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All You Need To Know About Chin Fillers In Singapore

chin filler Singapore

With chin fillers, you can achieve a slimmer V-shaped face, add projection to a retracted chin, and improve your overall facial proportions.

What Is Chin Filler And What Can It Do?

The chin filler treatment is a non-surgical clinic-based procedure performed by a certified doctor who injects dermal fillers into the chin. It is sometimes performed concurrently with jaw or jawline fillers.

What can chin fillers help with

The chin filler treatment is a minimally-invasive alternative to plastic surgery chin implants. It can help create the illusion of a “slimmer” v-shaped face, add projection to a retracted chin, add broadness to the chin especially for men, and improve the chin contour for an overall more aesthetically balanced facial proportion. Plus, with a more projected chin, the double chin fats become less apparent.

Why Chin Filler?

Are chin fillers pricey in Singapore | SL Aesthetic Clinic

An “ideal” or “attractive” face, while very subjective, usually means a balance of facial proportions; a harmony between the forehead, cheekbones, nose, lips, and chin viewed from the front and the side profile of the face – also known as the “Golden Ratio”.

Chin fillers offer patients a minimally invasive way to achieve facial balance by augmenting the chin. 

And when performed by a doctor familiar with the procedure, results can look natural, with little to no risk of scarring, and with minimal to no downtime.

What Are The Types Of Chin Fillers?

Generally, there are two types of fillers used for the chin: hyaluronic acid-based (HA) fillers and non-hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Almost all HA fillers are temporary, and most non-hyaluronic acid based fillers are semi-permanent.

The following are common temporary and dissolvable HA fillers used for the chin in Singapore:

  • Juvéderm® VOLUX
  • Restylane® Lyft
  • Belotero© Volume
  • Teosyal© Ultra Deep

The following are common non-hyaluronic acid semi-permanent fillers used for the chin in Singapore:

  • Ellansé©
  • Radiesse©
  • Sculptra©

What Filler Is Best For The Chin?

While technically there isn’t a “best” filler for the chin, there are fillers that are more suitable than the others.

Suitable chin fillers have 3 main characteristics:

  1. A high “G prime” – the gel hardness and how well it withstands pressure and deformation. We require it to be quite hard and keeps to it shape in the chin.
  2. A high cohesiveness – how well the gel sticks together or spread. We want the gel to maintain its mass in one area in the chin.
  3. A high number of cross-linking – the bonds between hyaluronic acid molecules that largely determines how long the filler can last in the body.
Best clinic for chin fillers in Singapore | SL Aesthetic Clinic

At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we prefer to use the Juvéderm VOLUX chin filler. This is because of its high “G prime”, high cohesiveness, and features Juvéderm’s patented VYCROSSⓇ technology that provides a high number of cross-linking between hyaluronic acid molecules for results that can last up to 24 months.

This CE-marked filler is specifically designed by global aesthetic pharmaceutical company Allergan to sculpt the chin and jawline areas.

How Much Filler Do You Need For The Chin?

Chin fillers clinic in Singapore | SL Aesthetic Clinic

Upwards of 2ml of fillers, depending on how much projection and augmentation is required.

Suffice to say, the chin is one of the few areas that Asians probably require more fillers compared to other areas treated with fillers.

Plus, Asian men also typically need a higher amount of chin fillers compared to their female counterparts.

This is because in order to achieve a masculine chin and jawline, more fillers are required to sculpt and broaden the chin.

Comparatively, as Asian women prefer to achieve a slim, V-shaped face, chin filler is typically only required to add some chin projection and definition.

How Long Do Fillers Last In The Chin?

Juvéderm VOLUX filler for the chin lasts for up to 2 years (24 months).

The longevity of fillers depends largely on the cross-linking of the filler in question. Juvéderm VOLUX uses Juvéderm’s patented VYCROSSⓇ technology that has a high number of cross-links between hyaluronic acid molecules.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Chin Filler In Singapore?

Juvéderm VOLUX chin filler starts from $800 per 1ml syringe. This adds up to at least $1,600 for chin filler treatment for women, and from $2,400 for men.

How Is A Chin Filler Treatment Performed?

After you’ve been assessed by the doctor to be suitable, the doctor may make markings on the treatment area. This is a plan to guide the doctor.

Unlike the nose, the chin has fewer nerve endings, which makes for a relatively comfortable filler treatment process. Typically, no topical anaesthetic is required.

The doctor will perform the chin filler treatment via 1 to 3 injection points.

Often, the chin filler treatment is performed together with jawline filler. This ensures that both areas form a smooth and defined lower facial line. This prevents your chin from jutting out like a sore thumb or a “witch’s chin”.

After injecting, the doctor then carefully moulds the filler to achieve a natural-looking result. You will see immediate improvements from the chin fillers.


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No, most patients find chin filler treatments to be well tolerable.

Compared to the nose, lips, or eyes, the chin is not a very delicate area, and typically does not require prior numbing.

Plus, most fillers already contain the anaesthetic lidocaine, which improves the comfort level during treatment.

There may be some sensation or mild discomfort as the needle initially enters your skin. But following that, the treatment is tolerable and has minimal pain.

During the treatment, patients describe the feeling as akin to a dull ache as the filler is injected into the chin area.

Post treatment, it can feel like there’s something foreign in your chin. This is perfectly normal. Over time, this sensation goes away as the filler integrates into your chin and jawline.

Post-treatment, makeup can be applied if desired. You are free to return to your daily activities after.

There is minimal to no significant downtime with chin fillers. However, as with any procedure involving needles and injections, there may be some small prick marks left at the injection sites. These can be easily camouflaged with makeup and will fade away in a day or two.

Some patients may also experience temporary redness, bruising, and swelling in the area. These will also resolve on their own in a few days’ time.

There are little to no side effects with chin filler treatments. Side effects, if any, are usually associated with injection treatments such as redness, bruising, and swelling. These will dissipate in a matter of days for most patients.

Other risks are either rare or theoretical in nature, such as:

  • Allergic reaction to the filler – very unlikely to occur as hyaluronic acid is a substance that our body also produces.
  • Vascular occlusion or blockage of blood vessels – very unlikely as the area of treatment has no major facial artery.
  • Development of lumpiness with fillers – also rare and completely reversible. Sometimes, some lumpiness is encouraged, especially with chin filler treatments for men as they add broadness to the chin. The lumps are usually felt by the patient, but are not noticeable to the naked eye.
  • Movement or migration of the filler – minimised with careful handling of the area typically only required within the first 2 days of treatment.

Only when performed by an untrained person. The same can be said for any medical treatment.

Because the chin area does not have any major facial arteries, there is little to zero risk of vascular occlusion that is sometimes associated with filler treatments.

What goes wrong, if any, is usually the over-filling of the chin area with fillers. This results in an unsightly chin appearance that is either disproportionate to the rest of the face, or makes one look like a “witch”. This can be easily reversed by dissolving the filler with hyaluronidase.

We recommend that patients avoid alcohol for the day of treatment itself. Strenuous exercise should also be avoided for at least 7 days after treatment.

We do not recommend massaging or excessively touching the treatment area for at least 2 days after treatment.

Any healthy adult looking to improve your chin contours and overall facial aesthetic, all without the downtime, risks, and complications that surgery entails.
It is suitable for patients who want to see some degree of chin augmentation, but are not ready for surgery, or for those who want to see the results of an augmented chin before committing to a plastic surgery.

The following circumstances may prove unsuitable for chin fillers:

  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Drastic improvements similar to plastic surgery.
  • Known allergy to any component of the filler, including lidocaine.
  • Susceptibility to scarring.
  • Bleeding disorders.
  • Active inflammation on the site of treatment.
  • Pregnant or nursing

Yes! For many female patients, the goal is to achieve a V-shaped slimmer face. To do this, Botox jaw slimming can be done along with chin fillers for a more pronounced result. Other treatments such as jaw or jawline fillers, HIFU, also help to define the jawline and sculpt the lower half of the face for a slimmer V-shaped face.

For men, Botox jaw slimming can also be performed concurrently to achieve the slimmer jawline similar to that of male K-Pop stars. HIFU, jaw or jawline fillers also help give the jawline more definition.

In our mid- to late-twenties, volume loss begins and that is when we start to look more tired due to the formation of tear trough.

We may even get more people asking if we slept enough. With age, more areas of the face will experience volume loss such as our cheeks, laugh lines and temples. Starting filler treatments early is great as much less fillers is needed to get nice results, compared to starting when we are older because more fillers are needed. For facial features such as a flat chin, it will not get better with age. In fact, it will worsen with age as we lose bone mass.

We encounter many customers who dislike the fillers they inject at other aesthetic clinics or other countries, but very few from our clinic.

The most commonly injected type of fillers is hyaluronic acid based fillers. Should you not like the result of your filler treatment, a medication called hyalase can be injected to dissolve the hyaluronic acid fillers. The fillers will be gone within a day of hyalase injection. 

Fillers are not harmful to our health, even in the long run.

Fillers are commonly made up of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in human skin. So, it is not harmful to us. The filler only stays at the site of injection and integrates well with skin, replacing lost collagen and providing hydration and support from within.

The next time you need filler injections after your first is at least 1 year later, and we will not look worse if we choose to stop.

For best results, we recommend doing it regularly when you start to notice the effect of the fillers diminishing.

Addiction refers to our inability to resist things which are harmful to us such as alcohol and smoking. Filler treatments are not addictive because we can choose to stop treatments at any time. People look forward to regular filler treatments because it makes us look our best.

In fact, we can choose to stop filler treatments at any time. So we will not be addicted because it is not harmful for our health, but in fact, fillers can help us look our best without going for surgery.

Looking fake and unnatural is a valid concern, but our doctors aim to only replace the volume you have lost from ageing so that you will look natural but noticeably fresher.

Fillers injection is an art and no two faces are the same. When our doctors use fillers to sculpt your face, they are improving the beauty ratio of your face so that you look more ideal.

You will only look fake if our doctors go beyond what is ideal, and this does not happen at SL Clinic.

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