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Our outlets will be closed from 26 Mar (Tue) to 27 Mar (Wed) for our annual team bonding event. We will resume operations on 28 Mar (Thu).
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Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster

Combination treatments are not uncommon in aesthetic medicine, especially if you have multiple skin concerns. But with so many types of lasers and injectables available, it can be confusing to decide which one(s) to choose.

Introducing Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster, an SL Aesthetic Clinic proprietary treatment consisting of a medley of botulinum toxin type A, hyaluronic acid, tranexamic acid (TXA), amino acids and vitamins.

It can be used to treat common skin conditions such as acne and dry skin, ultimately leading to the attainment of improved skin quality. [Refer below for full list of conditions]

What is Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster?

Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster is a treatment designed by the doctors at SL Aesthetic Clinic for healthier skin. Specifically, it aims to address multiple skin concerns simultaneously, as our doctors found that most patients want a solution that can give them the best results in the quickest possible amount of time.

Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster is a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, TXA, Botulinum Toxin Type A, amino acids and vitamins. These ingredients work synergistically to address a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Dry skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Pores
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Saggy skin

How does Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster Work?

Ingredient Purpose
Hyaluronic acid (HA)
Tranexamic acid (TXA)
Botulinum Toxin Type A [Microbotox Technique] 
  • Small amounts of specially formulated botulinum toxin are injected into the skin’s surface to target sweat and oil glands
  • By targeting the oil glands, oil production and subsequently pores and acne are reduced. They also target tiny muscle fibres attached to the skin, releasing the tension they exert on the skin and improving skin texture as a result. 
Amino acids

Benefits of Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster

  • Multifaceted treatment with synergistic effects
  • Improves skin health and quality
  • Treats a wide range of skin concerns and is entirely customisable to your skin type
  • Non invasive with no downtime
  • Reduces pores, acne, oily skin and dry skin
  • Improves pigmentation and rosacea

How is Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster Administered?

Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster is an injectable treatment; it is administered in traditional skinbooster fashion à la micro injections. One will also thus enjoy the benefits akin to a light microneedling session.

The treatment will be entirely customised to your individual skin type and concern.

Is Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster Safe?

Yes, our Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster is very safe and suitable for most patients.

How Much is Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster?

Prices start from $600.


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Because the composition of the skin booster will depend on your particular skin needs, the duration for results can vary. Most patients however, will begin to see results in the first 1 to 2 weeks with progressive results seen even after 2 months after therapy.
Because the composition of the skin booster will depend on your particular skin needs, the number and intervals between treatments can vary. Generally, patients will require about 3 sessions spaced 1 month apart for most indications. It is recommended to have maintenance sessions done every 6 months to maintain the improved skin quality.

Our Glass Skin Customised Skinbooster treatment is suitable for most people, is low-risk, and is generally well-tolerated. However, it should be avoided if:

  • You have a skin infection
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have a neurological or muscular disorder
  • You have a known allergy or sensitivity to botulinum toxin/tranexamic acid

During your consultation, let your aesthetic doctor know if you experience any of these circumstances, and inform them of any medication you are currently on. Some medications may interact with botulinum toxin, and your doctor will be able to advise you of any contraindications.

Side effects may include minor bruising, swelling, or temporary redness at the injection sites. Serious complications are rare.

Concerns about HA injections and embolisation risk is also negligible. Injections are done by trained medical professionals only into safe regions and far away from vessels with significant risk of embolisation.

There will be tiny blips/bumps in the skin after the treatment, but they should subside within an hour. There is no downtime and you can resume your daily activities after.

There will be slight discomfort. But with generous use of numbing cream, most patients tolerate the procedure well without any significant discomfort.

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