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How Rejuran is Administered and What To Expect

What is Rejuran

You may have heard that Rejuran is a skin rejuvenation treatment, but you may not be entirely sure of the product and the treatment process. If you are still trying to make a decision on whether you should undergo the treatment, and want to know more about how it is administered to your skin, you are in the right place.

What is Rejuran?

Rejuran activates your skin’s regenerative ability, giving you smoother skin . Rejuran improves skin health naturally by improving the physiological condition of your skin tissue. To understand how Rejuran achieves this, we have to look at the underlying key ingredient that makes all its benefits possible.

Rejuran is a skin booster treatment highly sought after for its anti-aging properties. This skin booster confers improved hydration, skin texture, skin elasticity, and skin repair to the treated areas. Rejuran also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How Rejuran Works 

Rejuran does all this through the use of a Polyneucleotide (PN), taken from salmon DNA. While this makes it safe for most people, it is important to highlight any allergies to seafood or fish that you might have during pre-treatment consultation as Rejuran’s key ingredient constitutes part of salmon DNA.  This PN molecule is made up of 13 or more nucleotide monomers covalently bonded in a chain. Rejuran’s PN is taken from salmon DNA due to its bio-compatible nature.

The use of PN is based on its wound healing and anti-inflammatory ability. PN molecules help to improve skin, and many studies have shown that PN molecules stimulate cell growth without any side effects. When introduced to the skin, PN can stimulate long-term skin regeneration from within, improving and restoring skin that has been damaged by aging or UV exposure.

How Rejuran Works

When it comes to the face, PN helps to stimulate the growth of an important cell called a fibroblast. These fibroblasts work to form connective tissue in the body. In the case of our faces, fibroblasts help to create collagen proteins as well as the structural framework of our skin tissue. While it is true that we can generate collagen on our own, we know that collagen loss through aging is real. This degradation affects skin elasticity and quality over time.

Therefore, using PN to stimulate and support fibroblast growth and cell health using Rejuran can help combat the effects of ageing and environmental damage on our skin. To sum, users of Rejuran can expect improved overall skin tone and texture and lesser fine lines and wrinkles.

Types of Rejuran

Types of Rejuran 

When compared to other kinds of injectable skin boosters, Rejuran’s key difference is the use of PN. Most skin boosters use Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which primarily improves skin through moisturising it from within. While the hydration of HA does improve the general quality and health of skin, PN contains the additional benefit of collagen synthesis and skin regeneration.

While there are multiple types of Rejuran, each for a different purpose, all of them work to restore and repair different parts of the face. Rejuran variants include Rejuran HB, Rejuran I, Rejuran S, and Rejuran Healer. The type of Rejuran you choose will depend on what issues you face, and how you wish to deal with them.

Here are the different types of Rejuran and which issues it helps to address:

Rejuran Healer 

In general, Rejuran Healer treatment in Singapore works as a broader-based anti aging solution. Rejuran Healer can be used across the entire face and neck to deliver overall skin rejuvenation.  It is recommend for those looking to tighten saggy skin, reduce wrinkles, minimise pore size and improve overall skin tone and skin health.

Rejuran HB 

For intense hydration and repair, Rejuran HB should be considered. Rejuran HB has a dual PN and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) composition, for both regeneration and hydration. This treatment is suitable if you face dry skin or want to achieve that Korean ‘Glass Skin’ look.

Rejuran S 

Rejuran S helps with all types of acne scars, pigmented spots, surgical or trauma scars and blemishes. It has a higher viscosity, and can help you to shallow up scars while skin regeneration occurs. It is especially effective at removing most scars when paired with other treatments such as laser treatments.

Rejuran I 

As for Rejuran I, people use it when they are looking to rejuvenate the delicate under-eye area. The lighter viscosity of Rejuran I injection in Singapore makes it a good treatment for treating crow’s feet and fine lines near the eye area. For those who wish to treat dark eye circles, Rejuran I is also suitable.

Overall, Rejuran tends to be effective for people who want to undergo non-surgical means to repair the skin. It is worth considering if you’re looking to address any particular skin issues without having to go under the knife, and are looking for a quick recovery.

 How Rejuran Is Administered 

Now that we are clear about the different forms of Rejuran and how it works.

There are 2 primary methods of administering Rejuran : Freehand injection and Injector gun.

Freehand Injection Method 

The Freehand injection method begins with a proper cleaning of the target area. After which, numbing cream is applied for the patient’s comfort. The doctor then uses an extra small needle, which helps to further minimise any discomfort experienced by the patient, to penetrate the skin to the  correct depth. The dermis layer is where the Rejuran should be, as it contains the fibroblast cells that Rejuran is supposed to help stimulate.

This method is preferred by doctors due to the finer control that the doctor can exert over the syringe and needle. As the dermis layer does not lie deep within the skin, a steady hand and the freehand method will help to reduce the chance of over-penetration of the skin. The even spacing, and controlled needle depth, come together to help the skin fully absorb Rejuran.

Injector Gun Method 

Using an Injector gun is the other way that Rejuran can be administered. This is a popular method among certain clinics as it’s a lot easier to use and can appear more professional for those looking for the latest technology in skincare treatments. After the requisite cleaning and numbing of the target area, an injector gun is used for the injections instead of a freehand syringe and needle application.

There has been some concerns about the use of the injector gun method, as this form of application can give mixed results.

Which Is Better To Administer Rejuran: Freehand Injection vs Injector Gun 

Some patients might think that an injector gun is more precise, faster and easier. However, the injector gun’s ease and speed comes at the real cost of precision.

First off, the use of an injector gun gives a higher chance of product leakage into areas where the Rejuran is not needed. The injector gun works on a suction basis to be able to allow its micro needles to penetrate the skin. Unfortunately, much of the Rejuran leaks out at this point. This leakage means that it is likely that the needles need to go deeper into the skin, rendering the penetration of the needles from the injector gun inaccurate. Instead of reaching the dermis layer, the needles might possibly end up going deeper, past the more superficial dermis. This additional depth creates the possibility of injuring blood vessels that lie deeper in the skin, causing more damage than necessary. Due to the lack of controlled needle depth, there is a higher likelihood of bruising with this treatment.

In general, most doctors would recommend using the freehand injection as it offers more control and precision. This leads to less leakage, as well as less bruising and trauma on the skin, leading to faster recovery. With that said, it’s always best to check the doctor’s qualifications and abilities to truly determine whether they are capable of administering freehand injections effectively.

How Rejuran Should Be Administered For Better Effect 

There are three major factors to consider for Rejuran to be administered effectively:

  • Depth – Rejuran should be injected into the superficial dermis layer of the skin to be effective. If done wrongly, it may penetrate only the skin surface, meaning Rejuran will be injected at a much lower depth, leading it to be less effective.
  • Volume – There should be around 0.05 mls per injection points. If the administration is done wrongly, leading to leakage, this amount can change and may lose further efficacy.
  • Injection Distance – Depending on the condition of the skin and what’s needed for better effect, the distance between each injection should be about 0.5-2cm. If you are going to cover the entire face and neck area, then about 200 to 300 injections, evenly spaced apart, will be needed.

Most importantly, your doctor should make the process comfortable with as little bruising as possibleg to ensure a faster healing and recovery process.

Post Treatment Expectations: Timeline

For both the freehand and injector gun method, patients can expect some mild swelling at the injection site. However, this swelling is not severe and you should be able to continue your day. Some bumps might be visible, but tend to resolve after 24 to 48 hours.

Rejuran’s high bio-compatibility means that there will be less chance of side effects. Instead, injection-related effects are more likely to occur. These include redness, needle marks, bumps, itchiness and mild bruising. In general, these are mild, and temporary, taking about 1-3 days to resolve.

Improvement of the skin will not be visible immediately. Instead, patients tend to start seeing improvement after 4 weeks. Rejuran is essentially a skin-healing procedure occurring from the inside out, using salmon DNA, so any improvements will be gradual and take time to show. You can expect gradual improvement of skin texture and tone over a 4 to 6 week period after treatment.

Rejuran treatments consist of multiple injections on the face. Therefore, doctors might recommend doing this treatment across a few sessions, spacing them a few weeks apart. This allows the skin to heal before the next treatment. Beyond these initial sessions, single area treatments can be repeated every 6 to 12 months for maintenance purposes.

Treatment Combinations

There is a possibility that Rejuran can be combined with other treatments for even better effect. Some patients who desire more pronounced effects might combine Rejuran treatments with other skin boosters, lasers, thread lifts and dermal fillers.

For example, those suffering from acne scars can consider pairing their Rejuran treatment in Singapore with laser treatment, for longer lasting results. For those battling the signs of ageing, consider pairing your Rejuran treatment with thread lifts or dermal fillers..

We Can Help!

Administering Rejuran for facial and neck area rejuvenation requires technique and skills, tailored to each unique individual. If you want to undergo Rejuran injection treatments, you can consider getting a detailed examination at SL Aesthetic Clinic. Our doctors can help customise a suitable treatment plan based on your skin type and condition.

If you are seeking improved skin tone, texture and elasticity for your face, SL Aesthetic Clinic can provide you with the necessary diagnosis and treatment to alleviate your aesthetic concerns. Call us now at 6235 3246, or Whatsapp us at 9850 7112.

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