When Less Is More – Dr. Kelvin Chua

When It Comes To Your Botox & Fillers, Less is Definitely More

Some may argue that ageing gracefully means carrying the “character lines” with pride and quiet dignity, while others seek help to maintain natural youthfulness. Minimal and precise injection is an art that is ruefully not mastered by many aesthetic practitioners.

Gone are the days of frozen brows, overdone cheeks and plastic noses. With lower downtimes, significantly more affordable price points, and at times reversible and natural-looking results, minimally-invasive treatments have taken over the reigns of anti-ageing medicine.

But even amongst patients who prefer minimally-invasive procedures, a common misconception prevails. Some believe that the more product one gets (e.g., fillers and Botox) the better the results. Regretfully, this is where patients get it wrong. “Results” do not equate to “quality”, or vice versa.

Allow me to explain.

Patients pay money for results, not the amount of product used. In achieving natural-looking aesthetics, the doctor knows what’s best for the patient (in his or her own opinion anyway, which is a different story altogether);  a combination of specialised techniques and a measured amount of products. Less is definitely more.

This is especially applicable to skill-intensive procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers.


A poker-faced finish is just not what you’d want to sport, unless you’re spending hours counting out those chips in casino. The industry is trending towards youthful skin that says “Good genes!” instead of frozen face that shouts “Botox!”.

Practices of giving larger Botox doses has become a thing of the past as smaller doses are used to achieve a softer look with touch up when necessary.

It is important to seek out ethical and experienced practitioners who understand the interaction of different muscles so as to allow some of the essential muscles to move to maintain natural facial expression. You’d want compliments on looking younger than your age and less tired looking rather than questions on the number of Botox units you’ve received.

Volumisation and Liquid Lifting with Fillers

With technological advancement, restoring lost volume on the face is ever easier with fillers. And if done right, taking years off the face within minutes with virtually zero downtime.

While some doctors may inject several vials of fillers into a face, newer precise techniques are able to create a natural and yet youthful look without excessively plumping out the cheeks that look like you belong to the unenviable Pillow Face Club. What’s more, Hyaluronic Acid-based Dermal Fillers come in varying degrees of fluidity and hardness. The selection of the appropriate filler for each concern is crucial in attaining the best results, than the quantity used.

Experienced aesthetic practitioners have a good grasp on the different layers and depth of skin to be injected. The depth is important to create different effect instead of using vials of fillers to simply fill the entire face. The position and depth also determines the type of fillers that are best suited. This is particularly important as the face is not a 2 dimensional structure but rather a 3 dimensional model with made more complex from muscle interactions, varying degrees of sagginess resulting from migration of fats in different layers of the skin and the loss of fats in different areas.

Ultimately, it all boils down to a doctor’s training and natural eye for beauty and proportions. Especially when it comes to such skill-intensive procedures.





What A Thread Can Do


A non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that introduces dissolvable surgical threads into identified area of face.

These threads attached to the skin tissue and are then pulled back to lift and smoothen the face. Treated areas will be raised, eliminating sagging, resulting in a more rejuvenated appearance*.

Results can last up to 2 years*.

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