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What You Should Know About Cheek Filler Swelling and Aftercare

By SL Aesthetic Clinic
What You Should Know About Cheek Filler Swelling and Aftercare

Cheek fillers are one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed. These cheek fillers help patients to have more volume in the area near the cheekbones, giving them a better defined facial structure. Some patients find cheek fillers in Singapore a great way to give themselves a more youthful, rested and more contoured look.

However, this additional volume is introduced to the underlying layers of skin via injections, so it is possible that this procedure creates unwanted discomfort and swelling in the area of treatment. If you are thinking of having cheek fillers, or have just undergone this particular type of treatment, here are the ins and outs of cheek filler aftercare.

Things to Avoid After Cheek Filler

Getting a cheek filler treatment is a generally low-risk procedure with minimal recovery time. However, there are certain things you should be aware of after the procedure.

Avoid Exercise

void Exercise

As cheek fillers take time to settle in and take shape, avoiding exercise is important. It can take up to 2 weeks for the fillers to settle in, so avoid repetitive movement that is impactful in nature. Remember that the heat and perspiration can also cause unwanted inflammation at the injection site. At the very least, you should hold off strenuous exercise for the first 48 hours.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol consumption will not affect how the cheek filler looks in the future. However, alcohol can thin the blood and cause blood vessels to dilate, which can lead to heavier bruising and swelling at the injection site. It is best to steer clear from drinking alcohol for the first 72 hours after a cheek filler treatment in Singapore.

Avoid Sun Exposure and Heat

Avoid Sun Exposure and Heat

Sun exposure after filler treatment is to be avoided as much as possible. During normal times, sun exposure is responsible for skin damage, and this does not change with the introduction of cheek fillers. If possible, stay out of the sun for at least a week after filler treatment as sun exposure can affect the skin’s healing process. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can also degrade hyaluronic acid, which is a key ingredient found in many fillers.

It is also recommended that saunas, sunbeds, spray tanning and sunbathing should be avoided for one week after filler treatment, as the heat from these activities can affect the settling of the filler.

Avoid Touching The Face

Touching your face, especially near or at the injection site, can cause transmission of unwanted bacteria, which can consequently cause an infection. Additionally, you should avoid placing makeup around the injection site for at least a day after your treatment. This also means you should avoid AHA, retinol and oil-based makeup.

Finally, try not to rub or apply pressure at the area where filler was introduced so that the filler settles in properly. You should try to sleep on your back whenever possible to avoid undue pressure on the treated area.

Pain Relief

Generally, cheek fillers only give mild pain after treatment. If there was numbing cream applied during the treatment, the pain can get marginally worse after the effects of the numbing cream wears off. Some fillers also come with a mild anaesthetic which helps to numb the skin during the procedure. To deal with this mild discomfort, you can take basic, over-the-counter painkillers like paracetamol. Your doctor might also prescribe anti-inflammatory medication accordingly. This mild pain and tenderness should not last for more than a few days.

Swelling Relief

Swelling Relief

Should you have swelling, you can apply a cold compress onto the affected area for a short period every hour. This cold compress should be regularly used to reduce swelling through the first day post-treatment. You should also drink plenty of fluids, as staying hydrated helps you deal with inflammation.

Additionally, keeping your head elevated will allow gravity to do its work, pulling excess fluid away from the area to reduce swelling. Finally, you can consider using an antihistamine like Zyrtec or Claritin to reduce the swelling.

Bruising Relief

Bruising can be countered before and after your procedure. Before the injection, avoid alcohol or green teas as they act as vasodilators which help your blood vessels to open up and relax. This can lead to increase bruising risks.

After injection, you can use Arnica, a plant that helps to reduce bruising and swelling. Arnica has been used for centuries to treat bruising and swelling, and comes in both capsule and topical forms to treat bruising.

Eating fresh pineapple after the cheek filler injections can also help decrease the severity and duration of bruising. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, has anti-inflammatory properties that help with reduction of bruising.

If you need to resolve bruising quickly, a vascular laser can be used on the site. However, there is a waiting time period of 2 weeks before undergoing this treatment, as the filler needs to fully integrate with the skin tissue and any initial swelling or redness needs to subside first . The filler can also cause blood vessels to become more visible, making them more susceptible to damage from the laser.


Rubbing and pressing on the site is not recommended in the first few days after treatment. It is likely that your doctor will advise you to avoid massaging the areas treated with filler right after treatment. However, you can do a gentle massage on the affected area after the pain and tenderness has subsided, and if you have the green light from the doctor to do so. You should never apply excess pressure on the treated area without first consulting your doctor.

We Can Help!

Applying fillers to the cheeks and other parts of the face requires technique and skills, tailored to each unique individual. If you want to undergo cheek filler treatments in Singapore , you can consider getting a detailed examination here at SL Aesthetic Clinic. Our doctors can help customise a suitable treatment plan based on your skin type and condition.

If you looking to improve the contours of your face, SL Aesthetic Clinic can provide you with the necessary diagnosis and treatment to alleviate your aesthetic concerns. Call us now at 6235 3246, or Whatsapp us at 9850 7112.

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