The Removal Of Skin Tags, Milia Seeds, Moles, And Lumps In Singapore

moles lumps milia seed removal Singapore

Lumps and bumps have many causes and can occur anywhere on the face and body. One common example is syringoma around the eyes, commonly known as milia seeds. They are growth of sweat glands and are perfectly benign.

Other common lumps include warts, skin tags, moles, and sebaceous cyst. Most lumps are benign but be cautious if any of the following occurs: bleeding, change in colour or texture, ulceration, inflammation or infection, pain etc. Be alert with rapid changes and if in doubt, seek a doctor for diagnosis and/or removal.

The removal of skin tags, milia seeds, and other moles/lumps depends on the type of lump and the area involved. Advantage of excision is that the lump can be sent for histology and the recurrence of lumps removed this way is very rare. However, it may leave a small linear scar after the removal. It is often reserved for large lumps on the body.

CO2 lasers are reserved for flattening small lumps on the face. However lumps removed this way can sometimes recur as the base may not be completely removed. Injections are reserved for keloid or hypertrophic scars while freezing methods are mainly reserved for warts.

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Price List

(may vary by the individual)
Spot-Guided CO2 Laser
Suitable for removal of moles, milia seeds, oil seeds, skin tags, and other skin lesions
$450-$600All clinics
Suitable for common, plantar and genital warts, and other benign skin lesions
$250-$550• Junction 8
• Jurong Point
• Plaza Singapura
• Tampines 1
• Waterway Point
• Westgate
• Wheelock Place
[21 Jul 2021] Written by Dr. Wei Xiang

Dr Ko Wei Xiang

Dr Wei Xiang – The Artist
MBBS, Singapore; MRCS, Edinburgh

Dr Wei Xiang has been heavily involved in the arts throughout his life. During his formative school years, he studied fine arts under the prestigious Art Elective Programme, where he developed his artistic talent and creative expression across various media, including painting, charcoal, digital media and photography.

After graduating from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in 2014, Wei Xiang pursued postgraduate surgical training in a residency programme, where he honed his surgical skills over the years. His artistic side remained strong, and he constantly yearned to express a greater aesthetic element in his work. In 2019, he left his surgical career in search of his calling.

A fateful encounter with Dr Kelvin Chua brought Wei Xiang into the world of Aesthetic Medicine. It was in Aesthetic Medicine where Wei Xiang found his “ikigai” of sorts. Under Kelvin’s mentorship, Wei Xiang grew steadily and became adept at a wide range of aesthetic procedures including Botox, fillers, lasers, HIFU, Thermage, Ultherapy and PicoCare Laser. His keen eye for beauty, coupled with his steady hands, allows him to bring out the best in his patients.

Wei Xiang occasionally still creates artwork in his free time, when he is not spending time with his wife and daughter, or jamming and making music.

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