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Dr Lau Chun Lim: Here’s What You’re Missing About Under Eye Fillers

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9 Things to Know Before Choosing Under Eye Fillers

Our eyes are often the first to show signs of ageing – these signs are not limited to wrinkles (crow’s feet) but dark circles and hollows too. 

One way to reverse under eye ageing is through under eye fillers – they improve the appearance of sunken eyes, for example, by filling in volume. 

Some of my patients steer away from fillers due to the risks associated with them and fear of looking overfilled. But you miss the bigger picture just by focusing on those risks alone (which, by the way, can be avoided) – fillers, when done properly, can produce very beautiful and natural-looking results. 

In this article, allow me to list what you REALLY need to know about getting under eye fillers.

Under Eye Fillers Can’t Help All Dark Circles

While under eye fillers have been shown to reduce the appearance of dark circles, they cannot treat all types of dark circles. Also known as tear trough fillers, under eye fillers can target dark circles caused by hollows under your eyes. The dark circles then diminish as fillers add volume to that space.

However, this treatment can’t treat dark circles caused by darkened skin pigment.

Some people have darkened eyes due to the pigmentation of their skin, which fillers may not correct. For dark eye circles due to pigmentation, consider: 

Under Eye Fillers Can Give You a Natural Appearance

One of the critical goals of under eye filler treatment should be to enhance your natural features while achieving a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. There are a few reasons why under eye fillers end up looking unnatural – too much filler was used (creating a swollen effect i.e. Tyndall effect), the filler was not injected in the proper tissue plane, or your facial anatomy is not suitable for this procedure. 

Always communicate with your doctor what you need, and avoid leaning too much on a specific celebrity’s look for reference. Your faces are different – so should your aesthetic treatments! 

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Medical Experience

A successful under eye filler treatment should produce natural-looking results, and this depends on the skill of your injector. A skilled injector understands the importance of balance and proportion. 

By carefully assessing your unique facial anatomy, they can strategically place the under eye filler to enhance your features while maintaining the harmony of your overall appearance. Choosing a qualified professional to ensure the procedure is done safely and correctly. 

The Type of Filler Matters

Not all under eye fillers are created equal. Hyaluronic acid fillers are recommended for the delicate under-eye area due to their reversible nature and natural-looking results.

However, other types of fillers, like calcium hydroxyapatite, might also be suitable. Discussing your specific needs and concerns with your injector can help determine the right filler for you.

Temporary Results Are Not a Bad Thing

One misconception about under-eye fillers is that the results are long-term. These fillers are actually a temporary solution, usually lasting between 6 to 12 months. 

This flexibility is an advantage. While yearly maintenance treatments may be necessary to preserve your desired results, you can also discontinue treatment if you change your mind.More filler does not mean longer lasting or more effective results – the same way more toothpaste does not necessarily mean cleaner teeth. Just the right amount with correct technique is enough.

Know the Risks and Complications

As with any medical procedure, under-eye fillers have potential risks and complications. These can range from mild bruising and swelling to more severe issues like infection or vascular complications if the filler is injected improperly.

Awareness of these risks and choosing an experienced injector who prioritises safety is paramount.

Initial Swelling is Normal

Don’t be alarmed if you notice swelling immediately after getting under-eye fillers. It is a common side effect, and it might take a few days to a week for the swelling to subside. 

During this time, remain patient and allow your skin to settle and reveal the true results of the treatment.

Variation in Results is Common

Everyone’s skin is different, so the results of under-eye fillers can vary widely from person to person. 

Factors such as age, skin type and how your body metabolises hyaluronic acid can influence how well the filler works and lasts. Setting realistic expectations and understanding that your results may differ from others is essential.

Pre-procedure Preparations Cannot Be Skipped

Following pre-procedure instructions from your doctor is vital to achieve your desired results and reduce the risk of complications.

Your injector might instruct you to avoid certain medications or supplements that may increase the risk of bruising and bleeding. By adhering to these guidelines, you’re setting the stage for a smoother and safer under eye filler procedure.

Refresh Your Under-eyes With Sl Aesthetic Clinic

Under-eye fillers can target fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and hollows under your eyes. If you want to rejuvenate your under eyes temporarily and have the option of maintaining them yearly, then this treatment could be your answer.

It is essential to speak to a qualified professional about your goals. SL Aesthetic Clinic provides under-eye fillers and other cosmetic enhancements in Singapore to help you regain your younger-looking eyes. Our skilled and experienced doctors will devise a treatment plan that is suited to your needs after assessing your condition.

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