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Our outlets will be closed from 26 Mar (Tue) to 27 Mar (Wed) for our annual team bonding event. We will resume operations on 28 Mar (Thu).
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Clear + Brilliant Laser – How To Tighten Pores in Singapore

How To Tighten Pores with Clear + Brilliant Laser

“How to tighten pores?” I’m often asked. One option is the Clear + Brilliant Laser.

With the number of Clear + Brilliant Lasers I do on a daily basis, one may be forgiven for thinking that it’s a new treatment enjoying a hyped up demand for its ability to shrink and minimise pores.

In fact, the Clear + Brilliant Laser has been in Singapore for almost 10 years. But how? Why has it not gone the way of trendy treatments – popular one day, dead the next?

4 Reasons the Clear + Brilliant Laser an answer to How To Tighten Pores

Find out why the Clear + Brilliant pore reducing laser is a safe and effective mainstay of aesthetic treatments.

1. Clear + Brilliant Laser is the Goldilocks laser

Some rejuvenation lasers are “too hot” or “too cold” going by Goldilocks’ porridge spectrum i.e. they tend to have too long a downtime for working adults to bear or offer limited results despite having downtime.

The Clear + Brilliant Laser, on the other hand, may find favour with Goldilocks – a comfortable middle ground. Patients typically walk out of our clinics with a slight sunburn which goes away after 1-2 days.

This makes the Clear + Brilliant Laser suitable for a weekend treatment and recovery while delivering results.

2. Clear + Brilliant Laser Tightens Pore Size On the Face

“How do I reduce ?” is a common question many of my patients ask me. While you cannot strictly speaking “close pores”, you can shrink, minimise, and tighten the appearance of enlarged, open pores on your face.

This can be achieved with Clear + Brilliant Laser.

After a few days of rosy pinkness and slight flakiness, your much-hated pores will appear less obvious. Ladies you may even find that you can cut back on makeup!

To continue to tighten pores and maintain the results, I recommend that you repeat the Clear + Brilliant Laser on a monthly basis.

3. No Pain, No Gain, Right? Think Again!

With numbing cream, this procedure is bearable and may even be comfortable for some.

You’ll feel a warm prickle as I work the Clear + Brilliant Laser over your face. Because it is a non-ablative fractional laser, side effects commonly associated with harsher lasers are minimised.

4. Clear + Brilliant Laser is FDA-approved

Clear + Brilliant Laser has met the stringent standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for skin rejuvenation.

Rather than hear me continue to wax and wane about the Clear + Brilliant Laser, come find it out for yourself. Make an appointment today!

[30 May 2019] A blog post by Dr. Gabriel Wong

Medical Aesthetic Doctor
Dr. Gabriel Wong – Photographer Enthusiast
MBBS, Singapore

Having graduated from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine – Dr Gabriel Wong worked in several hospitals in Singapore where he honed his medical acumen.

Fate was at work when he met Dr Kelvin Chua, which sparked his interest in aesthetic medicine.

Growing from strength to strength under the tutelage of Dr Chua, Gabriel developed an eye for detail and beauty – perfectly in tune with aesthetic medicine, a confluence of art and science.

Despite his young age, Gabriel has garnered a following due to his unique photographer’s eye, which he applies in a range of non-invasive procedures such as Botox treatments, soft tissue augmentation (Dermal Fillers with the Cannula Method), skin rejuvenation with lasers, and effective acne and acne scar treatments (Fractional CO2 Laser, subcision).

In his free time, Gabriel loves to travel in search of that perfect snapshot. His works of art have won praises by many patients.

For more information, write to contact@slclinic.com.sg.
To contact Dr Gabriel Wong, write to gabriel@slclinic.com.sg.



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