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How Chin Fillers Help You Achieve The Ideal V-Shape Face

By SL Aesthetic Clinic
How Chin Fillers Help You Achieve The Ideal V-Shape Face

While most of us are aware of the more common aesthetic procedures such as facial lasers, Botox, and even thread lifts, we might not have heard about chin fillers as much. Fillers are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to improve their facial features, and has even been rated by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as the second most common non-surgical aesthetic procedure 5 years ago!

That number has probably increased by now as the popularity of filler injections has increased amongst celebrities, famous YouTubers, and influencers. While nose and cheek fillers are commonly talked about and seen, chin fillers in Singapore are one type of facial filler that might not get the recognition it deserves. From the correction of age-related facial changes to the optimisation of facial proportions, chin fillers can go a long way to achieve a V-shaped face.

What Is A V-Shaped Face?

As ageing occurs, some complex but predictable changes occur in our facial regions. Collagen and elastic concentrations in our skin tissues begin to decrease in its production, which causes a loss in volume and bounciness as they function primarily to provide structural support within the skin’s extracellular matrix. The structure of collagen is reminiscent of a rope of three chains that wind around each other, forming a collagen ‘triple helix’. This structure gives collagen its strength, and supports a smooth and firm appearance while a person is still young. This extracellular matrix also helps to retain water and hydration in our skin.

As a person becomes older, the collagen helices begin to lose their stability and strength, leading to loss of volume in our skin and sagging cheeks and jawline. Other external factors also accelerate this process, such as excessive sunlight exposure and alcohol intake, environmental pollution, tobacco or smoking habits, and nutritional deficiencies. Weight fluctuations and even gravity can cause sagging! An unfortunate side effect of this is the loss of a youthful V-shape looking face.

The Ideal V-shaped Proportion

A squarer looking jawline can be genetically inherited, as well as a small chin. This can contribute to the loss of the ideal V-shaped looking lower face. But what exactly is a V-shaped face?

For females, this can look like a more feminine and contoured look of their face. Instead of a sharp jawline that angles downwards, it looks more like rosy apple-shaped cheeks which taper smoothly down towards the chin, creating a softer curve of the cheek to the chin.

A narrower angle between the posterior line of the ear and jaw towards the chin creates a more masculine and squarer look in females; a wider angle can cause the image of a chin that tends to protrude forwards, giving a longer and narrower look. 

Similarly to females, the angle between the ear and temple towards the chin also affects how masculine their face looks. However, for men, their aesthetic goals may be to create a stronger angle of the jawline instead of a softer curve from cheek to chin. They may want to accentuate their chin a little more as well, to balance out a strong jawline.

Options To Achieve A V-Shaped Face

There are several options on the market to achieve a V-shaped face. Some of them are temporary in effect, some are more permanent.

Chin and jaw sheet masks

You might have seen these advertised on beauty websites! These face masks wrap around the jaw and loop around the ear. This physically lifts up sagging skin and the hydrating properties of sheet masks also can help to temporarily boost skin hydration and provide a lifted look.

Guasha rollers

Guasha rollers recently trended in the beautysphere as a way to create a V-shaped face. The way they work is by pushing away fluid that can accumulate around the lymph nodes around the jaw and also to massage surrounding overactive muscles. This is also a temporary effect.

Chin fillers

Chin fillers in Singapore are another way to achieve a V-shaped face and has a semi-permanent result if you are looking for a longer-lasting treatment technique! Read on below to find out more.

How Can Chin Fillers Help You To Have An Ideal V-Shaped Face?

Chin fillers can help to add more volume in those with smaller chins and who wish to create a more proportionate facial look.

What Chin Fillers Are

Injectable fillers are also called face fillers, and this category includes chin fillers. These fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. These fillers are injected specifically into the chin region, and are also naturally absorbed over time. Some research suggests that it can stimulate surrounding skin cells to also build collagen. Fillers can do a great job in balancing out your facial asymmetries as well as to create a V-shaped look in the case of insufficient sharpness, and to improve the appearance of a ‘weak’ or retracted chin.

Some filler brands include Restylane, Juvederm and Belotero.

How Do You Know If You Need Chin Fillers

There is an ‘equation’ in the aesthetic world called the ‘Ricketts E Plane’ and is predominantly used in orthodontics. This measurement was created by a dentist called Dr. Ricketts to identify proper lower face alignment. A line is drawn from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin, and ideally, the lower lip is meant to be 2mm behind the line while the upper lip should be 4mm behind the line. While this ‘optimal line’ may vary from person to person, it can serve as a baseline to assess a person’s chin alignment in comparison with the rest of their face. A chin that falls far behind that line could be a good candidate for chin fillers to create a V-shaped face.

Experience the Beauty of Filler Augmentation in Singapore Today

Chin fillers are minimally-risky as there are no major facial arteries that run along the chin. Additionally, the use of a heavier molecular hyaluronic acid filler is usually chosen for chin augmentation and this type of filler may last from 12-24 months with a touch up in between. For those looking to create a V-shaped face or more balanced jawline, chin fillers in Singapore can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We also understand that the decision to alter your facial features can be impactful but also intimidating! Hence, we encourage you to consult with one of our professionals at SL Aesthetic to identify whether chin fillers are suitable for you and to clarify any areas of concern. Book an appointment here today!

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