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Laser Skin Pigmentation Treatment Removal in Singapore

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Anti-Pigmentation Laser Treatment For Clearer Skin

Anti-pigmentation laser is employed for patients with excessive production of melanin and the appearance of brown spots on the skin. Pico Laser is another pigmentation laser alternative. Some common causes of pigmentation problems include:

Hormonal Changes

This type of discolouration is either caused by pregnancy or medication.

Trauma To The Skin

This can be caused by the physical injury to the skin, such as acne, insect bites, cuts, burns or aggressive extractions. This condition is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Excessive UV Or Exposure To Sun

Skin pigmentation could also be caused by excessive exposure to UV rays, especially prevalent in Singapore. Frequent outdoor activities can also lead to this problem.


Abnormal pigmentation may occur during childhood or even adulthood. Some examples of abnormal pigmentation include congenital Cafe Au Lait spots, melanocytic Naevus, Sori’s Macules, Spilus Naevus, and Naevus of Ota.

Medical conditions such as liver diseases and haemochromatosis and the usage of certain drugs can also lead to some skin discolourations.

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Pigmentation Removal & Treatment At SL Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

SL Aesthetic Clinic uses a number of different laser wavelengths to penetrate the skin and break-up pigmentation into different levels in our treatments. Wavelengths of 1064 nm have the capability to reach deeper layers of skin tissue. Infrared range (1064nm) is used mainly for blue tattoos, deep (professional) tattoos and dermal pigmented lesions while 532nm is useful for superficial brown lesions, Solar Lentigines, freckles and red/orange tattoosLaser peels can also be used to create skin rejuvenation with different waveforms.

If your hyperpigmentation disorder is caused by extensive scarring, you may need an invasive laser therapy, known as carbon dioxide resurfacing. This pigmentation treatment penetrates deep into the skin, removing multiple layers of the epidermis. The recovery period could last for more than three weeks or even longer in invasive laser therapy. As with any procedure or treatment, results can vary by individual.

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