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Saggy Skin Treatment and Its Price In Singapore

Saggy Skin Treatment Price

Tight, taught and terrific. That’s the dream skin for all women and men out there — but the reality is, saggy or loose skin is an unavoidable fact of life.

In fact, this inevitable process causes your skin to start to slowing its elastin and collagen production as early as your 20s. Adding to that, loose or sagging skin is also attributed to rapid weight loss or post pregnancy.

However, just because a saggy neck or loose skin is unavoidable, it doesn’t mean it can’t be slowed-down or even reversed to a certain extent!

Read this article to discover the saggy skin treatments you can find in Singapore that can address loose skin issues such as saggy neck and loose skin from weight loss or after pregnancy.

Saggy Skin Treatments In Singapore And Their Prices 

Saggy Skin Treatments

● Fotona 5D / 6D Laser Lifting – starting from $3,000 per session

If you are looking to sculpt and tighten loose skin on any body area, the Fotona 5D / 6D Laser Lift can provide you with the exceptional results you desire.

This treatment works through delivering dual-wavelength laser energy to achieve permanent fat melting and collagen remodelling.

As the fat melts, the skin also becomes tighter and smoother, leaving you with results that are both dramatic and long-lasting.

In fact, this treatment promises fast and safe results, serving as an excellent alternative to more invasive treatments out there!

Some of the Fotona 5D / 6D laser benefits include:

  • Non-invasive, non-injectable, low downtime
  • Improves skin laxity and elasticity
  • Tightens facial tissues for a lifted look
  • Improves scarring, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation
  • Improves pigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Minimises fine lines and pore size
  • Gently exfoliates the skin and improves skin texture

HIFU V Sculpting – starting from $1,500

HIFU V Sculpting Treatment

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology is, at one point, considered the most viable and non-invasive alternative to facelift surgery.

Especially effective for loose skin after pregnancy, HIFU involves the use of targeted energy in the form of ultrasound to reach the layers in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Here’s an interesting fact: HIFU technology are sometimes used to treat some types of cancers by destroying cancer cells!

Here are some benefits of taking the HIFU treatments:

  • Reduces wrinkles and tightens saggy skin
  • Lifts the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids
  • Defines the jawline and tightens the décolletage
  • Natural looking and long-lasting results
  • No downtime, safe and effective

Thermage FLX treatment – starting from $2,000

Thermage FLX Treatment

Thermage is considered a premier skin-tightening treatment that uses radio frequency to kickstart the body’s own natural collagen renewal process.

This tightens, smooths and contours your skin against sagginess and it’s notably useful for weight loss loose skin!

In fact, Thermage treatments are a safe, non-surgical method to improve skin quality, which helps achieve an overall younger-looking appearance with visible results seen after just one treatment!

  • Tighten & rejuvenate – Plumps, strengthens & tightens the skin
  • Results with a single treatment – One treatment can deliver visible results for most clients
  • Little to no down time  –No need to miss work or fun!
  • Lasting results – Improves over time and can last for years
  • Treats around the eye area – Provides smoother, more awakened eyes and helps to improve the look of crow’s feet
  • Softens wrinkles and lines – reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles as skin texture and tone are improved

Face Thread Lift – starting from $1,000

Face Thread Lift Treatment

If you want younger, firmer skin for your face but want to avoid any surgical procedures, then SL Aesthetic Clinic’s face thread lift treatment is a solution you can consider!

Put simply,  a thread life injects lifting effects to the skin and promotes collagen production to improve skin elasticity.

It’s an effective method to reverse the look of sagging skin, with benefits including:

  • Immediate results   – as soon as you finish your procedure, you’ll have a tighter, more youthful-looking face
  • Quick Recovery   – you can walk in for your procedure at lunchtime and meet up with friends for dinner the same day
  • Tight, Youthful Skin   as collagen production is stimulated for youthful-looking skin in addition to taut, wrinkle-free skin
  • Long-lasting effect, even though it’s a relatively quick procedure

Get Started with Treatments for Saggy Skin, Saggy Neck and Loose Skin at SL Aesthetic Clinic 

Start firming your skin today. If you’re self-conscious about your saggy or loose skin, we’re here to help.

With our panel of medically-trained and certified doctors recognised by the Singapore Medical Council’s Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee (APOC), you’re in safe and able hands to start your skin rejuvenation journey!

Visit SL Aesthetic Clinic or call us at +65 9850 71112 to start your journey to the skin you desire and deserve!

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