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What You Should Know Before Getting Botox in Singapore?

By SL Aesthetic Clinic

When you think of Botox treatments, do you think of celebrities of the long past who appear in tabloid magazines with a stretched out facial appearance, frozen smile, and a permanently surprised look on their face? That’s perfectly normal. After all, the pictures that we see on magazines and social media lambasting Botox are always on the ‘botched procedures’ – but we often forget that the celebrities who have become current trendsetting icons for makeup and fashion (think the Kardashians, or Chrissy Teigen) have also done Botox, but don’t get the same flak for it because of how natural their resultslook!

Current advancements in skill, technique, and even botulinum toxin types can influence your results to a large extent.   If you’re still on the fence of whether botulinum toxin treatment is right for you  , read on to understand more about:

What is Botox?

So, first things first. Botox – what exactly is it?

Botox in Singapore is actually a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium ‘Clostridium botulinum’. It’s the same toxin that makes toddlers unable to eat honey under the age of 1 years old, as this bacterium can grow in honey and cause a condition called ‘botulism’.  But why doesn’t it harm adults who can (typically) safely eat honey that’s been left on the shelf for years? This is because ‘C. botulinum’ is so common in our environmen; we normally encounter it in its dormant, non-toxin producing state.

However, as babies under 1 year old are usually in the transition phase from drinking just milk to eating solids, their gut microbes change very abruptly. And it’s during this transition period in the baby’s gut that the dormant C. botulinum bacteria are free to grow andcause har.

Although botulinum toxin is one of the most toxic substances known to man, ironically, it is also used to treat  a variety of medical conditions . Botox in itself contains a purified protein extracted from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2002. When used correctly, Botulinum toxin is safe. Botox consists of 7 types of neurotoxins; however, only toxins A and B are used clinically with type A being the one that is most often used in aesthetic treatments.

The purified form of Botulinum Type A contains just 1 out of the 8 types of botulinum toxin produced by the Clostridium bacteria; hence, it does not produce the same life-threatening harm of botulism poisoning to the body. Doctors use it in very small doses to treat health problems, such as severe underarm sweating, chronic migraines, neurological disorders that cause severe neck/shoulder muscle contractions, or conditions that involve uncontrollable blinking or misaligned eyes. Botox, or Botulinum Type A, is only allowed to be administered by certified doctors in Singapore.

Okay, so we now know what Botox is and where it comes from. Next – how does it really work?

Botox works by the binding of the toxin to specific receptors on the surface of nerve ending receptors. The plasma membrane of those nerve cells wraps  around this toxin-receptor complex, forming a type of ‘vesicle’ (fluid-filled container). When this vesicle is formed, the toxin is released across into the nerve terminal and begins to block acetylcholine release. Acetylcholine is a type of neurotransmitter that delivers signals to stimulate motor contraction.

When Botox blocks acetylcholine from being released, it causes the relaxation of local muscles that is reversible. This results in reduced facial wrinkles and fine lines, of which some are due to constant facial muscle contractions especially when a person is used to frowning, or from laugh lines over time.

The exact mechanism of how Botox works.   is what also causes the ‘frozen’ look . Too much Botox means that not enough muscles in the face are able to contract to produce natural facial expressions. However, in the hands of an experienced aesthetic doctor, just the right amount of Botox benefits fine lines, gives you a more youthful appearance, balances out facial asymmetries like a crooked smile, and even reduces muscle bulk to give you a slimmer jawline, arms, or calves.

As Botox  reduces the overactivity of cells by inhibiting acetylcholine, it can also help to control overactive sweat glands or oil glands, and relieve migraines from excessive nerve sensitivity. For those who are experiencing deep and pronounced wrinkling, Botox may be combined with dermal fillers to plump up the creases instead. Results vary by individual, hence the need for a licensed professional to give you the right advice and dosage for your needs.

Pretty interesting, right? Now comes the practical part – what is the procedure for someone who wants to undergo Botox treatment? Is there any downtime?

A very, very, very small dose (or units) of Botox is introduced with a tiny needle into the muscle. This helps to immediately begin relaxing those muscles that it is targeting. Remember the inhibition of acetylcholine and nerve impulses – that is what causes the prevention of muscle contractions. As the muscles relax under the skin, the overlying skin also relaxes and reduces creasing. This is essentially how the Botox procedure prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

The treatment takes approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on which areas are being targeted. It is quick, fuss-free, and has zero downtime. You can pretty much head back to work right after! In general, the effects of Botox usually last four to six months after treatment before a repeat session needs to be done.

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How Much Does Botox Treatment Cost?

Botox treatments in SL Aesthetic Clinic will go around the price range of:

Botox for Wrinkles

☐ Suitable for the temporary improvement of mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines

$15-$19 per unit

Available at all SL Aesthetic Clinics across Singapore

Botox for Jaw Reduction

☐ Suitable for the temporary slimming of boxy jaws, or overactive masseter muscles


Available at all SL Aesthetic Clinics across Singapore

Where to Use Botox?

Botox injection in Singapore is a great option as it can be used to treat more than just frown lines . In fact, a lot of people do not know that Botox can be used to make a jaw look smaller or even over your calves. Here are some common areas that Botox can be used for:1. Face – Frown lines, laugh lines  

1. Face – Frown lines, laugh lines

Aging isn’t a bad thing. It just means that we have been privileged enough to be granted years of fulfilment and life, filled with plenty of experiences and loved ones! Along with all those experiences in life also comes the marks that hold those stories – wrinkles in the middle of our forehead from all those times of stress and worry, and creases around our eyes and mouth from the many moments of laughter and tears.

Every single time we move our facial muscles, we gather those tissues into a fold. Over time, a line forms around those areas, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Botox helps to block those nerve impulses causing muscle contractions, causing relaxation and softening of the existing wrinkles.

2. Face – Eyebrows

Aging results in the degradation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the skin. This results in the typical ‘droopy’ look of the eyelids and cheeks. Botox can be used for lifting up the brow area to create a more lifted look and a younger appearance by targeting those muscles that have become ‘lazy’ and started drooping. Botox doesn’t just help to lift up the eyebrows, but it can also help you achieve the shape that you might like.

Since there are many muscles around the temple and eyebrows, targeting certain muscles help to create droops or arches at certain points. For those individuals who are wanting to change their arch look, other aesthetic such as dermal fillerscan also help to assist in creating a more lifted or elevated look.

3. Face – Jaws

For those whom aging isn’t the main concern, but a boxy and square jaw is, Botox can also help to slim the jawline! A boxy jawline can occur for several reasons: A genetically square jaw structure (bone), excessive tissue over the cheeks and jaw (fat), and overactive jaw muscles (muscles). If a square jaw is caused by overactive jaw muscles caused by too much chewing action or teeth grinding, Botox can help.

Botox works to slim the face by reducing the bulk of the chewing muscles (also called masseters) at the sides of the jaw, somewhere near the ears. Botox cannot change bone structure in the face. Hence, those who have a wide jaw bone structure would require bone reduction surgery, which is considered a major surgery with its own risks involved.

4. Body – Calf/Arm muscles

Especially for women, bulky looking calves or arms can make a person look rather masculine. Botox, which targets muscles, can help to achieve a slimmer look over the calves and arms without any reduction in a person’s ability to function and move their muscles well.

Botox only works to reduce the size of arms and calves if the bulk is caused by muscles. Usually, genetics do determine to a certain extent how ‘bulky’ a person’s calves are. Hence, our doctors will start with an initial consultation to identify whether the cause of increased calf or arm bulk is from muscle contraction or not.

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Why Choose Botox?

Now that we understand what Botox is, where it comes from, how it works, and over which part of the face and body it can target, we may ask why consider Botox . Although Botox in Singapore is not the cure-all for wrinkles, fine lines, and aging, it definitely has its perks. Some Botox benefits are:

Treatments have minimal discomfort – Despite the involvement of needles, Botox cosmetic usually does not require any form of anaesthesia, whether topical or local. This is because any discomfort experienced during Botox treatment is minimal  An experienced doctor would be able to make this procedure as comfortable as possibleThose who are still worried of pain can opt for a topical application of  anaesthesia before Botox injections.

Treatments are quick, convenient, and non-surgical – Botox injections are favoured for their short time needed in the clinic, as you’re looking at 10-15 minutes tops for the injections to take place. It is considered a ‘lunchtime procedure’ as you can even pop into the clinic to have it done during your lunch break! Since there is minimal downtime and less chance for red marks on the skin, that also makes it convenient. Being non-surgical also means that it does not come with the complications arising from surgical anaesthesia, recovery, or serious complications associated with surgical bleeding or wound recovery.

Looking for Botox treatment?

If you’re beginning to notice fine lines when you look in the mirror, you may want to consider Botox injections in Singapore to help prevent the frown lines from getting worse. At SL Aesthetic Clinic, we understand your aesthetic concerns. Our locations all across Singapore helps to provide accessible and convenient treatments for you, meeting you where you are – physically, and in your aesthetic journey. Contact us for a consultation and book your Botox appointment today!

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