Stubborn Fat Removal

stubborn fat

Stubborn fat

Stubborn fat, while not technically a medical term, is generally considered as that last bit of fat you want to lose to achieve your goals. It’s often what holds you back from developing muscle definition in your abs, slimming your buttocks, or getting rid of flabby arms.

Stubborn fats are, as the name implies, difficult to remove – which makes them really really annoying!

People carry excess fat in various ways. Men tend to accumulate them in the mid-section, while women store excess fats on their hips, thighs and buttocks. These areas tend to be problematic. While working out, people tend to concentrate on those troubled areas and neglect other parts of the body which can lead to unequal distribution of fat and muscles.

People also respond to diet and exercise in different ways. There’s always that one person who can shed fat with little effort, while others struggle to do so despite exercising and eating healthily. Don’t you just hate those guys who have it easy?

Stubborn Fat

Facts about stubborn fat that you may not know

Research shows that once past adolescence, the number of fat cells in your body stays the same for the rest of your life.

When you lose “weight” or reduce your body fat through conventional means such as dieting and exercise, what really happens is the amount of fat in your fat cells is reduced. The fat cells are still there. Unless, of course, you remove them with fat busting procedures.

Price List

(may vary by the individual)
Fotona TightSculpt Laser Lipo
Suitable for non-invasive fat reduction on a wide range of areas including face and body
$1000-$1500 depending on treatment area• Junction 8
• Jurong Point
• Plaza Singapura
• Westgate
Suitable for non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring
$200-$250 per squarePlaza Singapura
Suitable for invasive, relatively more drastic body contouring
From $5000Wheelock Place
Fat Transfer
Suitable for invasive body contouring and body enhancement
From $10000Wheelock Place
[12 Nov 2019] Written by Dr. Ashley Yuen

Dr. Ashley Yuen – The Athlete
MBBS, London

Dr Ashley Yuen obtained his medical degree from King’s College, London. He returned to Singapore where he honed his medical and surgical skills across various specialities and disciplines, before focusing on accident & emergency medicine and aesthetic medicine.

Ashley’s passion for aesthetic medicine stems from a desire to enhance one’s physiological wellness and esteem, and boost one’s self-confidence and quality of life. He sees a strong link between good emotional and physical well-being and is committed to helping patients look better and feel better.

With Ashley’s experience in patient care and aesthetics, he has an interest in using traditional aesthetic treatments to solve lifestyle and health ailments such as bruxism, skin tag, lumps and mole removal, skin pigmentation as well as in improving aesthetics using injectables like fillers.

A national rugby player and a model in his youth, Ashley can be found at the gym pumping iron. Happily married, he is a proud fur-father of two schnauzers.

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