Face Thread Lift

Non-surgical facelift Singapore

What is a face thread lift? Read about this treatment in Singapore

If you want a younger V-shaped face but want to avoid any surgical procedures, then SL Aesthetic Clinic’s non-surgical facelift treatment is a solution you can consider!

Face thread lift explained

Put simply, a face thread lift or thread lift treatment involves lifting effects to the skin and promotes collagen production to improve skin elasticity. Moreover, threads can be placed in the Nose Bridge or Nose Tip for lift and definition; think higher nose bridge and sharper nose tip!

A Thread Lift is a means to reverse the look of sagging skin, a natural phenomenon of ageing. Through the use of surgical sutures being introduced into certain areas of the face including the brows, nose, cheeks and neck, the procedure can lift and tighten the skin by gathering the threads in the area. These threads feature minute hooks and barbs that catch and lift the skin. It’s like a facelift without the associated invasiveness and downtime.

When you choose SL Aesthetic Clinic, our aesthetic treatment with Thread Lifting focuses on sculpting and improving problematic areas on the face like the nose, cheeks and temples. You can look forward to a V-shape face, a sharper, more defined nose, improved appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, as well as firmer skin.

Our team of aesthetic doctors will provide their advice on a suitable procedure for the face and nose augmentation with thread lift treatments.

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Non-Surgical Facelift explained Singapore


How does thread lift work?

Threads are introduced under the skin via a single needle. The threads can stimulate blood circulation and collagen production, which can result in tighter and more lifted skin.

What are the areas that can be treated with thread lift?

Thread Lift can be used to lift and improve the appearance of sagging skin in the jowls, cheeks, brows, double chin, neck. It can also be used to heighten the Nose Bridge and sharpen the Nose Tip.

Is a thread lift right for me?

The people who may benefit the most from Thread Lifting are those the middle age and those looking to eliminate laugh lines, wrinkles and other fine lines. The treatment works best if the signs of ageing are subtle as an alternative solution to Botox and Fillers.

Patients with stubby noses will also benefit from the heightening, and sharpening effects of Threads.

When are the results visible? (Results can vary by the individual)

For a Face Thread Lift, you can see immediate improvements as the threads works on lifting it mechanically. In approximately 1 to 3 months, you may see an improvement of skin complexion with a smoother texture. In about 3 to 6 months: Firming of sagging skin tissues, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. In approximately 6 to 18 months: Full results of the treatment are apparent; skin is taut and supple with a youthful quality.

For a Nose Thread Lift, results are immediate as the threads give your nose immediate mechanical definition and support. Once any swelling has resolved, you will be able to see the final results, which can last anywhere from 6 to 9 months depending on the individual.

When can I expect during the treatment?

The Thread Lift procedure can be completed under and hour and a half or less, with the need to administer a local anaesthetic.

What are the risks or possible side effects?

Some complications can include slight bruising and swelling. As with any procedure or treatment, results and side effects can vary by individual.

[15 Dec 2019] Written by Dr. Charlene Goh

Dr. Charlene Goh – The Fashionista
MBChB, Scotland; Dip Practical Dermatology, Wales

Having obtained her medical degree in Scotland, Dr Charlene Goh returned home to Singapore, where she practised in several major hospitals and in various departments. But her education did not stop there.

From a young age, Charlene has had a strong interest in skincare and beauty trends. Urged by Dr Kelvin Chua to pursue her passion, Charlene went away to study Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University in Wales.

Not one to rest on her laurels, she returned home and picked up certifications from various aesthetic organisations.

Now armed with the proper certifications and experience, Charlene is adept at a wide range of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures such as laser treatments, dermal fillers, botulinum toxin injections, etc.

A firm believer in presenting one’s best self, Charlene hopes to help others achieve confidence through a holistic approach; a wholesome combination of a healthy lifestyle and diet, complemented by clinically proven aesthetic treatments.

Charlene is a self-confessed beauty junkie and fashionista, and will happily discuss the latest trends with friends and patients.

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