Double Chin Removal

double chin removal Singapore

A double chin; a source of embarrassment and distress for many. You’re not alone, we understand.

Prevalent in overweight individuals, they can also be seen in otherwise healthy individuals, although not as common. Factors other than excessive fat that may lead to the formation of a double chin are age and genetics.

Factors That Cause The Formation Of Double Chins


A double chin forms when a subcutaneous layer of fat around your neck sags, resulting in a conspicuous wrinkle. Some individuals suffer from a hereditary predisposition to them. Other families naturally retain more water in the chin area, while others naturally store excess fat. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with good genes that give them slimmer faces.


As you age, you lose muscle. This is known as Sarcopenia. The muscles around your face also weaken leading to the skin in the area growing looser. This results in a build-up of skin tissues and fats around your face which cause the appearance of saggy skin and the formation of a double chin.


The major cause of double chins is an excessive store of body fat. Discounting age and genetics, overweight individuals have the highest probability of suffering from this embarrassing condition. Overeating leads to a huge list of health and aesthetic concerns – the development of a double chin is one of them. They are a sign of overeating and poor health. It implies a bad diet and unhealthy eating habits which have led to weight gain.

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Price List

ProcedurePrice EstimateAvailability
HIFU V Sculpting
Suitable for non-invasive lifting and improvement of the appearance double chin
$700-$1000All clinics
Liposuction for Double Chin
Suitable for invasive, relatively more drastic tightening and improvement of the double chin
From $3000Wheelock Place
Chin Filler
Suitable for minimally invasive sharpening of the face. Brands available include Boletero, Juvederm and Restylene.
$700-$1200All clinics


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