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What are the Conditions that Profhilo Treatment in Singapore Treats?

Profhilo is an injectable skin treatment that is often known as a form of ‘injectable skincare’. Profhilo treatment areas can target the facial regions, including the eyes. Profhilo for hands is also another effective way to use Profhilo injections for an overall more youthful appearance. However, despite being a safe treatment to help address ageing skin, many people do not understand what Profhilo treatment is, why they are effective, and what are the types of conditions that can be treated with Profhilo.

One way that Profhilo treatments in Singapore can be explained so that it is understood better is by comparing it to hydrating skincare. Most of us, if not all, use skincare to hydrate our skin for a more glowing look and to prevent the feeling of dry, itchy skin. Hydrating skincare also works to serve as a barrier against the environment, such as a cold office air conditioning system or dry, sunny weather, to prevent loss of water through the skin.

These moisturising serums or creams are applied to the surface layer of the skin for it to be effective. In comparison, Profhilo injections work by increasing the hydration levels within the skin layers itself. It does not evaporate away from the surface of the skin or is not wiped away at the end of the day, like hydrating creams and serums. Instead, its high hyaluronic acid content which spreads below the surface of the skin acts to plump up the skin layers and stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin naturally over time.


Why Profhilo Skin Injections?

When choosing the right skin treatment for your skin, it is important to be well-versed with what the treatment actually is and its benefits. This is so that you can identify whether your skin and whether you are the right candidate for that treatment. Profhilo skin injections are often well-liked and well-tolerated by many of the population due to a myriad of benefits!

1. Biocompatibility – Generally accepted by most bodies

Biocompatibility simply means how well the treatment and the materials that it is made out of will be compatible for your skin. This refers also to how well your body will adapt to the treatment, or reject it. Profhilo injections consist of a low and high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (L-HA and H-HA). The L-HA is released slowly from the hybrid complexes, which reduces the chances of the body producing an inflammatory response to something being introduced into the body (the hyaluronic acid via injection to the skin).

The lack of additive agents like BDDE (1,4-butanedial diglycidyl) also contributes to its safety and biocompatibility – less additive agents means less risk of your body reacting to a foreign material. Unless you are having an allergy to hyaluronic acid, there is very minimal risk of an adverse reaction in all Profhilo treatment areas.

2. Longevity – Stable with reduced degradation over time

The Profhilo NYAHCO technology provides a stable form of hyaluronic acid in high concentration. The stability of it comes from its formulation whereby the thermal cross-linking results in the formation of hybrid hyaluronic acid complexes, where there is the combination of L-HA and H-HA. The main advantage of this is longevity as hybrid hyaluronic acid complexes are more stable and can last in the skin for about 28 days from the first injection set.

3. Effective – Hydration with improved skin lifting.

This hybrid of hyaluronic acid compounds also gives an added advantage: Hydration with remodelling. Hydration happens because the hyaluronic acid that is injected into the dermis is ‘hydrophilic’. This means that it is highly attracted to water, and water begins to be drawn up to the areas where HA is injected. Hence, Profhilo hydrates the skin from the inside out. The ‘lifting’ effect happens from the increased hydration and also because Profhilo stimulates the regeneration of Type I, II, IV, and VII collagen, which are necessary for skin elasticity and mechanical strength.

4. Safe – Minimal downtime, risks, and side effects

All injectable treatments do carry the risk of some swelling and bruising over the injection sites, but an advantage of Profhilo is its minimal injection sites (10 in total over the face or the neck) and the use of a small 29g TW needle. This usually ensures that any swelling or redness after the treatment is small, similar to mosquito bites, and can easily be covered up by makeup. Not having any BDDE cross-linking in Profhilo treatments in Singapore also makes sure that there is minimal risk of lumps under the skin. Since side effects are so minimal, an individual can normally return to their daily activities without downtime (aside from avoiding excessive strenuous activity for a couple of days).

5. Multiple Profhilo treatment areas – Can be used over eyes, face, neck, hands

An advantage of choosing Profhilo is that it can be used over multiple treatment areas. When Profhilo is used around the eyes and mouth regions, it helps to smoothen out deep wrinkles or fine lines to create a more youthful appearance. Profhilo for hands is also quite a popular treatment as the sagging skin around our hands is usually the first tell-tale sign of ageing!

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Conditions that Profhilo Treatment Is Used In

Profhilo treats conditions in those who are looking for preventative and restorative treatment of their skin.

‘Preventative’ conditions means those who have not yet experience significant ageing signs, but would like to boost their skin in advance:

  • Younger age group
  • Naturally dehydrated skin causing fine lines

Profhilo also mainly helps in conditions that need more ‘restorative’ care:

  • Individual is more mature
  • Has deeper wrinkles and sagging skin from collagen degradation
  • A lack of ‘glow’ due to loss of hydration levels
  • Problem areas are the face, jowls, neck, hands

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You don’t need to wait till wrinkles become evident to try Profhilo treatments! Profhilo is suitable for anyone wanting to keep their skin hydrated and healthy without the use of fillers. If you are interested in Profhilo skin treatments, then drop us an email at our enquiry page to contact us for more information, or call to book a consultation with us at one of our clinics in Singapore!

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