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How Effective is HIFU For Facelifting And Its Benefits

What is HIFU?

Some people are blessed with tight, flawless skin that never seem to sag as they get older. However, for most people, loose sagging skin is almost inevitable . In the past, a surgical facelift would have been the only option to correct the effects of ageing . Luckily, modern medical technology has come up HIFU, a new solution to loose, sagging skin.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) in Singapore is a technology that makes use of ultrasound to lift and shape the face and body without surgery.

How effective is this HIFU in helping to lift the face, and what else does this ultrasound technology do to our skin? Let’s find out.

What is HIFU?

HIFU is a relatively new treatment for skin tightening that uses a focused form of ultrasound to reach a below the epidermis. Prior to its use in aesthetic treatment, HIFU was widely used for treating tumours. It was used aesthetically for brow lifts, before being used to improve line and wrinkles in the neck and upper chest areas. Today, it is used for facial rejuvenation, lifting, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

HIFU tightens skin by heating tissue under the skin, stimulating the body’s natural repair mechanism.

HIFU’s safety is well-researched. A2018 review looked at 231 studies on the use of ultrasound technology, and found that using ultrasound for treating skin tightening, body tightening, and cellulite reduction is safe and effective.

How Does HIFU Help With Facelifting

How Does HIFU Help With Facelifting

 HIFU facelift uses heat to damage skin cells in the Superficial musculoaponeurotic Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer of the skin, which is the layer that is targeted by surgeons when they want to pull on the face to successfully achieve a facelift. Heating the cells in this layer of the skin triggers the body to produce collagen to help cell regeneration and healing.

When this collagen production is triggered, the skin around the face gets tighter and more supple over time. Along with the tightening of the skin, HIFU also helps to shrink fats cheeks and fat pads under the eyes. Wrinkles also get shallower as loose skin becomes tightened. HIFU facelifts can reduce a wide number of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, including forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, tear troughs, bunny lines, marionette lines and even neck lines.

A 2017 Korean study of 32 Korean subjects found that skin elasticity measured via a

Cutometer was significantly improved 12 weeks after treatment at all treated sites. Additionally, no pain was reported at 4 and 12 weeks post-treatment, and no serious adverse effects were observed during the follow-up period.

What are the benefits of HIFU?

HIFU is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a non-surgical facelift. HIFU facelift in Singapore can help with reducing wrinkles and lines around the treatment area, and tend to help tighten mild to moderate sagging skin. HIFU is also able to contour and lift your skin to enhance your jawline or cheekbones. With improved collagen production, patient’s skin tends to become firmer and have better elasticity, allowing them to have a more youthful appearance.

HIFU is also more affordable when compared to a facelift surgery. The treatment is relatively quick, and does not come with the risks associated with a surgery. That means a lower chance of infection or scarring, since there is no cutting involved.

Additionally, since the high-frequency ultrasound beams can be focused onto a specific zone underneath the surface of the skin, there is no damage to the upper layers of the skin.

While it has less downtime when compared to a full facelift surgery, HIFU’s effects are not immediate. Instead, results take effect over a period of a few months. In fact, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery states that HIFU tends to produce positive results in 2–3 months and those with good skincare habits can maintain their results for up to a year

Due to the fact that HIFU triggers the body’s natural healing reactions, the effects of this treatment tend to last longer, and does not require intensive follow-up.

Who Should Consider Getting HIFU?

In general, people above 30 years of age, with mild to moderate skin laxity are ideal candidates for HIF.

Those with severe cases of loss skin, saggy skin, or extensive damage from sun exposure may not be suitable. Additionally, patients with skin infections, severe acne, or metallic implants in the target treatment area should not undergo HIFU. While there are very few serious side effects associated with HIFU, this treatment is not appropriate for patients who are pregnant.

For safety, patients should also inform their doctors of all medications and medical conditions they might have during pre-treatment consultation.

Where to Get HIFU in Singapore?

Getting HIFU treatment in Singapore done properly requires technique and skills, tailored to each unique individual. If you want to find ways to help give your skin a much needed lift, you can consider getting a detailed examination at SL Aesthetic Clinic. Our doctors can help customise a suitable treatment plan based on your skin type and condition.

If you are seeking to tighten your skin without surgery, SL Aesthetic Clinic can provide you with the necessary diagnosis and treatment to work toward your ideal aesthetic look. Call us now at 6235 3246, or Whatsapp us at 9850 7112.

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