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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment That Can Make You Look Younger

By SL Aesthetic Clinic

skin rejuvenation treatment

As a person ages, their skin begins to tell a story – the tale of many long hours spent out in the sun, the stretching from childbirth and even yo-yo dieting, and the many years of frowns, laughter, and each time a smile reaches your eyes. Without a doubt, your skin represents the physical evidence of the chapters in your life. However, these skin changes may not be wanted. Deep set wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, texture irregularities, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation from sun spots or freckles can all be helped with skin rejuvenation.

Skin rejuvenation treatment aims to improve the appearance of skin by utilising different types of procedures that are specifically chosen to suit each individual’s specific skin type. The main goal of skin rejuvenation is to help the individual repair, heal, and ‘rejuvenate’ the skin by revealing younger and smoother skin. Each different procedure will vary in invasiveness, duration of procedure, and duration of downtime recovery, and hence understanding what each skin rejuvenation treatment procedure really does is important to make an informed decision about your skin care journey. Read on to find out more about:

  • What skin rejuvenation treatments are,
  • How it actually works,
  • The different types of skin rejuvenation treatment options available, and
  • The multiple benefits of skin rejuvenation treatment!

What Is Skin Rejuvenation and How Does It Work?

Skin rejuvenation treatment represents an umbrella term for any treatment or procedure that helps skin to heal better and regenerate healthy cells. As mentioned, the goal of skin rejuvenation is to help the individual ‘rejuvenate’ the skin by revealing younger and smoother skin underneath either through the removal of the top layer of damaged skin cells (called skin resurfacing), or by encouraging more collagen and elastin growth through other procedures like Skinboosters or Profhilo injections.

What Is Skin Rejuvenation and How Does It Work?

Skin rejuvenation is important as the skin ages, as ageing is something that cannot be prevented in life but the effects of it can be remedied. Skin ages intrinsically (meaning biologically and chronologically, according to genetics unfolding over time) and extrinsically (due to external factors). Intrinsic skin ageing occurs within the skin itself from reductions in dermal mast cells – inflammatory cells found in the skin cells that help to repair surface wounds – reduction in fibroblasts and collagen production that maintain skin elasticity and bounciness, and a flattening of the junction between the epidermis and dermis which causes skin sagging and lack of mechanical strength. This intrinsically aged skin presents itself as dry and less elastic skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

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Extrinsic ageing is caused by environmental factors such as smoking, poor diet and nutrition, exposure to environmental pollutants/chemicals, and exposure to UV radiation (photoageing). This generates oxidative stress in the body causing irreparable damage to cellular DNA. Long-term low grade exposure to UV radiation from unprotected time in the sun actually causes over 80% of facial skin ageing which disrupts collagen synthesis, increases skin pigmentation, and stimulates melanocyte proliferation which may contribute to the occurrence of skin cancer! This is why dermatologists always recommend the use of sunscreen even when indoors. Extrinsically aged skin is characterised by coarse and deep wrinkling, rough texture, the appearance of telangiectasia (spider veins, or small, damaged veins that can appear blue, purple, or red on the surface of the face), irregular pigmentation, a sallow or yellow complexion and a loss of elasticity.

Hence, the accumulation of intrinsically and extrinsically ageing skin results in a skin layer that is more wrinkled and damaged with lesser collagen and elastin. Skin rejuvenation treatments aim to remove that top layer of intrinsically and extrinsically damaged skin cells to help skin regeneration, and certain treatments may also help to stimulate the production of more collagen and elastin. This will usually also be supplemented by changes in your skin care and lifestyle such as improving your diet and nutrition, and using a good sunscreen daily.

What Are The Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Options Available?

There are several types of facial rejuvenation treatment options available at SL Aesthetic Clinic, all of which are backed by evidence and are effective for specific individuals.

Q-Switched Laser

Q-Switched Laser

What is it: Also called Laser Toning or Laser Peel, this is a safe and effective treatment that uses light energy to stimulate natural collagen growth, improve the appearance of open pores, remove irregular or excessive pigmentation, and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

How it Works: Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser technology emits energy beams of 1064nm. This depth of energy beam is able to target specific depths in the skin without damaging the skin surface. Heat stimulates collagen growth deep beneath the skin and helps the body to naturally fill in the wrinkles and scars on its own over the next few weeks. As the laser penetrates age spots and pigmentation, these pigments are broken apart and absorbed into the skin.

Who is Suitable: Q-Switched Laser is suitable for mature skin experiencing dark spots on the face, enlarged pores, sagging skin and fine lines.

Pain/Downtime: A topical numbing cream can be applied to reduce pain. In areas of a lot of pigment, there may be bruising occurring. Treated areas may look pink with some flaking or peeling during this time. The skin typically heals within 7-10 days or less and usually without wound care.

Recommendations of Sessions: A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended, at a monthly frequency for visible results.

Pico Laser

What is it: The ‘Pico’ in Pico Laser refers to a picosecond: The 1/1000 of a nanosecond, or one trillionth of a second. It delivers ultra-short high speed energy instead of heat into the skin layers.

How it Works: Pico laser creates a form of injury on a target area that triggers the body’s natural healing process and collagen production is stimulated, repairing and remodelling the skin. It also disperses pigmentation in the skin which is absorbed naturally.

Who is Suitable: Those who are looking to even out skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation or dark/red spots on the skin, removal of tattoos, or reduce rosacea/facial flushing. Generally, it is safe for most healthy adults and skin types. Even pregnant women can undergo this treatment, but any pregnancies should be disclosed to the doctor beforehand.

Pain/Downtime: A topical numbing cream reduces pain. Downtime includes a few days of some mild redness and peeling that will go off in a day or two.

Recommendations of Sessions: Depending on your skin concern, you may see improvements within the first session. However, at least 3-4 sessions are needed for optimal results.

Chemical Peels

What is it: A chemical peel uses an acidic solution (such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid among the many types available) to chemically exfoliate the skin to improve skin cell regeneration. It is in a much higher concentration than what is found in pharmacies.

How it Works: The chemical solution acts to dissolve dead skin cells that have difficulty shedding and which can give the skin a dull look. These dead skin cells will peel off and new skin grows in place which is smoother and glowier.

Who is Suitable: Those who are looking for procedures that do not require lasers or needles will find chemical peels beneficial. Depending on the chemical and the skin condition, it can help with acne, mild acne scarring, superficial pigmentation, and fine lines.

Pain/Downtime: The peels are painless, but skin may feel sensitive and red for a short period of time post-procedure. Peeling of the skin may occur after treatment up to 7 days.

Recommendations of Sessions: Depending on your skin condition, the number of sessions vary but may require 4-6 sessions for mild pigmentation and fine lines, and up to 12 sessions for concerns like acne scarring. Maintenance sessions may be required.

Skin Boosters


What is it: Skinboosters are a type of anti-ageing skin solution that injects hyaluronic acid (HA) into the skin to increase skin hydration, producing a plump, hydrated, and glowing look while reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

How it Works: An injector gun delivers a series of fast, controlled, and uniform amounts of HA microinjections into the skin surface over targeted areas that can be over the face, décolletage, or hands.

Who is Suitable: Those with severe wrinkling or stubborn scars will benefit from Skinboosters as the HA helps to fill up depressed skin areas with more volume, improving the skin complexion. It is also suitable for those experiencing dry/dehydrated and less elastic skin.

Pain/Downtime: Topical numbing cream reduces any pain felt from injection sites. Injection related side effects, such as temporary swelling, bruising and pin-marks may occur depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Skinboosters should be done preferably a week before an important event.

Recommendation of Sessions: The recommended course depends on the individual skin type. Usually 3 sessions, each session about  2-4 weeks apart can produce results which improve over a period of time. A maintenance session every 6 months is recommended to maintain HA levels as it is naturally absorbed in the body over time.

Profhilo Skin Injections

What is it: Profhilo consists of a low and high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (L-HA and H-HA) in a 2ml syringe. It is injected into the skin at 10 points – 5 on each side of the face or neck – and can also be used over the hands.

How it Works: Hyaluronic acid injected into the skin with a syringe helps to increase hydration and plump up wrinkles and fine lines. Has a bioremodelling effect that stimulates regeneration of collagen and elastin over time.

Who is Suitable: Individuals struggling with dehydrated or dry skin, skin laxity concerns, fine lines, and those who want to achieve a radiant complexion.

Pain/Downtime: Minimal pain after a topical numbing cream is used. Downtime may take 1-2 days for the little mosquito bite-looking bumps to reduce.

Recommendation of Sessions: 2 treatments, with 1 month in between. A maintenance session every 6-9 months after 2nd treatment is recommended to maintain results.

Rejuran HeaLer Treatment

What is it: Rejuran is an injectable procedure. The main difference between Rejuran and Skinboosters or Profhilo is in the constituents of the injection contents. Rejuran consists of a combination of polynucleotides (PN) or polydeoxyribonucleotides (PRDN), hyaluronic acid, and amino acids.

How it Works: Multiple micro-injections are given around the target areas. Rejuran is derived from salmon DNA that has been processed for medical aesthetic purposes to accelerate the reparation processes of the skin cells, improve the skin barrier, collagen regeneration and wound healing.

Who is Suitable: Those looking to improve skin barrier function, appearance of large pores, and atrophic acne scarring. Also suitable for skin that needs more regulation of oil control.

Pain/Downtime: Topical anaesthetic cream helps to reduce pain associated with the injection pricks. Downtime will be less than Skinboosters, but more than Profhilo – typically around 2-3 days of downtime for redness to go down.

Recommendation of Sessions: 3 sessions, with 1 month in between. A maintenance session every 6 months after 3rd treatment is recommended to maintain results.

Clear + Brilliant Laser

What is it: Clear + Brilliant is a FDA and CE cleared treatment that uses fractional laser technology to correct early signs of skin ageing and help prevent them.

How it Works: Clear + Brilliant is a non-ablative fractional laser that’s designed to create millions of microscopic treatment ‘holes’ or zones in the upper layers of skin, stimulating collagen production and removing dead cells. The laser is controlled by an Intelligent Optical Tracking System (IOTS), creating a consistent coverage without any ‘grid stamping’ effects.

Pain/Downtime: This laser is milder than other fractional laser treatments on the market, since not everyone can afford the long downtime of 5-7 days that other lasers may need. Clear + Brilliant Laser could be considered the ‘little sister’ of fractional Co2 lasers for people who want all the benefits of a laser without the extended downtime.

Who is Suitable: Those who want something more than a chemical peel but also less intense than a fractional Co2 laser treatment. Also, those who are younger and want to prevent and correct early signs of ageing, or maintain the look of their skin. May be more suitable for sensitive skin.

Recommendations of Sessions: 4-6 treatments are recommended. Results and frequency of treatment vary by the individual.

What Are The Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

There are several benefits of skin rejuvenation treatments, and the benefits that an individual may derive from them really depends on their individual skin condition, what they aim or expect to achieve, and how the treatment works for them (i.e. whether it is suitable for their current state of skin to fit their goals). In general, the many benefits of skin rejuvenation treatments are:

  • A reduction in hyperpigmentation/sun spots, dark/red spots on the skin, and even rosacea/facial flushing,
  • Removal of unwanted tattoos (from some lasers),
  • Can be combined with other aesthetic treatments to produce even better results (like dermal fillers),
  • Does not need to be invasive to produce results – needles used are some of the smallest in the market, chemical peels only require a solution wiped on the skin,
  • Downtime is usually minimal and makeup can often be used soon after treatment to cover any residual redness,
  • And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it helps encourage skin regeneration and the stimulation of collagen and elastin within the skin that can result in a plumper, more radiant, and more youthful appearance.

However, it is also important to remember that even after skin rejuvenation treatments, it is possible that new pigmentation and poor skin texture can still occur. This happens from inadequate skin protection – not using sunscreen while out for long periods in the sun, ageing and hormonal factors, or an untreated active skin condition like acne. Hence, regular maintenance and care is recommended.

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Look Younger, Feel Younger – Gain Your Confidence Back Today

During our consultation session, our professional clinicians will guide you in choosing the best plan of action depending on your specific skin type, desired results, budget, and optimal downtime for your busy schedule. In addition, a customised at-home skincare regimen may be recommended to give you faster, better, and longer-lasting results. Ready to get started? Book an appointment with us today at your nearest branch!

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