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How Age Impacts Hair Loss In Women?

By SL Aesthetic Clinic
Hair Loss for Women

Hair is often considered a defining aspect of a woman’s beauty and femininity. It frames a woman’s face, allowing her to express her style and even reflecting her overall health. So, it’s no wonder that hair loss can spark concerns and uncertainties for females.

Hair loss is a complex issue, accelerated by age but also influenced by factors such as genetics, hormonal changes and lifestyle choices. By understanding how age interacts with these and other factors, you can better gauge the health of your hair and, where necessary, seek treatment in Singapore.

Hormonal Changes

When women age, oestrogen levels drop, causing hair follicles to become more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can cause hair follicles to shrink and produce thinner, shorter hairs.

Progesterone helps to balance the effects of oestrogen, but progesterone levels fluctuate as women go through perimenopause and menopause in their later years. This further affects hair growth among women.

Changes to Hair Growth Cycle

Your hair growth cycle consists of three phases: 

  1. anagen (growth)
  2. catagen (transition)
  3. telogen (resting/shedding).


In our younger years, the anagen phase tends to be longer, allowing your hair to grow to its full potential. However, as women age, the anagen phase shortens, resulting in shorter hair growth time before the resting phase. The transition from anagen to telogen becomes more rapid, leading to increased shedding and decreased hair density.

Decreased Hair Follicle Function

Hair follicles, tiny structures within the scalp, play an important role in your hair growth and health. As women grow older, these follicles can become less active and produce thinner, weaker hair strands. 

Decreased Hair Follicle Function

As women age, their blood vessels become less efficient at supplying blood to their scalp, resulting in decreased circulation. This reduced circulation means their hair follicles receive fewer nutrients and oxygen, negatively impacting their ability to produce strong and vibrant hair.


Women go through various hormonal changes as they age and they require adequate nutrients to support these l changes and maintain good hair health. 

The nutrients women need for follicular health include biotin, vitamins D and E, iron and zinc. They also need omega-3, B vitamins and magnesium for hormone regulation.  

Genetic Predisposition

If there is a history of hair loss in your family, particularly among close relatives like parents or siblings, you may have an increased likelihood of experiencing hair loss as you age.

Hereditary factors can determine the sensitivity of hair follicles to hormonal changes, which, as we have seen, play a big part in a woman’s hair health as she ages. Understanding your family history of hair loss can help you identify potential risks, like hair thinning and heavy shedding, and seek out the necessary treatments.

Medical Conditions

In some cases, hair loss is due to an underlying medical condition. Examples include thyroid imbalance, scalp infections, and autoimmune conditions, among other causes. An experienced doctor will be able to diagnose such conditions if they are present.

Maintaining Hair Health as You Age

While hair changes are inevitable with age, there are steps you can take to maintain your hair health.

  1. Use a gentle hair care routine.
  2. Follow a diet that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that support hair growth.
  3. Limit excessive heat styling, as high temperatures can damage hair fibres.
  4. Manage your stress levels with exercise and breathing techniques.
  5. Do scalp massages to stimulate blood flow to your hair.
  6. Go for hair treatments to prevent female pattern hair loss from happening or worsening.

Maintaining Hair Health as You Age

Hair loss can be stressful and, as you age, there might be various health conditions you will need to consider when assessing your hair’s vitality. As a woman, you have the added consideration of hormonal changes. A specialist can provide treatment recommendations, while keeping your unique needs in mind. 

At SL Aesthetic, we provide a range of hair loss treatment in Singapore for women, including laser therapy, topical solutions and oral medications. These treatments can stimulate hair growth, improve scalp health, and slow down the progression of hair loss.

Contact us today for the prices of these hair loss treatments and for answers to any questions you have.

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