Will Lip Fillers Suit Your Face? Here’s A Guide To Help

Lip Filler Guide

A good face is like a letter of recommendation! With our face being the first thing that catches another person’s eye when we meet someone new or go out in public, our first impressions last a long time. Because of this, many people are concerned about looking their best and although it may seem superficial, […]

6 Benefits Of Laser Vaginal Tightening In Singapore

Benefits Of Laser Vaginal Tightening In Singapore

Physical changes of ageing that happen to our body can also happen to our vaginal area. Although it is not something that we may discuss with friends over brunch, it is something that we need to be aware of. As a part of our physical well-being from going through the natural processes of life – […]

How Getting A Nose Thread Lift Improves Your Facial Features

Nose thread lift

Did you know that ‘plastic surgery’ is actually a very common gift in Korea? This form of plastic surgery usually involves a less-invasive procedure like a nose thread lift or blepharoplasty (which does not require going under general anaesthesia), and is usually chosen as a gift from parents during a child’s graduation from university, or […]

Specific Body Areas With Stubborn Fat And How To Treat It

Specific Body Areas With Stubborn Fat And How To Treat It

Some of us have specific body areas with what we call ‘stubborn fat’ where it can be remove by a fat belly removal treatment – those areas where we just can’t seem to lose the inches or shed the pounds! It can be anywhere on our body, but the more common areas are on our […]

Botox Aftercare: How To Care For Your Face After Botox

Botox Aftercare How To Care For Your Face After Botox

While Botox injections in Singapore can only be performed by a licensed medical professional who has been properly trained to perform such Botox procedures safely and are well-versed on the side effects and medical interactions of this treatment, a person who takes the necessary precautions for their aftercare can ensure that recovery goes smoothly and […]

Jaw Botox Reduction for Men: Everything You Need To Know

Jaw Botox Reduction for Men

In our current society where looks play a role, whether we like it or not, Botox treatment in Singapore changes the game. No longer needed to rely on contouring and bronzer, which can be a hassle to apply in the mornings and is not very comfortable for men who are not familiar with wearing makeup, […]

Should You Get Liposuction After Pregnancy?

Should You Get Liposuction After Pregnancy

Liposuction’ is a world-famous term for body contouring that most, if not all, have heard of before! While it used to be something controversial, it no longer is and has in fact become a household name for anything related to removing fat from the body. Used from the young to the old, even Kim Kardashian […]

Rosacea Treatment Procedures in Singapore

Rosacea Treatment Procedures in Singapore

Looking in the mirror can be aggravating when all that you see is your red skin, visible blood vessels, and sometimes even bumps and lumps looking right back at you. That is, if your rosacea hasn’t made your eyes watery enough to actually see the mirror clearly. Having rosacea is no fun at all – […]

How to Prevent Rosacea?

How to Prevent Rosacea

Rosacea is not something that only those living in the 21st Century struggle with. This is a condition that has been around for centuries! In a medical textbook from 1812 called Delineations of Cutaneous Diseases, Thomas Bateman said, “The perfect cure of rosacea is, in fact, never accomplished.” You would have thought that 210 years […]

Rosacea Treatment – What You Need To Know

Just understanding the different types of rosacea that exist can be difficult enough, even before delving into what treatments can be done for this persistent and aggravating skin condition. There are many rosacea treatment in Singapore. Treatments that can only be prescribed by a doctor, and treatments that are home remedies which have been tried […]