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Laser Pigmentation Removal Treatment – Recovery Timeline

By SL Aesthetic Clinic
pigmentation removal treatment singapore

Pigmentation occurs when melanin, the substance that gives your skin its colour, is produced excessively. Some of the more common pigmentation issues are freckles, sunspot and melasma. One of the treatments often recommended is pigmentation laser treatment in Singapore.

You may be considering laser treatment but are not sure about the recovery process and aftercare. In this article, we will go through all you need to know.

Realistic Expectations

Setting the right expectations for your pigmentation treatment is important. Even though quick changes might seem tempting, remember that achieving good skin takes time and commitment. Your doctor might also advise you to discontinue specific medications and topical skin creams a week prior to treatment, as they could heighten the skin’s sensitivity to light.

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Immediate Changes

The Pico Pigmentation Laser treatment in Singapore doesn’t require any downtime. You won’t need to take time off from work or cancel any social engagements. However, this will depend on your condition as different pigmentation issues have varying healing progress.

Right after a laser pigmentation removal treatment, your skin becomes increasingly sensitive and can cause mild effects on the outermost skin layer, known as the epidermis.

Experiencing side effects like redness, slight itching, and minor inflammation within the first few days is normal. Your doctor can provide topical creams or ointments for relief. Additionally, using an ice pack on the treated area can be considered.

Depending on the type of laser used, the recovery duration varies. For non-ablative lasers, the recovery period is 3 to 5 days. Alternatively, for ablative lasers, recovery might extend to approximately 1 to 2 weeks. After laser treatment, I like to recommend patients Profhilo as Profhilo is:

  • A hydrating treatment that can help with any skin dryness experienced and fasten recovery.
  • Rejuvenative and works synergistically with lasers to enhance your complexion.
  • Anti inflammatory, meaning it’s suitable even for those with sensitive skin.


It’s advised to refrain from:

  • Applying skincare items or cosmetics that could potentially result in skin sensitivity.
  • If possible, do not participate in strenuous exercise, use swimming pools or expose your skin directly to sunlight. This reduces discomfort, the development of dark spots and sun-related damage.

First Week

It’s common for pigmentation of the skin to temporarily darken after laser treatment as it gently sheds from the skin’s outer layer. This can range from 1 to 3 weeks; how long this lasts depends on how rapidly your skin cells regenerate themselves.

As time progresses, the initial redness and sensitivity encountered soon after the procedure tend to diminish. Your skin might still appear slightly flushed, but this is often a temporary response. The crusts that formed in the first week start to slough off, revealing a fresher layer of skin beneath. Don’t be alarmed by any unevenness in skin tone—this is part of the natural healing process.

Remember not to pick at these crusts, as doing so could lead to complications and hinder the healing process. While the changes might be subtle at this stage, they signal the beginning of your skin’s transformation.

Two to Six Weeks

As you progress through the second to sixth weeks following your skin pigmentation treatment, your skin continues to respond to the laser’s effects, and you’ll likely notice further changes.

Some individuals notice that the treated pigmented areas might darken initially. This occurrence is completely normal and doesn’t mean that the treatment isn’t working. In fact, it’s an indication that your skin is reacting and initiating the removal of the specific pigmentation that was targeted.

By weeks four to six, you might begin to notice a more pronounced fading of pigmentation in the treated areas. This is a result of your skin shedding the pigmented fragments that were targeted by the laser. The texture of your skin could also continue to improve, with a smoother and more refined appearance.

Throughout these weeks, it’s essential to remain diligent with your sun protection routine. Sunscreen becomes your skin’s shield against the sun’s harmful rays, which can impede the progress made by the laser treatment.

If you find yourself needing to head outdoors, opt for shaded areas whenever possible. Wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella can prove helpful in shielding your face from direct sunlight. Additionally, don’t forget to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 as a viable option.


The journey of your skin’s transformation reaches a pivotal stage. This phase is where the cumulative effects of the treatment become increasingly evident, showcasing the visible changes that have taken place beneath the surface.

Pigmented areas continue to fade, resulting in a more even complexion. The texture of your skin might also continue to refine, with improvements becoming more noticeable. While the changes might not be drastic after only one session, they collectively contribute to a rejuvenated appearance.

By this point, any lingering side effects from the treatment, such as redness or sensitivity, should have largely subsided.

First few days  Slight redness, itching and inflammation 
Next one to three weeks  Initial redness and sensitivity start to diminish, pigmentation may temporarily darken
Next four to six weeks  Pigmentation starts to fade, skin tone evens out 

Multiple Sessions

If the idea of undergoing laser treatment to remove pigmentation on your skin in Singapore has crossed your mind, it’s important to understand that achieving your desired results usually requires multiple treatment sessions.

The exact number of sessions varies for everyone, depending on the depth and of pigmentation you’re addressing.

Final Results

While the visible pigmentation concerns should diminish after treatment, it’s important to remember that results may differ among individuals and maintenance is essential.

Laser Pigmentation Removal With SL Aesthetic Clinic

At SL Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore, we use various laser wavelengths to effectively target and disintegrate pigmentation at different levels within the skin during our treatments.

Our team has years of experience treating people of various skin types and pigmentation concerns. At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we understand that every individual’s skin is unique and our doctor will collaborate closely with you to create a customised plan for your pigmentation treatment.

Contact us today.

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