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Dr Akira Tan: 9 Unrealistic Expectations About FUE Hair Transplant

fue hair transplant in Singapore - hair transpalantation

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants are often marketed as long term solutions to hair loss. If you experience prominent signs of hair loss and are not satisfied with the results of other hair loss treatments, then a FUE hair transplant will be a helpful solution for you.

This minimally invasive procedure involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area and skillfully implanting them into areas marked by thinning or baldness.

Think of it as farming for your follicles, harvesting follicular units from donor regions and planting the shoots anywhere on the head, from the scalp/eyebrows/beard. The result? Your very own self-grown, natural-looking, healthy, and long-lasting hair.

While FUE hair transplant offers various benefits, it’s important to have realistic expectations about what this procedure can and cannot achieve. Now, let’s look at the 8 unrealistic expectations people often have about FUE hair transplant in Singapore.

Instant and Full Restoration

Some people mistakenly believe that FUE results in instant and complete hair restoration. Although hair transplant offers the fastest way to drastically improve hair density, the reality is that stable/aesthetically pleasing hair regrowth post-FUE transplant is a gradual process, and you will only see obvious hair growth over a span of 6-12 months.

It’s important to note that a hair transplant cannot retain full hair density. Most people only manage to restore 40-50% of their original hair density, as there is a physical limitation to how close hair can be implanted to each other.

Please also keep in mind that factors such as your hair growth cycle, rate of hair loss and post-operative care will influence your results.

With that said, an experienced clinic can help you achieve quality results. Part of that also involves skilfully designing your hairline to give the appearance of thicker hair.

Unlimited Donor Hair Supply

You should not go for a FUE hair transplant expecting an unlimited supply of donor hair. Patient donor hair, in fact, is finite and non-renewable.

This means that once it’s transplanted to the area of loss on top of the scalp, the hair doesn’t regrow in the area where it was originally harvested. At SL Aesthetic Clinic, our team is experienced in minimising donor site thinning through skillful harvesting techniques. Yet, in cases of extensive hair loss, the donor area might also be impacted. When the donor site is too sparse, it poses a significant challenge to procure an adequate number of follicular units for transplantation without compromising the donor site’s appearance.

Natural Hairline

With FUE, your doctor can help you attain a natural hairline by positioning the follicles at the correct depth and angle, enabling seamless integration with existing hair and mimicking your natural hair growth pattern.

Your doctor can also design the hairline to match your facial features, age, and ethnicity, ensuring a personalised and natural appearance.

Perfect Symmetry

Perfect symmetry in a hairline isn’t always achievable or ideal. The truth is that natural hairlines possess an authentic quality precisely because they exhibit subtle asymmetries. These minor variations contribute to a more genuine and harmonious appearance.

UE is about creating a hairline that enhances your unique features and compliments your appearance, making you feel confident.

Hair That Never Thins Again

Although highly effective for current hair loss by strategically moving hair from dense areas to sparse FUE cannot stop the underlying disease process. It thus cannot prevent future hair loss or create more hair.

Understanding this limitation is an important step in managing realistic expectations.

The disease process must be addressed concurrently, to stop the underlying cause for hairloss. This can be achieved with a mix of topical/oral medications. Some examples will include maintenance oral/topical minoxidil, hair supplements, hair microneedling, etc which will be tailored for you by your doctor.

No Post-Operative Care Required

Some people mistakenly assume that little or no post-transplant care. In fact, aftercare is essential to ensure optimal results.

After the procedure, our team will brief you on the proper post-operative care. For example this will include the ways to keep the hair clean, the period to avoid physical exertion and the duration to avoid styling products. You have to return to the clinic a day or two after the procedure for a review.

Suitability For All Types of Hair Loss

While FUE can be beneficial for people suffering from hair loss, it is not suitable for everyone. People who fall under any of the following groups should consider other hair treatments.

  • A person experiencing aggressive/excessive hair loss especially if from an unaddressed disease
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Bleeding or blood clotting disorders (coagulopathy)
  • Active bacterial or viral infection
  • On blood thinning medication
  • Trichotillomania
  • Skin conditions such as Discoid Lupus, Lichen, Planopilaris, Psoriasis, and Alopecia Areata (active phase)
  • Other systemic conditions such as diabetes, poor wound healing, tendency for keloid scar formation


Consult with a qualified medical professional to find out if FUE is right for you. Be sure to share your complete medical history and current habits during your consultation. This includes details like smoking, the use of blood thinners, medications, birth control pills, or supplements.

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Completely Numb Experience

While FUE hair transplant in Singapore is minimally invasive, some minimal discomfort is expected during and after the treatment. However, rest assured that specialised management strategies are employed to ensure your utmost comfort throughout the process.

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. Thus minimising discomfort without the risk of general anaesthesia.

What FUE Hair Transplant Can Achieve

FUE hair transplant has many benefits:

  • Reduced downtime and scarring due to the use of micro-motor punch devices.
  • Limited trauma to the donor site, leading to less wastage of harvested grafts.
  • Enhanced hair density since implanted hairs align with the direction of existing native hairs, ensuring a natural appearance.
  • Enhanced comfort during the procedure, as it’s conducted under local anaesthesia right at our clinic in Singapore.


Our patients have consistently expressed high satisfaction with their results, and we’d be delighted to share our collection of before-and-after photos during your consultation.

Looking for FUE Hair Transplant in Singapore

At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we provide FUE Hair Transplant for both men and women who are seeking non-invasive hair restoration for the head, brows, and other facial regions.

You can expect a price range of $4 per graft. The SL team has many years of experience in doing FUE Hair Transplant. Book your appointment here.

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