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3 Reasons Why Your Skin Should Be Treated With Pico Laser

By SL Aesthetic Clinic

PPeople often think of laser treatments as something to either remove reddish scarring or tattoos, or to blast away hyper pigmentation. They’re not wrong! Many lasers on the market aim to achieve those goals of addressing uneven colouring on the skin. Pico laser treatment in Singapore is one of such lasers available, approved and accepted globally since 2012, and has stayed on until now.

Pigmentation, whether be it from sun spots, freckles, tattoos, or acne scarring, can usually be helped by laser treatments. The pigments are located in the epidermis or dermis of the skin (the superficial top layers, and the middle deeper layers) and, depending on the cause, can be formed by genetic reasons, excessive sun exposure causing tanning and pigmentation, or by hormonal changes which signal melanocytes (cells in the skin that produce pigment) to work harder.

For the Pico laser, one of the major benefits is that it uses ultra-fast energy wavelengths as a shockwave to dissolve pigments, reducing the risk of damage to skin cells. Generally, there are lots of reasons to choose a Pico laser treatment in Singapore, so read on more to find out!

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Reasons Why You Should Get Pico Laser Treatment

1. Straightforward Procedure – The Pico laser treatment is known for its pico-speed! The Pico laser moves at one trillionth of a second. When it comes to lasers, the shorter the pulse duration indicates the faster the laser. Ultra-short pulses means that it can deliver more laser shots in a shorter amount of time, which is what makes Pico laser technology multiple times faster than traditional laser treatments. You’ll notice that the entire session doesn’t take more than 20-25 minutes, which makes it a great option for a mid-day lunch appointment if you are squeezed for time. You won’t have to block out an entire day to recover from the procedure either, because..

2. Super Easy Recovery – Because the recovery tends to be a breeze as well! Since the super fast speed delivers light energy in quick but short bursts, that helps it to penetrate the inner layers of the skin without needing to spend too long of a time. This helps to minimise damage and reduce downtime.

3. Regenerative Skin Results – The results of Pico laser in Singapore are seen in the reduction of pigmentation, more even skin texture especially over scars, and an even and brighter complexion. It stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the skin as well. The number of sessions required to see results depends on the severity of the condition – some people with mild skin conditions may just need one session, and those looking for tattoo removal may need more sessions.

However, the really main three reasons why people choose to get Pico laser treatments are:

The Treatment is FDA-Approved

Pico lasers are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for the treatment of skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, tattoo removal, fine lines, and wrinkles. Why is this a big deal? FDA approval is important because their approval signifies that an aesthetic treatment or product is able to treat a number of medical conditions in the appropriate amount of time, and that it has undergone rigorous testing procedures to ensure that it is safe for the general population.

Pico Laser Uses Pulsed Laser Energy

As mentioned above, the ultra-short and ultra-fast pulsed laser technology used by the Pico laser is what gives it its main benefits. The sharpness and speed of the laser without major use of heat helps to disperse pigments into much smaller particles, making them easier to be eliminated naturally by the body.

To understand why Pico laser in Singapore benefits your skin recovery, take a quick look at this graph. The PicoSure laser uses light wavelengths that are of wavelength 755nm, and a specialised lens that converts laser energy into a form of concentrated pressure. This does a few things:

  1.  The pressure ‘squeezes’ the skin cells to shatter targeted ink/pigment particles that are easily eliminated by the body,
  2. This pressure also activates cell signalling processes to stimulate new collagen and elastin formation, and
  3. It does this without damaging the surrounding arteries and veins around the skin tissues.

Pico Laser Treatment is Relatively Painless and Quick

The topical numbing cream used before the treatment keeps discomfort to a minimum. Throughout the treatment, you might feel a sensation similar to a snap of a thin rubber band minus any stinging pain from the numbing cream. Even after, there might be a sensation of a slight sunburn, but it typically does not last for more than a few days and you can continue your daily activities right after. Just remember to use sunscreen!

Is Pico Laser Treatment Right for you?

Pico Laser treatment will benefit those who are seeking treatment options for:

  • Uneven skin texture and enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation, or dark/red spots on the skin
  • Removal of tattoos
  • Rosacea, or facial flushing

Reminder: Pico laser treatment in Singapore is not a cure all! You still need to watch your daily habits like sunscreen application and using the right skin care for your skin type to ensure that the changes last. For those with more severe acne scarring or wrinkles, Pico laser can be combined with other treatments for greater results.

Also, remember to disclose to your skin doctor if you are pregnant and looking to undergo Pico laser treatment. While Pico laser can be suitable for pregnant ladies, it also depends what you aim to achieve with it. Tattoo removals may need to be held off until after pregnancy and breastfeeding, since tattoo inks may contain a variety of heavy metals like iron and titanium. When they are dispersed by the laser, it can wind up in the circulatory and lymphatic systems and into the placenta or breast milk. Foreign pigment particles may have effects on the unborn child or an infant, and should be avoided at all costs.

Patient-Friendly Skin Rejuvenation Today

With the reduced risk of bleeding, swelling, and inflammation while helping to improve the skin condition – reduced pores, smoothen fine lines, and improved scar texture – the Pico laser treatment can have great benefits and be a great option for your skin care goals. Discuss them with one of our friendly and trusted professionals to see if it can be the right treatment for you!

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