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Filler Augmentation Types and Its Effect

Filler Augmentation Singapore

The public demand for beauty services has increased over the years, and there are several advancements in the types of cosmetic procedures available to meet this demand. Among the main essentials for such beauty-enhancing services are those which allow for less down-time, less invasive surgical techniques, and quicker aesthetic results. An example of those are fillers, or filler augmentation as it is known in the medical world. The most common areas targeted in filler augmentation are the face fillers which include the cheekbones (also known as the ‘malar eminence’), the nose, chin, and forehead. Other parts of the body may undergo filler augmentation, such as in breast augmentation. Filler augmentation can also include dermal fillers to improve the skin condition, all of which will be discussed further down below.

To understand the phrase ‘filler augmentation’, we can look at the two words that make up the phrase. ‘Filler’ indicates the material that is used to ‘fill’ the targeted region; and ‘augmentation’ refers to the increase in volume that the filler aims to achieve. This increase in popularity for filler augmentation is contributed to the fact that good midfacial volume is one of the key contributors to a youthful look – having the right amount of fat in the right areas of the face serves to keep a person looking young! This usually means having more volume in the areas of the cheeks, or cheekbone regions, which is why filler augmentation in Singapore remains a popular choice.

This article will discuss the different types of filler augmentation options available and its effects so you can have a better understanding of this minimally invasive procedure.

  • What actually are fillers?
  • How does filler augmentation work?
  • What are the different types of filler augmentation, and its effects?

Continue reading on to find out more!

What Are Fillers?

As mentioned above, the word ‘filler’ indicates the material that is used to ‘fill’ or be injected into the targeted region such as the midface region (the cheeks, or malar regions), the nose, forehead, chin, et cetera, to add volume to the facial areas. The gel-like materials often used in fillers are divided into: collagen, hyaluronic, or silicon. There is a variation in between those different fillers as well, depending on the brands and molecular weights.

The type of filler that is chosen will depend on the individual’s needs after a doctor’s consultation to identify the area and depth of fillers to be used as different brands have different advantages and disadvantages. Collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers usually last around 9 to 12 months or even longer, depending on the individual; and silicon fillers are usually permanent but with different types of risks. The areas for filler augmentation also matters. In facial areas like the nose, chin, cheeks, and foreheads, a heavier molecular filler will be used to fill the depressions or augmentation. In more superficial areas like fine lines around the eyes or for lip fillers, a lighter molecular filler can be used.

The following are common temporary and dissolvable HA fillers choices used in Singapore:

  • Juvéderm® VOLUX
  • Restylane® Lyft
  • Belotero© Volume
  • Teosyal© Ultra Deep

The following are common non-hyaluronic acid semi-permanent fillers choices in Singapore:

  • Ellansé©
  • Radiesse©
  • Sculptra©

How Does Filler Augmentation Work?

As we get older, the combination of skin sagging, acne scarring and wrinkle formation in the face and neck results in an aged appearance. This happens as the amount of collagen and elastin present in the skin decreases in its production over time, causing a loss in volume and the hollowing out of the midface or ‘drooping cheeks’ that classically comes along with ageing. Gravity, muscle or fat atrophy in the face and lifestyle factors like diet or smoking can also affect elasticity of the skin.

As such, filler augmentation or face fillers in Singapore remains a popular choice when it comes to improving the appearance of youthful and healthy skin over the years. It serves to plump up the areas that start to droop or depress in a natural-looking way. Another benefit of HA fillers also is that aside from its natural appearance, it can be dissolved by a special solution in case there are any unwanted side-effects or if the individual dislikes the appearance. However, it must be noted that face fillers CANNOT return a person to their youth permanently and one must have realistic expectations of the procedure.

The collagen or HA that is commonly used in filler augmentation are naturally occurring, meaning that they are also naturally produced and absorbed in the body. It is not a permanent procedure when they are used as fillers, such as in lip fillers, as the body absorbs the filler over time. An added benefit is that when absorption happens, some research suggests that the body also builds its own collagen to supplement the treatment. A regular schedule of injections as the filler reduces over time may be recommended to maintain your aesthetic goals.

Types of Filler Augmentation and Its Effects

There are different types of filler augmentation possible in Singapore, which include dermal fillers, facial augmentation fillers, and also body fillers. It can be used to shape contours on the face or body, or to fill up facial depressions such as those caused by acne scars.

Dermal Fillers (Skinboosters)

  • What is itSkinboosters are a type of anti-ageing skin solution provided by our team at SL Aesthetic Clinic. Skinboosters is a procedure that injects HA into the skin to increase skin hydration and glow, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • How it works: An injector gun, which delivers a series of fast microinjections into the skin surface, delivers a controlled and uniform amount of HA throughout the targeted area. This stable form of microinjections helps to minimise downtime. Treatment is recommended every 6 months to maintain HA levels for an elastic, firm, and smooth skin appearance.
  • Who can benefit: Those with severe wrinkling or stubborn scars will benefit from our Skinboosters as the HA will help to fill up the depressed skin areas with more volume, improving the skin complexion.

Facial Augmentation Fillers

The use of face fillers is to achieve a youthful look and improve the natural contours of the face which may start to droop or sag as ageing occurs. Usually, a topical anaesthetic cream or a local anaesthetic injection is given to the targeted areas before a filler procedure is done. This is to minimise any discomfort felt during the procedure, which requires the use of needles.

Forehead Fillers

Forehead fillers are considered when there are several forehead features that may appear more ‘aged’ or ‘masculine’: A boxy hairline, having a backwards sloping forehead, or having wrinkles across the forehead and in the middle of the eyebrows. Forehead fillers will target such features to create a more feminine oval shape, and to smoothen out the wrinkle grooves. A HA-based filler is usually recommended before deciding on a semi-permanent non-HA solution in the future, as it can be dissolved should an individual want to change the results. As the HA filler disappears over time, an individual can decide if they would like to perform the procedure again.

Permanent Nose Filler

Nose fillers are a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty (surgery that changes the shape of the nose). Height and volume can be added to the targeted nose bridge or nose tip, creating a higher and better-defined shape or contour. This is usually preferred in individuals who may have a ‘stubby’ nose (nose tip is not defined, or flattened), or in those who are not satisfied with the height of the nose bridge (it may look short and low, sinking downwards). Similar to forehead fillers, a HA-based filler is usually preferred compared to semi-permanent fillers which can only be removed surgically, and an individual has enough time to decide if they like the filler results or not. A HA-based filler can last about 9-12 months and a repeat procedure which is safe to do can be done as the fillers dissolve naturally.

Cheek Fillers

‘Hound dog’ cheeks can be a nightmare of ageing, and Asian women tend to have more sagging in the midface region. This sagging happens as the natural collagen and hyaluronic acid in the face decreases, causing the overlying skin to droop downwards when there isn’t enough volume underneath to plump up the skin. Cheek fillers help to increase the lost volume and lift up the midface region to create a more symmetrical ‘apple cheeks’ appearance. It can last up to 18 months, depending on the individual. Normally, it is possible to return to work or normal activities right after the filler procedure but may possibly experience some minor swelling.

Chin Fillers

Although chin fillers may not be as widely-known as nose or lip fillers, its effect on the face can be tremendous in creating an aesthetically pleasing facial profile. Chin fillers have to be carefully planned to create a slim V-shaped look (in the case of insufficient sharpness) or to improve the appearance of a ‘weak’ or retracted chin. Chin fillers are usually accompanied by jawline fillers to help create a more balanced and continuous facial line. It is also a popular choice among men to create the image of a strong jawline and more prominent chin. One good thing to consider with chin fillers is that there are no major facial arteries that run along the chin, making it a very minimally-risky procedure. This looks more natural and prevents the chin filler from protruding out too much. It may last for longer – up to 24 months – but the amount of filler used may be more.

Body Fillers

Body Fillers

In SL Aesthetic Clinic, a non-surgical form of body augmentation procedure is used, called Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT). It is also known as ‘Fat Grafting’ or ‘Microlipoinjection’. As the name suggests, autologous fat transfer is a procedure that transfers fat from areas where there may be excessive amounts of fat (such as the outer thighs) into other areas that are lacking in volume. This is often used in the breast or buttocks as a form of breast fillers or buttock augmentation/shaping, but can also be used around the face or other parts of the body. It can even be used to plump up the appearance of hands which have a wrinkled or sagging appearance over time.

AFT’s added benefit over implants is that since it uses the individual’s own fat tissues, an adverse allergic reaction is usually rare compared to surgical implants. Compared with implants as well, AFT has a shorter downtime with minimal incisions. However, compared to pre-packaged dermal fillers, AFT requires more time for preparation. It requires time to prepare the fat tissue before transference, hence the doctor has to ensure that an individual is a good candidate for AFT. This often means someone who has enough donor sites for the transfer, and is someone who does not have any circulation problems.

Experience the Beauty of Filler Augmentation in Singapore Today

As the decision to alter any facial or body features can be a big and impactful one, we always encourage our clients to make a well-informed decision. This is why we believe in a proper consultation to fully understand your goals and expectations with one of our certified professionals. This also allows us to fully explain to you the available options as one filler or procedure may be more suited for you, and also gives us time to thoroughly explain any potential risks or areas of concern.

Schedule a consultation with our medical team at one of our branches near you by calling and booking an appointment here. Our medical team is always ready to help you begin your journey to a more youthful looking skin and body today!

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