Saggy Skin and How to Treat it

How to treat sagging skin and cheeks in Singapore.

Skin sagging, as much as we hate it, affects all of us. You may have noticed the folds of your face such as the laugh lines looking more prominent, the shape of your face looking more squarish and bottom-heavy. Your skin may also feel looser to touch, not as firm and taut as before. These are all signs that your facial skin is starting to sag.

Why does our skin sag?

  1. Loss of Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and Elastin are the building blocks of youthful, elastic skin. They form the mesh that supports the skin, resisting the effect of gravity allowing it to stay tight and firm. Ageing and sun exposure causes our skin to lose collagen and elastin, which leads to sagging as this supportive mesh becomes looser. Genetics also play a role as our skin is programmed to age differently from person to person. In addition, the production of new collagen and elastin reduces with age, hence stimulation of its production is a cornerstone of saggy skin treatments.

  1. Loss of Volume

Our facial skeleton and deep fat pads prop up the overlying skin and are very important for a youthful appearance. While most people realize that skin becomes looser with age, it is less common knowledge that the structures propping up the skin also shrinks with age, exacerbating the saggy appearance.

Price List

(may vary by the individual)
Fotona 5D / 6D Laser Lift
Suitable for mild to moderate enhanced skin tissue lifting
$3000 per session for 5D or 6D.

Fotona4D is no longer available
• Junction 8
• Jurong Point
• Plaza Singapura
• Westgate
• Wheelock Place
HIFU V Sculpting
Suitable for mild to moderate skin tissue lifting
$1500-$2500All clinics
Thermage FLX
Suitable for firming of loose, wrinkly skin
$2000-$3500Wheelock Place
Face Thread Lift
Suitable for moderate skin laxity issues
From $1000Wheelock Place
Suitable for mild to moderate skin tissue lifting
$2800-$4000Plaza Singapura
[20 Aug 2019] Written by Dr. Charlene Goh

Dr. Charlene Goh – The Fashionista
MBChB, Scotland; Dip Practical Dermatology, Wales

Having obtained her medical degree in Scotland, Dr Charlene Goh returned home to Singapore, where she practised in several major hospitals and in various departments. But her education did not stop there.

From a young age, Charlene has had a strong interest in skincare and beauty trends. Urged by Dr Kelvin Chua to pursue her passion, Charlene went away to study Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University in Wales.

Not one to rest on her laurels, she returned home and picked up certifications from various aesthetic organisations.

Now armed with the proper certifications and experience, Charlene is adept at a wide range of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures such as laser treatments, dermal fillers, botulinum toxin injections, etc.

A firm believer in presenting one’s best self, Charlene hopes to help others achieve confidence through a holistic approach; a wholesome combination of a healthy lifestyle and diet, complemented by clinically proven aesthetic treatments.

Charlene is a self-confessed beauty junkie and fashionista, and will happily discuss the latest trends with friends and patients.

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