subtle outward ‘flip’ and the appearance of fuller lips. In contrast, a lip filler achieves fuller lips by injecting hyaluronic acid or other fillers directly into the lips to add volume, enhance shape and define contours.

Lip Flip
Lip Filler
Botox is injected
Dermal filler is injected
Lasts 8-12 weeks
Lasts 6-18 months
Subtly enhances the appearance of upper lips
Plumps lips directly

Benefits of a Lip Flip

The lip flip procedure offers several distinct benefits that make it attractive for individuals who want subtle lip enhancements:

  1. Subtle & natural-looking results: By gently altering the position of the upper lip, a lip flip creates a subtle enhancement that appears natural and harmonious with the overall facial features.
  2. Fuller upper lips even when smiling: Your muscles typically pull your upper lip tight when you grin, but a lip flip allows more of your lip to show when you smile.
  3. Reduces vertical lip lines: The lip flip can also have a wrinkle-reducing effect on your upper lip, smoothing vertical lip lines.
  4. No downtime: Lip flip injections are minimally invasive, requiring no downtime for recovery.
  5. Non-permanent: The effects of a lip flip are temporary, lasting approximately 3–4 months. Its temporary nature allows individuals to experiment with lip enhancements without committing to permanent changes.
  6. Customisable results: The amount of Botox injected can be set according to the desired level of enhancement, allowing for personalised results tailored to your preferences.

Who is a Lip Flip for?

The lip flip procedure is suitable for: Those seeking natural-looking results: Individuals who want to subtly improve the appearance of their lips without the obvious signs of having undergone cosmetic treatment.

  1. Individuals who do not want fillers: Those who want a fuller and more defined lip contour without the risks of lip filler injections, such as overfilling and filler migration.
  2. Candidates preferring minimally-invasive treatments: For individuals who prefer minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures with minimal downtime, the lip flip offers a convenient option to enhance lip appearance without an extensive recovery period.
  3. Individuals seeking more defined upper lips: The lip flip is ideal for patients whose lips recede, curl or disappear when they smile or speak.

Please note that in patients with very thin lips, lip fillers might be a better option.

Lip flip Treatment in Singapore

A lip flip effectively enhances the appearance of the lips, providing natural-looking results without fillers. For the best results, consult a board-certified cosmetic surgeon when considering a lip procedure.

At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we understand our clients’ aspiration for natural-looking enhancements that accentuate their beauty. With the lip flip procedure, our experienced board-certified professionals are dedicated to delivering customised and beautiful results.

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While rare, some of the risks associated with lip flips include: 

  • bruising
  • swelling
  • allergic reactions
  • drooling
  • asymmetry

It is best to discuss these risks with your provider before undergoing treatment and to ensure you choose a qualified professional.

While a lip flip can produce subtle enhancements to the appearance of the lips, the results may vary from person to person. A person’s lip shape, muscle structure, and individual aesthetic preferences can influence the outcome.

No, a lip flip is specifically designed to create a subtle outward curl of the upper lip, resulting in a fuller and more defined appearance without the exaggerated “duck lips” effect.

Although a lip flip is not intended to show more of the teeth, some individuals may notice a slight improvement in their smile aesthetics due to the enhanced definition and fullness of the lips.

You may feel mild discomfort or pinching during the injections, while others may find the procedure relatively painless. Your doctor will apply a numbing cream to minimise discomfort during the treatment. Generally, patients report that any discomfort experienced during the procedure is tolerable and short-lived.

A lip flip costs around $250 at SL Aesthetic Clinic, depending on the number of units of botox you need.

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 Yes it is a safe and relatively quick procedure. Fotona IntimaLase is FDA-approved for stress urinary incontinence. It is also effective in vaginal tightening.

Anyone who has given birth vaginally or natural birth or women looking to tighten or maintain their intimate parts. Those with stress urinary incontinence and prolapse can also benefit from this.

The Fotona IntimaLase treatment is unsuitable in the following circumstances:

  • Patients with unrealistic expectations looking to return to how they looked/felt when they were younger
  • Patients with a tendency to form keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Prior ionising radiation to the area to be treated
  • Patients who have had vaginal or cervical surgeries or cancers
  • Patients with abnormal pap smear results
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients taking photosensitive drugs, or with injury or a vaginal infection
  • Patients with an undiagnosed vaginal bleeding or active menstruation

There is mild discomfort and very rarely some mild swelling.

Patients can go back to their normal active lifestyles after 1-3 days. Usually normal daily activity is fine. There is very minimal downtime. We advise abstaining from penetrative sexual activity 72 hours after treatment.

During the recovery period, there may be some mild discomfort, a warm sensation and very rarely mild swelling which will resolve in a few days.

Usually for severe cases of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome, 2 treatments initially once month apart and subsequently yearly maintenance. Most patients do well after one treatment and follow up after 8 months to see if another session is needed.  The effects can last 12-16 months.

SL Aesthetic Clinic is one of the few clinics that offer Fotona IntimaLase. The procedure is performed by 2 female doctors, Dr Sue Ho, and Dr Charlene Goh, who have both tried and tested the treatments on themselves and a roster of female volunteers to satisfactory results.

Patients need to have pap smear done first before the treatment. The female doctors at SL Aesthetic Clinic are also equipped to do the pap smear. Pap smear results must be normal, urine culture negative and the vaginal canal free of injuries and bleeding. This should be done preferably 1 week after menstruation. 

Before the laser treatment, the patient’s vagina must be cleansed thoroughly at home.

No special post-treatment instructions are needed. Patients are only advised to avoid sexual activities for a period of 72 hours after each of the treatment sessions.  We also recommended to do a follow up check 2 days after treatment.

Before the laser treatment, the patient’s vagina must be cleansed thoroughly at home.