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MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength

People who struggle with hair loss want solutions that can grow their hair and regain its fullness. While plenty of hair supplements are available on the market, it’s essential to choose one that’s effective and safe. MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is one such option. 

What is MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength?

MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is a hair nutrition supplement formulated with key ingredients to promote hair growth. These ingredients include KSM-66 Winter Cherry and Curcumin Bio-max, two extensively researched ingredients shown to reduce stress-induced hair loss.

MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength nourishes the hair follicles, reduces hair loss, and promotes a healthy scalp. It is only available exclusively in clinics and should not be confused with MIRIQA® Hair Nutrition Supplement, which can be purchased over the counter. 

How does MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength work?

The various ingredients in MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength target the following root causes of hair loss. 


Stress significantly contributes to hair loss. It causes hair follicles to shift from a growth stage to a rest stage. Stress disrupts hormones and nutrient absorption, causing hair loss and impacting growth. KSM-66 Winter Cherry addresses this issue by reducing cortisol levels, helping build the hair’s resistance against hair loss. 


DHT is a natural hormone that can shrink hair follicles, making the hair shafts thinner. Saw Palmetto and Curcumin Bio-max work synergistically to inhibit DHT and prevent the miniaturisation of hair follicles. 


Essential nutrients lacking in food intake may prevent hair follicles from getting the nourishment they need. Tripeptide collagen and the super antioxidants Tocotrienol and Curcumin Bio-max nourish hair follicles and promote a healthy scalp. 


The scalp loses collagen and elastin with age. This structural breakdown eliminates critical components of the scalp that protect, hydrate and replenish nutrients necessary for hair growth. As a result, the hair becomes shorter, weaker and less pigmented.

Keratin Forte provides structural building blocks for healthy hair, while Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is an essential micronutrient that contributes to beautiful hair and skin. 

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The benefits of MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength

Promotes hair growth: MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength stimulates hair follicles, encouraging the growth of thicker, stronger hair.

  • Prevents hair loss: By reducing cortisol and preventing the miniaturisation of hair follicles, MIRIQA® helps prevent further hair thinning.
  • Improves hair quality: Regular use of MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength results in stronger and shinier hair, improving overall hair quality.
  • Nourishes the scalp: The supplement nourishes the scalp, forming an ideal environment for healthy hair growth.

What results can I expect from MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength?

  • Reduction in hair loss
  • Stronger nails that grow faster
  • Increased scalp coverage and thicker hair shafts
  • Darker, healthier-looking hair

What is the difference between MIRIQA® and MIRIQA® Extra Strength?

While MIRIQA® Hair and MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength are designed to support hair growth and health, the Extra Strength variant is formulated for clinics with two new ingredients (Winter Cherry Extract and Circumin) and in general contains a higher concentration of all ingredients.

MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is available at SL Aesthetic Clinic

MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is a complete solution for people struggling with hair loss, harnessing the power of clinically proven ingredients to promote hair growth and reduce shedding.

MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength is available at SL Aesthetic Clinic, a skin and hair care solutions provider. Contact us to purchase MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength today. 


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Take two capsules of MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength anytime with meals.

We recommend consuming MIRIQA® Hair for six months to see positive results. However, many notice improvements within the first two months, such as:

  • reduction in hair loss
  • stronger nails that grow faster
  • increased scalp coverage and thicker hair shafts
  • darker, healthier-looking hair

Whether or not your hair loss returns after stopping MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength depends on what caused it in the first place. If your hair loss was due to temporary issues like stress or hormonal imbalances, stopping the supplement won’t affect your progress. But if the reasons for your hair loss continue, stopping MIRIQA® Hair may lead to your hair thinning again over time. 

If you’re happy with the results and feel your hair loss has stabilised, you can switch to taking just one capsule per day to maintain your progress.

MIRIQA® Hair, being 100% drug-free, is generally safe to consume. As with any supplement, it is best to consult a doctor before starting MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength, especially if you are taking medications or have underlying health conditions.

MIRIQA® Hair is suitable for men and women over the age of 18. It is not recommended if you are allergic to the active ingredients or for women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. Please consult your healthcare provider for advice. 

For individuals with dietary restrictions, MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength does not contain porcine ingredients, but it has yet to be halal-certified. Additionally, this supplement is unsuitable for vegetarians as the collagen is derived from fish.

MIRIQA® enhances hair health through multiple pathways, such as lowering DHT levels, fortifying the scalp and mitigating stress-related hair loss. On the other hand, Nourkrin® primarily concentrates on supplying essential proteins and nutrients directly to the hair follicles to stimulate growth.

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