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Why You Should Opt for Prescription Retinoids for Acne Treatment?

By SL Aesthetic Clinic
Retinoids Singapore

Are you tired of battling pesky acne? It can be frustrating when it seems like you’ve tried every method to remove them with no success. 

You may have heard the buzz about retinoids and tried over-the-counter (OTC) versions only to feel they’re not that good either. But what you may not know is that prescription retinoids are usually better in treating acne and the true test of whether retinoids are working for you. 

In this blog post, we will share the properties of prescription retinoids that set them apart from OTC retinoids.

Limitations of OTC Retinoids

OTC retinoids, such as retinol and retinyl palmitate, can treat mild cases of acne and are good for your general skin health. However, the concentration of active ingredients in OTC retinoids is lower, making them less effective in treating moderate and severe acne

Their lower potency may result in slower treatment progress and less noticeable improvements in acne lesions and skin texture. OTC retinoids may also not be as well-regulated as prescription retinoids, impacting their reliability and consistency in delivering desired outcomes.

If you have persistent acne issues, it is always best to seek professional help from an acne specialist in Singapore.

Benefits of Prescription Retinoids

Here’s why prescription retinoids tend to be better than their OTC counterparts for acne treatment in Singapore.

1. Higher Potency

Prescription retinoids, such as tretinoin (Retin-A), adapalene and isotretinoin, are typically stronger and more potent than OTC retinoids. Their higher concentration of active ingredients allow for more effective treatment of acne, fine lines, and other skin concerns.

The higher strength allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin, effectively targeting acne-causing bacteria, regulating cell turnover, and reducing inflammation. A higher potency also means you will obtain more noticeable and faster results after treatment.

2. Customised Treatment

No two individuals are the same, and neither are their skincare needs. Doctors understand the importance of a personalised approach, which is why they recommend prescription retinoids. 

By assessing your unique skin characteristics, a doctor can prescribe the precise retinoid formulation that addresses your specific concerns. This tailored treatment ensures that you receive optimal benefits and achieve your desired results.

3. Professional Monitoring

When using prescription retinoids, you have the advantage of professional guidance and oversight from a doctor. They can provide instructions on proper usage, dosage, and potential side effects. Regular follow-ups with a doctor also allow adjustments to your acne removal plan.

For instance, retinoids may make your skin more sensitive to the sun and your doctor might recommend that you apply the medication only at night and go out with sunscreen in the day. You may also react better to some retinoids than others, and your doctor may alter your prescription in subsequent visits.

4. Combining Therapies to Treat Acne

Doctors have the option of combining prescription retinoids with other acne treatment methods to tackle the multiple ways acne can develop. For example, the Ethosome Gold PTT Acne treatment in Singapore, which uses a laser to deliver potent ingredients, can be used with prescription retinoids. Similarly, other laser treatment options that target the sebaceous glands can be used with retinoids to reduce the likelihood of acne recurrence.  

Antimicrobial treatments like clindamycin can also be used with prescription retinoids. Clindamycin and tretinoin gel were found to treat acne effectively when used together. This combination was especially useful for tackling acne that causes inflammation, and it worked faster than using either medication alone.

How to Get Prescription Retinoids in Singapore

Prescription retinoids will be given by your doctor only after an in-depth evaluation of your skin, acne severity, and any underlying conditions or medications that may affect your acne treatment. This comprehensive assessment ensures that the prescription retinoid suits your skin and overall health. 

Looking for Acne Removal Treatment in Singapore?

To get the right retinoid for your acne or to even know whether retinoid is the best treatment for you, it is essential to consult a reputable aesthetic clinic. 

At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing a warm and inviting environment where you can openly discuss your skin concerns without judgement. Our doctors will not only offer their expertise but also lend a sympathetic ear, understanding the struggles you have gone through and what your aesthetic goals are.

We know that finding the right treatment is not just about addressing the physical aspects of acne but also about supporting you on your journey to regain your self-confidence.

Book your consultation today.

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