Face Slimming Treatment in Singapore

Why Are We So Obsessed With A Slim V-Shaped Face?

Call it the luck of the draw. We’re born with varying face shapes and sizes. Some of us are lucky, gifted with a naturally well-defined set of facial features that look slim and youthful. Others, not so lucky. Especially with genetically broader, shorter and weaker facial characteristics common among East Asians. There is a strong cultural demand for East Asian women and even men to undergo face slimming treatments such as jaw augmentations, chin projections, buccal fat removal, and so on. We also try all ways and means on our own with limited results, like doing intense cardio exercises, reducing salt intake to prevent water retention and face bloating, dieting and cutting back on sugar, sleeping adequately, and even resorting to face contouring massages. All for the goal of having sharper looking faces. But East Asians are not alone in this demand for a taut and defined V-shape face. This opinion is also mirrored by older Caucasians.
v shape face slimming Singapore
In our youth (more so with Caucasians and to a lesser degree East Asians), our faces sport a youthful V-shaped triangle, with skin that is taut and firm. As we age, our skin sags, and the youthful V-shape inverts, now with a broader lower half of the face. This inversion of the youthful V may suggest why people desire to maintain or achieve a slim v-shaped face.